Service to track different information for Free Companies (guilds), PvP Teams, Linkshells (chat groups) and individual characters for Final Fantasy XIV online game developed and published by Square EnixSquare Enix. Utilizes data grabbed from official LodestoneLodestone with special Githubparser.

Service has an official Lodestone Forumthread on Lodestone forum.

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A-kun Vinsmoke A-kun Vinsmoke A-la-cr Miqo-te A-la-cr Miqo-te A-lil Tiny-fu A-lil Tiny-fu A-little Coffee A-little Coffee A-mad Tea-party A-mad Tea-party A-mae-nao Deixa A-mae-nao Deixa A-man-needs-a Name A-man-needs-a Name A-mi Miaojia A-mi Miaojia A-miru Charing A-miru Charing A-n D-y A-n D-y A-n D-y A-n D-y A-no Muchino A-no Muchino A-noto- Bet A-noto- Bet A-nyan Chaco A-nyan Chaco A-nyan Nyamo A-nyan Nyamo A-o Oratorio A-o Oratorio A-one Type-a A-one Type-a A-pickaxe Rdm A-pickaxe Rdm A-pol- Lo A-pol- Lo A-rank Adventurer A-rank Adventurer A-rank Flexwire A-rank Flexwire A-rank Hunt A-rank Hunt A-ratha Kla A-ratha Kla A-rcher Emiya A-rcher Emiya A-recycled Soda-can A-recycled Soda-can A-reptile Dysfunction A-reptile Dysfunction A-rete Ico A-rete Ico A-rian Ruru A-rian Ruru A-rin Pink A-rin Pink A-rise Meme A-rise Meme A-ru Syone A-ru Syone A-ruhn Senna A-ruhn Senna A-s-s Eater A-s-s Eater A-sa- Massive A-sa- Massive A-set U-bet A-set U-bet A-shiny Umbreon A-shiny Umbreon A-si Ura A-si Ura A-su Jt A-su Jt A-sugar Daddy-for-you A-sugar Daddy-for-you A-sye Bhuzeru A-sye Bhuzeru A-t Lime A-t Lime A-t Lime A-t Lime A-tam Forger A-tam Forger A-tan Akechi A-tan Akechi A-tan Another A-tan Another A-tan Nissy A-tan Nissy A-tan Ta-n A-tan Ta-n A-tan Tantanta-n A-tan Tantanta-n A-ten Mitt A-ten Mitt A-ten Ten A-ten Ten A-terrible Std A-terrible Std A-thia Czenly A-thia Czenly A-thicc Ratchett A-thicc Ratchett A-three Midfielder A-three Midfielder A-tk Furnace A-tk Furnace A-two Android A-two Android A-two Ex-yorha A-two Ex-yorha A-tyan Fair A-tyan Fair A-very Fitting-name A-very Fitting-name A-walking Tree A-walking Tree A-xhiang Saeba A-xhiang Saeba A-ya Brea A-ya Brea A-ya Vermillion A-ya Vermillion A-yasa Mena A-yasa Mena A-yeong Byeol A-yeong Byeol A-yi Lam A-yi Lam A-z-u- M-i A-z-u- M-i A-zju-key Soulpunk A-zju-key Soulpunk A-zuking Pastor A-zuking Pastor A' A' A' A' A' A' A' A' A' A' A' A' A' Antmod A' Antmod A' Aron A' Aron A' B' A' B' A' Bard A' Bard A' Bryoniya A' Bryoniya A' Bunny A' Bunny A' C' A' C' A' Cakies A' Cakies A' Car A' Car A' Catfish A' Catfish A' Celeste A' Celeste A' Centric A' Centric A' Chan A' Chan A' Child A' Child A' Chizi A' Chizi A' Cid A' Cid A' Daru A' Daru A' Dei A' Dei A' Deniro A' Deniro A' Disgrace A' Disgrace A' Dn A' Dn A' Dn A' Dn A' F'kay A' F'kay A' Feflu A' Feflu A' Friend A' Friend A' Fukemaru A' Fukemaru A' Garlsh A' Garlsh A' Gasa A' Gasa