Service to track different information for Free Companies (guilds), PvP Teams, Linkshells (chat groups) and individual characters for Final Fantasy XIV online game developed and published by Square EnixSquare Enix. Utilizes data grabbed from official LodestoneLodestone with special Githubparser.

Service has an official Lodestone Forumthread on Lodestone forum.

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--Crimson Rose --Crimson Rose --Crony-- --Crony-- --Elysium-- --Elysium-- --GeT BaCkErS-- --GeT BaCkErS-- --HEARTSLABYUL-- --HEARTSLABYUL-- --MIZUKAZE-- --MIZUKAZE-- --No Sympathy-- --No Sympathy-- --Pajama's Party-- --Pajama's Party-- --Scions & Sinners-- --Scions & Sinners-- --Shenanigans-- --Shenanigans-- --Sleeping Knights-- --Sleeping Knights-- --Thunder Company-- --Thunder Company-- -: Nine Spirit :- -: Nine Spirit :- -: Pika CHu :- -: Pika CHu :- -: Setsu Getsu Ka :- -: Setsu Getsu Ka :- -: VANISH :- -: VANISH :- -:- Sanctuary -:- -:- Sanctuary -:- -:-FABULOUS-:- -:-FABULOUS-:- -:Blackout:- -:Blackout:- -:LACRIMOSA:- -:LACRIMOSA:- -!-_Resilient_-!- -!-_Resilient_-!- -!Ram Ranch!- -!Ram Ranch!- -.Divinity & Chaos.- -.Divinity & Chaos.- -',:Glorpy:,'- -',:Glorpy:,'- -'q'- -'q'- -'w'- -'w'- -'Wolf & Tiger'- -'Wolf & Tiger'- -0- -0- -1 DPS Dojo -1 DPS Dojo -3- -3- -777- -777- -7th Heaven- -7th Heaven- -Absolute Zero- -Absolute Zero- -Aeons of Eorzea- -Aeons of Eorzea- -Aeternitas- -Aeternitas- -Aether of Erebus- -Aether of Erebus- -aF -aF -Akai - -Akai - -Alea Iacta Est- -Alea Iacta Est- -Alice nine- -Alice nine- -Alstroemeria- -Alstroemeria- -Alstroemeria- -Alstroemeria- -Alstroemeria- -Alstroemeria- -Alte Helden- -Alte Helden- -Anemone bianco- -Anemone bianco- -Anima- -Anima- -Anteiku- -Anteiku- -Arcadia- -Arcadia- -ARCHE- -ARCHE- -AROMA- -AROMA- -Artistic-Soul- -Artistic-Soul- -Asylum- -Asylum- -Atelier- Iris -Atelier- Iris -Athena- -Athena- -Avalon- -Avalon- -AVENGERS- -AVENGERS- -AXIA- -AXIA- -Balamb Garden- -Balamb Garden- -Band of the Hawk- -Band of the Hawk- -Big Lubly Sings- -Big Lubly Sings- -Black Butterfly- -Black Butterfly- -Black Devil- -Black Devil- -Black Moon- -Black Moon- -BlackCatCafe- -BlackCatCafe- -Blue Lagoon A- -Blue Lagoon A- -Blutmond- -Blutmond- -BrotherHood- -BrotherHood- -BRTHD- -BRTHD- -Bubble Tea & Chill- -Bubble Tea & Chill- -Bushido- -Bushido- -C-ontrol -C-ontrol -Cacted Huars- -Cacted Huars- -Calm Place- -Calm Place- -Calma- -Calma- -Cambrian Explosion- -Cambrian Explosion- -Central Fiction- -Central Fiction- -Charlotte- -Charlotte- -Chat Noir- -Chat Noir- -Cherry hunt- -Cherry hunt- -Chocobo Knights- -Chocobo Knights- -Chocobo Knights- -Chocobo Knights- -Ciel- -Ciel- -Civilization- -Civilization- -COLORS- -COLORS- -Crescent Clan- -Crescent Clan- -Crimson Kingdom- -Crimson Kingdom- -Curry de Ramoloss- -Curry de Ramoloss- -Dark Bullet- -Dark Bullet- -Dark Reunion- -Dark Reunion- -Darkness- -Darkness- -Defiant -Defiant -Diamond Dust- -Diamond Dust- -Dissidence- -Dissidence- -Diva- -Diva- -Divine Retribution- -Divine Retribution- -DMN- Light Warriors -DMN- Light Warriors -Don't Stop- -Don't Stop- -Drunken Moogles- -Drunken Moogles- -Dusk Tribe- -Dusk Tribe- -E- -E-