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We Bully Voxer

Rank 30 Free Company "We Bully Voxer" was formed on and registered on with ID 9228157111458964537. Last set of interviews conducted on .

Operates on Brynhildr, Crystal, leaving tags "SHEN" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom. Has a large base named "Golden Koi Markets" on plot 35 in ward 12 of The Goblet, Ul'dah, Thanalan Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

To enter you have to bully Voxer once, it's in the rules

Participates in:

  • CasualCasual
Has an open community.

Is recruiting, but does not specify whom.

Had also been known under 2 other names:

  • SHEN
  • SmallMediumsAtLarge

Current members:

Voxer Elafiel Large Voxer Elafiel Craig Oddor Mentor Craig Oddor Autumn Spice Small Autumn Spice Diya Na'il Small Diya Na'il Inari Terlio Small Inari Terlio Layric Vermilion Small Layric Vermilion Panebi Jehanebi Small Panebi Jehanebi Raven Cronwell Small Raven Cronwell Xermin Morlaide Small Xermin Morlaide Astuko Tempris Extended Leave Astuko Tempris Blue Ryokyo Extended Leave Blue Ryokyo Edda's Ghost Extended Leave Edda's Ghost Eun Amari Extended Leave Eun Amari Gaius Anlor Extended Leave Gaius Anlor Giovanni Livid Extended Leave Giovanni Livid Gunhild Kympfbryda Extended Leave Gunhild Kympfbryda Kormit Th'frog Extended Leave Kormit Th'frog Mon Lamia Extended Leave Mon Lamia Naran Yunir Extended Leave Naran Yunir Riley Shark Extended Leave Riley Shark Arsene' Lupin Medium Arsene' Lupin Belrali Songbird Medium Belrali Songbird Eda Cirle Medium Eda Cirle Eikha Yohah Medium Eikha Yohah Hom Ludens Medium Hom Ludens Hoshi Azur Medium Hoshi Azur Jin Flightless Medium Jin Flightless Kanoth Volare Medium Kanoth Volare Lysandre Runh Medium Lysandre Runh Nyx Nevermore Medium Nyx Nevermore Rhea Thekomaku Medium Rhea Thekomaku Roxas Nougami Medium Roxas Nougami Roxil Jihiti Medium Roxil Jihiti Roxil Jihiti Medium Roxil Jihiti Vane Urien Medium Vane Urien Victor Quibbles Medium Victor Quibbles Zak Cecily Medium Zak Cecily Zhdan Kotofei Medium Zhdan Kotofei A'lianne Burwani Tiny A'lianne Burwani A'vixa Tia Tiny A'vixa Tia A'vor Leigre Tiny A'vor Leigre A'zrenn Tia Tiny A'zrenn Tia Aegis Magnum Tiny Aegis Magnum Aether Estheim Tiny Aether Estheim Ailre Raolet Tiny Ailre Raolet Akeno Xena Tiny Akeno Xena Al'banat Tia Tiny Al'banat Tia Alastor Orichalcum Tiny Alastor Orichalcum Aldar Eiche Tiny Aldar Eiche Aleo Harpyja Tiny Aleo Harpyja Alexander Artoriel Tiny Alexander Artoriel Alexandra Aquiamaria Tiny Alexandra Aquiamaria Alexandria Hellens Tiny Alexandria Hellens Alistair Varden Tiny Alistair Varden Allagan Lalagan Tiny Allagan Lalagan Almorle Oxworth Tiny Almorle Oxworth Alpac Nologia Tiny Alpac Nologia Altena Lunaria Tiny Altena Lunaria Alyssa Prismrillian Tiny Alyssa Prismrillian Amano Krause