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Neko Nation

Rank 30 Free Company "Neko Nation" was formed on and registered on with ID 9228016373970510182. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

Always have a good Nya ♥

Operates on Twintania, Light, leaving tags "Nya" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom. Has a large base named "Neko Mansion" on plot 7 in ward 22 of Shirogane, Kugane, Hingashi Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Welcome to our humble house 3

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Current members:

Neko Kobayashi Nya Queen Neko Kobayashi Rinka Hima Neko's 2nd hand Rinka Hima Wah Deliveryservice Lost Kitties Wah Deliveryservice Ariel Rose Vacation Nya's Ariel Rose Cinnamon Leafe Vacation Nya's Cinnamon Leafe Commy Crazy Vacation Nya's Commy Crazy Linara Meowington Vacation Nya's Linara Meowington Tiryda Myldrerryss Vacation Nya's Tiryda Myldrerryss Bradley Kadachi Nyafficer Bradley Kadachi Fafatalus Fafatum Nyafficer Fafatalus Fafatum Kamu Greader Nyafficer Kamu Greader Leo Nardos Nyafficer Leo Nardos Nagisa Shokushu Nyafficer Nagisa Shokushu Aena Morgenstern Trial Neko's Aena Morgenstern Aloysius Monhi Trial Neko's Aloysius Monhi Angie Doll Trial Neko's Angie Doll Awa Kend Trial Neko's Awa Kend Ayla Nymeia Trial Neko's Ayla Nymeia Captain Longshaft Trial Neko's Captain Longshaft Daniel Son Trial Neko's Daniel Son Eli Ryan Trial Neko's Eli Ryan Fox Fires Trial Neko's Fox Fires Havel Mage Trial Neko's Havel Mage Helix Summer Trial Neko's Helix Summer James Porthouse Trial Neko's James Porthouse Jorge Kolstad Trial Neko's Jorge Kolstad Kiwi Tama Trial Neko's Kiwi Tama Lance Whitefang Trial Neko's Lance Whitefang Leigheas Ban Trial Neko's Leigheas Ban Leona Yvonne Trial Neko's Leona Yvonne Luciela Orion Trial Neko's Luciela Orion Makoto Nijima Trial Neko's Makoto Nijima Multiple Neko Trial Neko's Multiple Neko Mummy Mortem Trial Neko's Mummy Mortem Shibuya Kanon Trial Neko's Shibuya Kanon Theo Thomas Trial Neko's Theo Thomas Ttk Yzmttk Trial Neko's Ttk Yzmttk Yoyo Long Trial Neko's Yoyo Long Yuno Gasbi Trial Neko's Yuno Gasbi Aleia White Koneko Aleia White Aleina Kaslana Koneko Aleina Kaslana Aosei Kurosawa Koneko Aosei Kurosawa Arelyth Cainhurst Koneko Arelyth Cainhurst Arriella Cataris Koneko Arriella Cataris Artemis Hammie Koneko Artemis Hammie Bahamut Dragoon Koneko Bahamut Dragoon Bora Chalahko Koneko Bora Chalahko Chibi Buunyibunnyo Koneko Chibi Buunyibunnyo Chuck Shurley Koneko Chuck Shurley Cilvi Naialia Koneko Cilvi Naialia Cloudxx Lee Koneko Cloudxx Lee Coco Tang Koneko Coco Tang Delbeg Ura Koneko Delbeg Ura Dengen Taranis Koneko Dengen Taranis Eleanor Frouse Koneko Eleanor Frouse Elizabeth Drake Koneko Elizabeth Drake Eraewen Swiftestrike Koneko Eraewen Swiftestrike Esra Meril Koneko Esra Meril F'olino Gol Koneko F'olino Gol Faenirm Folester Koneko Faenirm Folester Fata Lombardi Koneko Fata Lombardi Fringilla Vigo Koneko Fringilla Vigo Fyerna Blaze Koneko Fyerna Blaze Grimmy Eisenwald Koneko Grimmy Eisenwald Hardy Daytona Koneko Hardy Daytona I'chai Nunh Koneko I'chai Nunh Karna Diarmuid Koneko Karna Diarmuid Kiraiya Flink Koneko Kiraiya Flink Kiruya Momochi Koneko Kiruya Momochi Kori Kuma Koneko Kori Kuma Koseki Shinsetsu Koneko Koseki Shinsetsu Krieg Gon Koneko Krieg Gon Kris Tal Koneko Kris Tal Kyutsumi Kitsune Koneko Kyutsumi Kitsune Lobotmia Xd Koneko Lobotmia Xd Mary Celeste Koneko Mary Celeste Maximus Legend Koneko Maximus Legend Mosqalibur Strokka Koneko Mosqalibur Strokka Mymi Leonhart Koneko Mymi Leonhart Noa Blaiddyd Koneko Noa Blaiddyd Olorin Mograine Koneko Olorin Mograine Ookami Uzuki Koneko Ookami Uzuki Paddransu Yeul Koneko Paddransu Yeul Pus Histo Koneko Pus Histo Rasler Draxious Koneko Rasler Draxious Rize Tedeza Koneko Rize Tedeza Shiori Kirisaki Koneko Shiori Kirisaki Silve Tohka Koneko Silve Tohka Therou Flink Koneko Therou Flink Tsukikage Kawanami Koneko Tsukikage Kawanami Ultima Weapon Koneko Ultima Weapon Ushishi Ushi Koneko Ushishi Ushi Veis Kitsune Koneko Veis Kitsune Xi Draconis Koneko Xi Draconis Yami Haato Koneko Yami Haato Yuko Izayoi Koneko Yuko Izayoi Yush Silverquill Koneko Yush Silverquill Yuyu Usaki Koneko Yuyu Usaki Zwynwys Fryrael Koneko Zwynwys Fryrael