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Phantom Crew

Rank 30 Free Company "Phantom Crew" was formed on and registered on with ID 9226608999086971368. Last set of interviews conducted on .

has the following slogan:

友達のたくさんの優しさを胸に、ふさげては喧嘩して分かち合う喜び、数え切れないほどの思い出、これからも共に描くの 。

Operates on Asura, Mana, leaving tags "Crews" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom. Has a medium base named "Celestial Vault" on plot 51 in ward 3 of The Lavender Beds, Gridania, The Black Shroud Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:


Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Current members:

Stardrop Amber Infinite Stardrop Amber Aki Minami Dwarf -crafts- Aki Minami Nogi Wakaba Dwarf -crafts- Nogi Wakaba Kurumi Mitani Dwarf-Warrior- Kurumi Mitani Stone Lucifer Dwarf-Warrior- Stone Lucifer Aki Lucky Planet Aki Lucky Aqua Quiet Planet Aqua Quiet Ash Lynxs Planet Ash Lynxs Darklegend Rumia Planet Darklegend Rumia Sherry Bismarck Planet Sherry Bismarck Frederick Ludwig Cluster Frederick Ludwig Frederik Schindewolf Cluster Frederik Schindewolf Ichigo Tanba Cluster Ichigo Tanba Katherine Pierce Cluster Katherine Pierce Masaki Mugi Cluster Masaki Mugi Mavis Vermilion Cluster Mavis Vermilion Midori Lux Cluster Midori Lux Mo Ayint Cluster Mo Ayint Mori Mizuki Cluster Mori Mizuki Noel Gallagher Cluster Noel Gallagher Puppy Popuko Cluster Puppy Popuko Raymond Hyde Cluster Raymond Hyde Seren Traum Cluster Seren Traum Zephyr Yvcc Cluster Zephyr Yvcc A'tiqa Tia Asteroid A'tiqa Tia Akari Aleax Asteroid Akari Aleax Aki Hikari Asteroid Aki Hikari Alan George Asteroid Alan George Alan Yangs Asteroid Alan Yangs Alyssa Searrs Asteroid Alyssa Searrs Amatsu Kaze Asteroid Amatsu Kaze Andy Greas Asteroid Andy Greas Aoi Sunsun Asteroid Aoi Sunsun Aranea Bloodraven Asteroid Aranea Bloodraven Araxi Suson Asteroid Araxi Suson Bioman Neo Asteroid Bioman Neo Bonniebik Tipo Asteroid Bonniebik Tipo Carsal Blodoint Asteroid Carsal Blodoint Cathy Steven Asteroid Cathy Steven Dairenji Shuncha Asteroid Dairenji Shuncha Donut Hole Asteroid Donut Hole Easley Kurosaki Asteroid Easley Kurosaki Edomaju Abe Asteroid Edomaju Abe Elix Nanjou Asteroid Elix Nanjou Elizabeth Lily Asteroid Elizabeth Lily Flame Trooper Asteroid Flame Trooper Goddesses Covey Asteroid Goddesses Covey Hakuro Aisuiann Asteroid Hakuro Aisuiann Hexagon Beast Asteroid Hexagon Beast Huihui Mo Asteroid Huihui Mo Hyakko Meimei Asteroid Hyakko Meimei Index Zelal Asteroid Index Zelal Jacky Eoruzea Asteroid Jacky Eoruzea Jasper Ha Asteroid Jasper Ha Kaku Ichi Asteroid Kaku Ichi Kawaii Wjw Asteroid Kawaii Wjw Kiraki Mirumiru Asteroid Kiraki Mirumiru Kissof Leaf Asteroid Kissof Leaf Kodomo Ame Asteroid Kodomo Ame Koishi Enako Asteroid Koishi Enako Koz Zak Asteroid Koz Zak Le Jour Asteroid Le Jour Lico Saidis Asteroid Lico Saidis Link Aberu Asteroid Link Aberu Loki Ikol Asteroid Loki Ikol Lu Lulu Asteroid Lu Lulu Lulu Pantera Asteroid Lulu Pantera Lulu Sama Asteroid Lulu Sama Melissa Rauch Asteroid Melissa Rauch Meng Amamiya Asteroid Meng Amamiya Mia Hathaway Asteroid Mia Hathaway Misaki Dae Asteroid Misaki Dae Misaki Gin Asteroid Misaki Gin Misaki May Asteroid Misaki May Misaki Rion Asteroid Misaki Rion Mo Yuluo Asteroid Mo Yuluo Nanami Aiki Asteroid Nanami Aiki Natsuki Mononobe Asteroid Natsuki Mononobe Nazo Cat Asteroid Nazo Cat Neko Mousse Asteroid Neko Mousse Nephalem Son Asteroid Nephalem Son Nini Rwow Asteroid Nini Rwow No Choice Asteroid No Choice Nyalice Margatroid Asteroid Nyalice Margatroid Odin Aesir Asteroid Odin Aesir Osaer Cat Asteroid Osaer Cat Ou Kenha Asteroid Ou Kenha Patchouli'' Knowledge Asteroid Patchouli'' Knowledge Popolo Polo Asteroid Popolo Polo Ro Ro Asteroid Ro Ro Robin Lions Asteroid Robin Lions Rou Da Asteroid Rou Da Salvation Sword Asteroid Salvation Sword Serizawa Chiemi Asteroid Serizawa Chiemi Siro Yukikaze Asteroid Siro Yukikaze So Qon Asteroid So Qon Soy Sauce Asteroid Soy Sauce Sunsun Yao Asteroid Sunsun Yao Suzuki Kurisu Asteroid Suzuki Kurisu Sya Ruru Asteroid Sya Ruru Syuu Aisa Asteroid Syuu Aisa Tano Field Asteroid Tano Field Taro Si Asteroid Taro Si Taun Taun Asteroid Taun Taun Thanks You Asteroid Thanks You The Flower Asteroid The Flower Tony Lannister Asteroid Tony Lannister Twinkle En Asteroid Twinkle En Vily Kittyorange Asteroid Vily Kittyorange Vincent Valentinex Asteroid Vincent Valentinex Vita Nove Asteroid Vita Nove Waltraute Strahl Asteroid Waltraute Strahl Windy Lannister Asteroid Windy Lannister Yoruya Kurose Asteroid Yoruya Kurose Yoshikawa Chinatsu Asteroid Yoshikawa Chinatsu Yuanlai Yl Asteroid Yuanlai Yl Yummy Snow Asteroid Yummy Snow Yusa Sakurai Asteroid Yusa Sakurai Z's Pro Asteroid Z's Pro Zero Bilibili Asteroid Zero Bilibili Zero Laipipi Asteroid Zero Laipipi