Tiny Amano Krause Amelia Spectre Tiny Amelia Spectre Amu Ai Tiny Amu Ai Anda Snowlight Tiny Anda Snowlight Ander Rehlena Tiny Ander Rehlena Andrake Flare Tiny Andrake Flare Andrew Holmes Tiny Andrew Holmes Anri Hakase Tiny Anri Hakase Aodhan Emberward Tiny Aodhan Emberward Aoi Tosho Tiny Aoi Tosho Araliyn Alastaire Tiny Araliyn Alastaire Ardnyan Izumeow Tiny Ardnyan Izumeow Aribeth De'tylmarande Tiny Aribeth De'tylmarande Arkho Lia Tiny Arkho Lia Arlen Wonderbucket Tiny Arlen Wonderbucket Artemis Gaberiel Tiny Artemis Gaberiel Arthur Risto Tiny Arthur Risto Arthur Therain Tiny Arthur Therain Asame Appala Tiny Asame Appala Ashe Olufemi Tiny Ashe Olufemi Ashlyn Bloodshadow Tiny Ashlyn Bloodshadow Ashtear Sil'traux Tiny Ashtear Sil'traux Astailfo Crystalline Tiny Astailfo Crystalline Asya Leovani Tiny Asya Leovani Atbash Custo Tiny Atbash Custo Athaleiya Eclesiance Tiny Athaleiya Eclesiance Athlynn Hill Tiny Athlynn Hill Au'raptimus Prime Tiny Au'raptimus Prime Auriel Taurus Tiny Auriel Taurus Auroras Shinefel Tiny Auroras Shinefel Avery Fiere Tiny Avery Fiere Ayla Kisaragi Tiny Ayla Kisaragi Azrael Bordeaux Tiny Azrael Bordeaux Azreal Bellicent Tiny Azreal Bellicent Azura Shirogane Tiny Azura Shirogane Azzarra Killern Tiny Azzarra Killern Balthier Balmung Tiny Balthier Balmung Barry Chan Tiny Barry Chan Blake Banks Tiny Blake Banks Bliss Laurent Tiny Bliss Laurent Blu' Thalamus Tiny Blu' Thalamus Byakuya Ushiaki Tiny Byakuya Ushiaki C'oeus Liadon Tiny C'oeus Liadon Calisto Geminox Tiny Calisto Geminox Calli Dracaena Tiny Calli Dracaena Camila Euphoria Tiny Camila Euphoria Carmina Rose Tiny Carmina Rose Casey Karro Tiny Casey Karro Cea'll Poliu'chos Tiny Cea'll Poliu'chos Cel Miret-moor Tiny Cel Miret-moor Celeste Mooncarver Tiny Celeste Mooncarver Cent Venenum Tiny Cent Venenum Charlie Foixewesfv Tiny Charlie Foixewesfv Chingis Malqir Tiny Chingis Malqir Cirina Max Tiny Cirina Max Clover Miret-njer Tiny Clover Miret-njer Cobalt Rosewood Tiny Cobalt Rosewood Colson Denaery Tiny Colson Denaery Cor Ravenheart Tiny Cor Ravenheart Cordelia Custo Tiny Cordelia Custo Corle Fulmon Tiny Corle Fulmon Coruscant Moonlight Tiny Coruscant Moonlight Cyeker Kha Tiny Cyeker Kha Cylin Aleatus Tiny Cylin Aleatus D'zhani Tia Tiny D'zhani Tia Dagran Ironclaw Tiny Dagran Ironclaw Dante Ross Tiny Dante Ross Dark Gravity Tiny Dark Gravity Dark Tzhaar Tiny Dark Tzhaar Dark Zerovius Tiny Dark Zerovius Decimus Stormbringer Tiny Decimus Stormbringer Deryk Mornwalker Tiny Deryk Mornwalker Destro Megamob Tiny Destro Megamob Dia Arleth Tiny Dia Arleth Diarmuid Fiennes Tiny Diarmuid Fiennes Divinia Krislana Tiny Divinia Krislana Dizzy Duchy Tiny Dizzy Duchy Doe Luna Tiny Doe Luna Drakon Temeraire Tiny Drakon Temeraire Dunk Dunkingson Tiny Dunk Dunkingson Eggios Rose Tiny Eggios Rose Eilun'wi Lebe Tiny Eilun'wi Lebe Einar Askeladd