Service to track different information for Free Companies (guilds), PvP Teams, Linkshells (chat groups) and individual characters for Final Fantasy XIV online game developed and published by Square EnixSquare Enix. Utilizes data grabbed from official LodestoneLodestone with special Githubparser.

Service has an official Lodestone Forumthread on Lodestone forum.

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A' Zem A' Zem A' Zero A' Zero A' Zu A' Zu A' Zuli A' Zuli A' Zure A' Zure A'''''''' B''''''''' A'''''''' B''''''''' A''''''''' B''''''''' A''''''''' B''''''''' A'a Ron A'a Ron A'a Ron A'a Ron A'a'a'aa'a Aa-a-aa A'a'a'aa'a Aa-a-aa A'a'ron Tia A'a'ron Tia A'aba Tia A'aba Tia A'abi Khaht A'abi Khaht A'abi Rdyn A'abi Rdyn A'acehilm Koco A'acehilm Koco A'aden Tia A'aden Tia A'adra Desti A'adra Desti A'aeda Veltovi A'aeda Veltovi A'aegis Valkyr A'aegis Valkyr A'aelvnir O'beytoher A'aelvnir O'beytoher A'aer Munroe A'aer Munroe A'afsha Mihgo A'afsha Mihgo A'ah Loha A'ah Loha A'ahla Kronig A'ahla Kronig A'ahra Na'mahr A'ahra Na'mahr A'ahri Khamazom A'ahri Khamazom A'ahri Thish A'ahri Thish A'ahsan Tia A'ahsan Tia A'ahyuri Fizha A'ahyuri Fizha A'ai Fasteriv A'ai Fasteriv A'aiden Tia A'aiden Tia A'ailia Myra A'ailia Myra A'ailyah Whisperwind A'ailyah Whisperwind A'aka A'n'ak'a A'aka A'n'ak'a A'aka Tia A'aka Tia A'akih Luneria A'akih Luneria A'ala Ala'alalala'ala A'ala Ala'alalala'ala A'alahaad Ib'naaib A'alahaad Ib'naaib A'aldruin Nyx A'aldruin Nyx A'alexandra Rala A'alexandra Rala A'alibi Dhol A'alibi Dhol A'aliya Vess A'aliya Vess A'aliyah Aron A'aliyah Aron A'aliyah J'akk'ya A'aliyah J'akk'ya A'aliyah Leighton A'aliyah Leighton A'alma Fravardin A'alma Fravardin A'alya Sin A'alya Sin A'amara Tia A'amara Tia A'amelia Dustcleave A'amelia Dustcleave A'amina Al-sabbah A'amina Al-sabbah A'amy Mhasi A'amy Mhasi A'an Sel' A'an Sel' A'ana Sereya A'ana Sereya A'andre Nunh A'andre Nunh A'ane Zhora A'ane Zhora A'angenth Mist A'angenth Mist A'ani Li'kana A'ani Li'kana A'anji Kett A'anji Kett A'anju Solh A'anju Solh A'anour Jales A'anour Jales A'antar Yanhanin A'antar Yanhanin A'anvi Vheo A'anvi Vheo A'aqi Tia A'aqi Tia A'aralyn Naweh A'aralyn Naweh A'aravos Schattengrab A'aravos Schattengrab A'aravos Tia A'aravos Tia A'arc Okuy A'arc Okuy A'arc Okuy A'arc Okuy A'areon Tia A'areon Tia A'aria Vielle A'aria Vielle A'aricia G'elfiven A'aricia G'elfiven A'arn Theowulf A'arn Theowulf A'arness Wolfsbane A'arness Wolfsbane A'aron Aron A'aron Aron A'aron Ba'lakay A'aron Ba'lakay A'aron Blair A'aron Blair A'aron Dreamweaver A'aron Dreamweaver A'aron Thunderfist A'aron Thunderfist A'aron Tia A'aron Tia A'aron Tia A'aron Tia A'artwaine Epocan A'artwaine Epocan A'aryn Moui A'aryn Moui A'asa Amat A'asa Amat A'ata Anubis A'ata Anubis A'atahni Tia A'atahni Tia A'atali Jinh A'atali Jinh A'atoh Tia A'atoh Tia A'audric Tia A'audric Tia A'auro Yhirdi A'auro Yhirdi A'aurora Nya A'aurora Nya A'avett Phen A'avett Phen A'ayden Archedon A'ayden Archedon A'aylia Silvermoon A'aylia Silvermoon A'ayron Din A'ayron Din A'babodi Quah A'babodi Quah A'bad Tank A'bad Tank A'bade Lhuwaska A'bade Lhuwaska A'bahn Deltain A'bahn Deltain A'baj Duwang A'baj Duwang A'bal Fhey A'bal Fhey