Service to track different information for Free Companies (guilds), PvP Teams, Linkshells (chat groups) and individual characters for Final Fantasy XIV online game developed and published by Square EnixSquare Enix. Utilizes data grabbed from official LodestoneLodestone with special Githubparser.

Service has an official Lodestone Forumthread on Lodestone forum.

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-Crimson Kingdom- -Crimson Kingdom- -Curry de Ramoloss- -Curry de Ramoloss- -Dark Bullet- -Dark Bullet- -Dark Reunion- -Dark Reunion- -Darkness- -Darkness- -Defiant -Defiant -Diamond Dust- -Diamond Dust- -Dissidence- -Dissidence- -Diva- -Diva- -Divine Retribution- -Divine Retribution- -DMN- Light Warriors -DMN- Light Warriors -Don't Stop- -Don't Stop- -Dragon Warrior- -Dragon Warrior- -Drunken Moogles- -Drunken Moogles- -Dusk Tribe- -Dusk Tribe- -E- -E- -e-X-i-l-e-s- -e-X-i-l-e-s- -Eclipse- -Eclipse- -Egoist- -Egoist- -EliteNutsEater- -EliteNutsEater- -Empire's honor- -Empire's honor- -Enter Name- -Enter Name- -Equilibrium- -Equilibrium- -Equilibrium- -Equilibrium- -Equinox- -Equinox- -Eternity- -Eternity- -Fairy Tale- -Fairy Tale- -Fallen Angels- -Fallen Angels- -False-Profits- -False-Profits- -FC- -FC- -fika portus- -fika portus- -Firelink Shrine- -Firelink Shrine- -Flash Point- -Flash Point- -Flat Eorzea Society -Flat Eorzea Society -Flower gaden- -Flower gaden- -Flower- -Flower- -FOLLY- -FOLLY- -Forest Fairy Tale- -Forest Fairy Tale- -Fort Goose- -Fort Goose- -FREEDAM- -FREEDAM- -Fueled by Insanity- -Fueled by Insanity- -Galaxy- -Galaxy- -gekka-byakuren -gekka-byakuren -Ginger- -Ginger- -Glitch- -Glitch- -Go Die- -Go Die- -Go_On_Deep- -Go_On_Deep- -Goodplace- -Goodplace- -Grisaia- -Grisaia- -Growing Sunflower- -Growing Sunflower- -Happy:Muscle- -Happy:Muscle- -HARLEM- -HARLEM- -Harmony- -Harmony- -Haze Incorporation- -Haze Incorporation- -Hero- -Hero- -Hi Quality- -Hi Quality- -Hidden Alley Shops- -Hidden Alley Shops- -Highwind- -Highwind- -Himawari- -Himawari- -HimaWariGumi- -HimaWariGumi- -Hinata- -Hinata- -Honey Trap- -Honey Trap- -INFINITY- -INFINITY- -Ink- -Ink- -Insert Coin- -Insert Coin- -Insert name here- -Insert name here- -Ivalice Alliance- -Ivalice Alliance- -J.K.S- -J.K.S- -Jenova's Witnesses- -Jenova's Witnesses- -Jewels of the Sky- -Jewels of the Sky- -JIN- -JIN- -Judgement- -Judgement- -Just Casuals- -Just Casuals- -JyaNK-Shinf- -JyaNK-Shinf- -Kaamelott- -Kaamelott- -Kazoku- -Kazoku- -Kindred- -Kindred- -Kingdom Hearts- -Kingdom Hearts- -Kingsglaive- -Kingsglaive- -Kingsglaive- -Kingsglaive- -Koala- -Koala- -Kupo Nuts- -Kupo Nuts- -L'erable- -L'erable- -Lani-v-A -Lani-v-A -Last Hope- -Last Hope- -Laughing-Coffin- -Laughing-Coffin- -Legacy- -Legacy- -Legend- -Legend- -Legendary- -Legendary- -Legendary- -Legendary- -Lilac- -Lilac- -LION HAERT- -LION HAERT- -Little Mazurka- -Little Mazurka- -Lost In Time- -Lost In Time- -Love&Chaos- -Love&Chaos- -Loveandstarsdream- -Loveandstarsdream- -Lucke- -Lucke- -Luminaire- -Luminaire- -Lunaris- -Lunaris- -M- -M-