Tiny Einar Askeladd Elainia Shikhu Tiny Elainia Shikhu Eli Nightwell Tiny Eli Nightwell Eliza Raiyn Tiny Eliza Raiyn Elysia Galandel Tiny Elysia Galandel Emmeryn Athebyne Tiny Emmeryn Athebyne Endra Veinki Tiny Endra Veinki Eona Lott Tiny Eona Lott Eostre Io Tiny Eostre Io Ephemera Stress Tiny Ephemera Stress Essentia Bloodriver Tiny Essentia Bloodriver Eti'a Dakwhil Tiny Eti'a Dakwhil Eureka Hirasawa Tiny Eureka Hirasawa Evelynn Rodara Tiny Evelynn Rodara Felis Purchaos Tiny Felis Purchaos Felnixi Frost Tiny Felnixi Frost Fenrer Pyren Tiny Fenrer Pyren Fenrir Okami Tiny Fenrir Okami Fenris Moonstone Tiny Fenris Moonstone Finn Mebunin Tiny Finn Mebunin Floyd Zeppelin Tiny Floyd Zeppelin Flynn Crowe Tiny Flynn Crowe Frayalynn Woodsail Tiny Frayalynn Woodsail Freyja Dagheidr Tiny Freyja Dagheidr Gardenia Flowette Tiny Gardenia Flowette Garian Woodwell Tiny Garian Woodwell Gault Deaux Tiny Gault Deaux Gecko Bloodfury Tiny Gecko Bloodfury Gemree Calabane Tiny Gemree Calabane Geralt Hart Tiny Geralt Hart Gillian Haze Tiny Gillian Haze Gizora Shima Tiny Gizora Shima Glacea Opale Tiny Glacea Opale Gotsuki Nunh Tiny Gotsuki Nunh Grestile Rethson Tiny Grestile Rethson Grim Slyv Tiny Grim Slyv Guido Mista Tiny Guido Mista Gyodo Maibito Tiny Gyodo Maibito H'thum Tia Tiny H'thum Tia Hanami Yumitori Tiny Hanami Yumitori Hasty Merianes Tiny Hasty Merianes Hel Lokison Tiny Hel Lokison Hiddenkind Zeromaru Tiny Hiddenkind Zeromaru Hitomi Ritsu Tiny Hitomi Ritsu Holy Sock Tiny Holy Sock Hookshotz Stonewolf Tiny Hookshotz Stonewolf Icarus Hanyo Tiny Icarus Hanyo Ilaststa Blackblade Tiny Ilaststa Blackblade Illucya Eversong Tiny Illucya Eversong Incertum Kasai Tiny Incertum Kasai Ink Abumi Tiny Ink Abumi Isa Reynard Tiny Isa Reynard Isho Honawe Tiny Isho Honawe Isse Lalakusha Tiny Isse Lalakusha Iwame Ittetsu Tiny Iwame Ittetsu J'arro Azahara Tiny J'arro Azahara J'yaharro Tia Tiny J'yaharro Tia Jaredic Sky Tiny Jaredic Sky Jay'zen Derulo Tiny Jay'zen Derulo Jayde Redgrave Tiny Jayde Redgrave Jean-louis Goodfellow Tiny Jean-louis Goodfellow Jeauvix Phiossaut Tiny Jeauvix Phiossaut Jora'almo Anenlilenki Tiny Jora'almo Anenlilenki Jovii Rehw-marouc Tiny Jovii Rehw-marouc Julian Ainsworth Tiny Julian Ainsworth Jura Londor Tiny Jura Londor K'aerron Tia Tiny K'aerron Tia Kai Fylgja Tiny Kai Fylgja Kai Naakhevi Tiny Kai Naakhevi Kaime Kine Tiny Kaime Kine Kairan Levinmore Tiny Kairan Levinmore Kairosu Andras Tiny Kairosu Andras Kaiser Stonegarden Tiny Kaiser Stonegarden Kaishen Angura Tiny Kaishen Angura Kallista Lilris Tiny Kallista Lilris Kalno Ralno Tiny Kalno Ralno Kanin Stekt Tiny Kanin Stekt Karma Kismet Tiny Karma Kismet Kay Malaguld Tiny Kay Malaguld Kay Wala Tiny Kay Wala Kayn Adian Tiny Kayn Adian Kazek Vatonage Tiny Kazek Vatonage Keirlo Morell Tiny Keirlo Morell Kess Winterfrost Tiny Kess Winterfrost Khanae