Service to track different information for Free Companies (guilds), PvP Teams, Linkshells (chat groups) and individual characters for Final Fantasy XIV online game developed and published by Square EnixSquare Enix. Utilizes data grabbed from official LodestoneLodestone with special Githubparser.

Service has an official Lodestone Forumthread on Lodestone forum.

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-M- -M- -Made in Abyss- -Made in Abyss- -Mahora- -Mahora- -MAKAN-TIDUR-GAME- -MAKAN-TIDUR-GAME- -Manderville Gents- -Manderville Gents- -Mariage Sorcier- -Mariage Sorcier- -Matoi- -Matoi- -Memento Mori- -Memento Mori- -Memento Mori- -Memento Mori- -Midnight-Tea-Party- -Midnight-Tea-Party- -Milk- -Milk- -Minores- -Minores- -Mogry- -Mogry- -Monster Energy- -Monster Energy- -Moon Tree- -Moon Tree- -Moonlit-Black-Cats- -Moonlit-Black-Cats- -MoonShine Watchers- -MoonShine Watchers- -My Little Trust- -My Little Trust- -mymelody- -mymelody- -Nemu- -Nemu- -NEST- -NEST- -Nightwish- -Nightwish- -nine- -nine- -Noah's Ark- -Noah's Ark- -Nostalgia- -Nostalgia- -NYERK- -NYERK- -o-o- -o-o- -O'hana- -O'hana- -Obsidian Dragon- -Obsidian Dragon- -OFF- -OFF- -ofws- -ofws- -Omega- -Omega- -ON- -ON- -Onbu to Dako- -Onbu to Dako- -Orochi- -Orochi- -Ouroboros- -Ouroboros- -Overture- -Overture- -Pakulama- -Pakulama- -Pakulama- -Pakulama- -Pandemonium- -Pandemonium- -PandemoniuM- -PandemoniuM- -Paragon- -Paragon- -PASSIONE- -PASSIONE- -Phantom Thieves- -Phantom Thieves- -Phantom-Troupe- -Phantom-Troupe- -Phoenix Down- -Phoenix Down- -Phoenix Down- -Phoenix Down- -PINOKO- -PINOKO- -Pleine Lune- -Pleine Lune- -Plus met - -Plus met - -PP- -PP- -Precure- -Precure- -PRESS START- -PRESS START- -Qualia- -Qualia- -RAGUNAROKU- -RAGUNAROKU- -REDACTED- -REDACTED- -Requiem- -Requiem- -Resande- -Resande- -Rhodanthe- -Rhodanthe- -RIP Phil- -RIP Phil- -Rules of Nature- -Rules of Nature- -Sanctuary- -Sanctuary- -Sanctum- -Sanctum- -Seraph of the End- -Seraph of the End- -Seraphim- -Seraphim- -Serendipity- -Serendipity- -Serendipity- -Serendipity- -Serendipity- -Serendipity- -Serenity- -Serenity- -Seven Deadly Sins- -Seven Deadly Sins- -Shadow Seekers- -Shadow Seekers- -Shikikans of Light- -Shikikans of Light- -Shin Megami Tensei- -Shin Megami Tensei- -Sigil- -Sigil- -Sleeping Knights- -Sleeping Knights- -Smaug's of Eorzea- -Smaug's of Eorzea- -SMILEs CREW- -SMILEs CREW- -SOLDIER- -SOLDIER- -Sons of Liberty- -Sons of Liberty- -Special Rehab- -Special Rehab- -SPERANZA- -SPERANZA- -SPiCa- -SPiCa- -Spinach- -Spinach- -Stardust Crusaders- -Stardust Crusaders- -Stella Cadente- -Stella Cadente- -Stellar- -Stellar- -Stray Catte- -Stray Catte- -StruggleNation- -StruggleNation- -Suicide circuS- -Suicide circuS- -SUZUNARI TEIKOKU- -SUZUNARI TEIKOKU- -Sword Art Online- -Sword Art Online- -Syrics- -Syrics- -Tales Of Elysium- -Tales Of Elysium- -TANTALUS- -TANTALUS- -TANTALUS- -TANTALUS- -Tarantellapin- -Tarantellapin- -Tea Time- -Tea Time- -Tea_Time- -Tea_Time- -Team Rocket- -Team Rocket- -Team Rocket- -Team Rocket-