Service to track different information for Free Companies (guilds), PvP Teams, Linkshells (chat groups) and individual characters for Final Fantasy XIV online game developed and published by Square EnixSquare Enix. Utilizes data grabbed from official LodestoneLodestone with special Githubparser.

Service has an official Lodestone Forumthread on Lodestone forum.

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-War At The Horizon- -War At The Horizon- -Warriors of Light- -Warriors of Light- -Wheel of Fortune- -Wheel of Fortune- -Wheel of Fortune- -Wheel of Fortune- -White Dragons- -White Dragons- -Wisteria Aeterna- -Wisteria Aeterna- -witch -witch -Wonkru- -Wonkru- -XYZ- -XYZ- -Yggdrasil- -Yggdrasil- -Yggdrasil- -Yggdrasil- -Yggdrasill- -Yggdrasill- -Z- -Z- -Z-FanClub -Z-FanClub ,,,GURASAN's LOVE,,, ,,,GURASAN's LOVE,,, ; the way home ; the way home ;vibe haven society; ;vibe haven society; ;w; ;w; ;w; ;w; : : -!- No.9 -!- : : : : -!- No.9 -!- : : : 3 : 3 : Take it Easy : : Take it Easy : :-Ariel-ARK-: :-Ariel-ARK-: :-D :-D :-Ophis&Parfum-: :-Ophis&Parfum-: :-SEESAW-: :-SEESAW-: :-ViViD-: :-ViViD-: :: Arpeggio :: :: Arpeggio :: :: Sanctuary :: :: Sanctuary :: ::_9th Circle_:: ::_9th Circle_:: :::Inari Ookami::: :::Inari Ookami::: ::DI:ET::Water ::DI:ET::Water ::Dire Wolves Den:: ::Dire Wolves Den:: ::Galaxies:: ::Galaxies:: ::Marilyn:: ::Marilyn:: ::Moch!x2Club:: ::Moch!x2Club:: ::REDACTED:: ::REDACTED:: ::Sanctuary:: ::Sanctuary:: :'_Kingdom_': :'_Kingdom_': :'...AF-RO...': :'...AF-RO...': :3! :3! :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :3c :Adventurer's Guild: :Adventurer's Guild: :choke: :choke: :concernfroge: :concernfroge: :Daybreak: :Daybreak: :Diamond Dust: :Diamond Dust: :Favorite Friends: :Favorite Friends: :GEKKO STATE : :GEKKO STATE : :HONMARU: :HONMARU: :joy: :joy: :Kuuhaku: :Kuuhaku: :La Vierge: :La Vierge: :MilkCrown: :MilkCrown: :Mischief: :Mischief: :momo-kuri-3-kaki-8: :momo-kuri-3-kaki-8: :Moogle Moglestones: :Moogle Moglestones: :NaturalOrder: :NaturalOrder: :notlikeduck: :notlikeduck: :OH: :OH: :PhoenixArise: :PhoenixArise: :pukapab: :pukapab: :Rapunzel: :Rapunzel: :re Of Hunter :re Of Hunter :rencontre: :rencontre: :Returners :Returners :Surprised Lalafell: :Surprised Lalafell: :The Court Of Roses: :The Court Of Roses: :thinking: :thinking: :Trabia Garden: :Trabia Garden: :TURKS_ :TURKS_ :WE :WE :weary: :weary: :YAKINIKU:SUKIYASKI: :YAKINIKU:SUKIYASKI: ! - Mugon - ! ! - Mugon - ! !-Rebel-Life-! !-Rebel-Life-! !-setsel_fallen-FC-! !-setsel_fallen-FC-! !!!Akatsuki!!! !!!Akatsuki!!! !!Liquor is Health!! !!Liquor is Health!! !!So_Cute!! !!So_Cute!! !bang !bang !Cynical! !Cynical! !Eat_What_You_Kill! !Eat_What_You_Kill! !FREEFC CLICKTOJOIN! !FREEFC CLICKTOJOIN! !I!?!!?I?!!?!I! !I!?!!?I?!!?!I! !LLKCISTFAN! !LLKCISTFAN! !LOVE&PEACE! !LOVE&PEACE! !melm !melm !No Name! !No Name! !nsouciant !nsouciant !Pince-nez! !Pince-nez! !Silence! !Silence! !Tantalus! !Tantalus! !Tantalus! !Tantalus! ?Cat-6? ?Cat-6? . before the dawn . . before the dawn . .:-:. Twinkle .:-:. .:-:. Twinkle .:-:.