Lionheart Tiny Khanae Lionheart Kharaskai Ejinn Tiny Kharaskai Ejinn Khine Rayth Tiny Khine Rayth Kiana Padilla Tiny Kiana Padilla Kieru Jensei Tiny Kieru Jensei Kiff Lef Tiny Kiff Lef Kiku Torioi Tiny Kiku Torioi Kila Volas Tiny Kila Volas Killy Nazkre Tiny Killy Nazkre Kinda-meh Fraz Tiny Kinda-meh Fraz Kitcat Fhey Tiny Kitcat Fhey Kitty Frickfrak Tiny Kitty Frickfrak Kokonoe Starfallen Tiny Kokonoe Starfallen Konami Lupis Tiny Konami Lupis Korrin Eldir Tiny Korrin Eldir Kosa'a Barnha Tiny Kosa'a Barnha Kulin Rai Tiny Kulin Rai Kulve Taroth Tiny Kulve Taroth Kurama Rama Tiny Kurama Rama Lalaru Everheart Tiny Lalaru Everheart Lanien Aslain Tiny Lanien Aslain Lark Greystone Tiny Lark Greystone Laura Wolfram Tiny Laura Wolfram Laurent Aimer Tiny Laurent Aimer Leigh Daniels Tiny Leigh Daniels Leon Rivercrest Tiny Leon Rivercrest Leona Royal Tiny Leona Royal Lerona Vailor Tiny Lerona Vailor Leyla Darkaurian Tiny Leyla Darkaurian Lilith Corvatta Tiny Lilith Corvatta Lillia Atlasia Tiny Lillia Atlasia Lilonys Heart Tiny Lilonys Heart Lily Snow Tiny Lily Snow Limmy Wickervane Tiny Limmy Wickervane Linde Falsnacht Tiny Linde Falsnacht Ljot Tormelados Tiny Ljot Tormelados Loki Hevlar Tiny Loki Hevlar Loki Lath'ael Tiny Loki Lath'ael Luca Maxie Tiny Luca Maxie Luna Desjandra Tiny Luna Desjandra Luna Dourr Tiny Luna Dourr Luna Eclipses Tiny Luna Eclipses Luna Godfrey Tiny Luna Godfrey Lupin Arca Tiny Lupin Arca Luuna Stellar Tiny Luuna Stellar Lyla Fhey Tiny Lyla Fhey Lynessa Strange Tiny Lynessa Strange Lynna Coral Tiny Lynna Coral Lyon Basargin Tiny Lyon Basargin Lyra Brooks Tiny Lyra Brooks M'rana Ndai Tiny M'rana Ndai Macatosh Flemings Tiny Macatosh Flemings Magnus Blackburn Tiny Magnus Blackburn Maitsou Tenjiako Tiny Maitsou Tenjiako Malifacarum Graxdon Tiny Malifacarum Graxdon Malix Sovorathni Tiny Malix Sovorathni Mana Nagami Tiny Mana Nagami Mariashna Eternitia Tiny Mariashna Eternitia Maxi Rose Tiny Maxi Rose Mazin Cody Tiny Mazin Cody Meg Magala Tiny Meg Magala Melon Coil Tiny Melon Coil Merlthota Blacktide Tiny Merlthota Blacktide Meteor Derplander Tiny Meteor Derplander Mhira'li Bajhiri Tiny Mhira'li Bajhiri Mimi Everett Tiny Mimi Everett Mizumi Mikata Tiny Mizumi Mikata Moon Flowers Tiny Moon Flowers Moralla Belle Tiny Moralla Belle Morgan Gallus Tiny Morgan Gallus Morgan Li Tiny Morgan Li Mori Batlarian Tiny Mori Batlarian Mori Calliope Tiny Mori Calliope Mourne River Tiny Mourne River Myl Egarlag Tiny Myl Egarlag Myrahh Daxora Tiny Myrahh Daxora Nanami Panther Tiny Nanami Panther Natsu Camoa Tiny Natsu Camoa Naut Vornaut Tiny Naut Vornaut Nave Fireflare Tiny Nave Fireflare Neffer Beard Tiny Neffer Beard Nehan Zana Tiny Nehan Zana Nekras Brightmane Tiny Nekras Brightmane Nero Dazkar Tiny Nero Dazkar Network Ghoul Tiny Network Ghoul Niko Mizumon Tiny Niko Mizumon Nina Lifeheart Tiny Nina Lifeheart Nino Avagnar Tiny Nino Avagnar Nova Fevali Tiny Nova Fevali Nova Lionheart Tiny Nova Lionheart Nynia Tesho Tiny Nynia Tesho Nyo Lyanthes Tiny Nyo Lyanthes Nyxia Fashonti Tiny Nyxia Fashonti Oberon Rook Tiny Oberon Rook Odette Finia Tiny Odette Finia Okin Baldir Tiny Okin Baldir Olma Pusama Tiny Olma Pusama Orca Romero Tiny Orca Romero Orion Altak Tiny Orion Altak Orochi Kojiro Tiny Orochi Kojiro Osh Korosh Tiny Osh Korosh Panne Taguel Tiny Panne Taguel Paragon Fire Tiny Paragon Fire Pascal Serapham Tiny Pascal Serapham Pastelly Prince Tiny Pastelly Prince Persephone Hollyleaf Tiny Persephone Hollyleaf Phos Sylvae Tiny Phos Sylvae Phyria Feuerpalme Tiny Phyria Feuerpalme Pixilia Yggmilenia Tiny Pixilia Yggmilenia Pocky Pu Tiny Pocky Pu Portal Fan Tiny Portal Fan Pyper Kaatapoh Tiny Pyper Kaatapoh Raina Selvik Tiny Raina Selvik Reanas Sinita Tiny Reanas Sinita Rei Kayest Tiny Rei Kayest Rei Nami Tiny Rei Nami Rein Takahashi Tiny Rein Takahashi Ren Hiraoka Tiny Ren Hiraoka Reyah'li Thaiava Tiny Reyah'li Thaiava Rhela'a Akhabil Tiny Rhela'a Akhabil Rhosanne Laperie Tiny Rhosanne Laperie Riamu Surion Tiny Riamu Surion Richter Abend Tiny Richter Abend Richter Snowin Tiny Richter Snowin Rid Pyre Tiny Rid Pyre Rizzotto Ravinteau Tiny Rizzotto Ravinteau Roarick Fields Tiny Roarick Fields Rognac Forensem Tiny Rognac Forensem Rose Arda Tiny Rose Arda Roselynn Del'fleur Tiny Roselynn Del'fleur Rossyan Monte Tiny Rossyan Monte Rowen Nura Tiny Rowen Nura Ru Elia Tiny Ru Elia Rune Euphoria Tiny Rune Euphoria Russet Stolid Tiny Russet Stolid Ryoto Maeda Tiny Ryoto Maeda S'ano Rin Tiny S'ano Rin S'enebro Jorojo Tiny S'enebro Jorojo Sac'hrine Lonfis Tiny Sac'hrine Lonfis Safi Tohsaka Tiny Safi Tohsaka Saika Fen Tiny Saika Fen Saiorse Emberward Tiny Saiorse Emberward Sajochi Greywolfe Tiny Sajochi Greywolfe Sakuya Dash Tiny Sakuya Dash Samson Brasher Tiny Samson Brasher Samuel Dacus Tiny Samuel Dacus Samuel Lannis Tiny Samuel Lannis Sapphire Ballard Tiny Sapphire Ballard Sasamun Chechemun Tiny Sasamun Chechemun Sasuke Seta Tiny Sasuke Seta Sava Keel-hexed Tiny Sava Keel-hexed Saxon Foster Tiny Saxon Foster Schnee Doe Tiny Schnee Doe Selsorima Tyanu Tiny Selsorima Tyanu Senesthal'aur Alruel Tiny Senesthal'aur Alruel Seren Antiqua Tiny Seren Antiqua Sermed Toreno Tiny Sermed Toreno Sevlanas Deathclaw Tiny Sevlanas Deathclaw Shadow Aurora Tiny Shadow Aurora Shakir Hyskaris Tiny Shakir Hyskaris Shao Fisha Tiny Shao Fisha Shion Noir Tiny Shion Noir Shou Ishiku Tiny Shou Ishiku Sidgrun Orl Tiny Sidgrun Orl Silvia Gold Tiny Silvia Gold Sindrelara Windsong Tiny Sindrelara Windsong Skooshadon Mozarp Tiny Skooshadon Mozarp Sodachi Oikura Tiny Sodachi Oikura Sofah Jiryhe Tiny Sofah Jiryhe Sofia Mistwalker Tiny Sofia Mistwalker Soleil Izunia Tiny Soleil Izunia Solena Avancia Tiny Solena Avancia Soltash Lumeharath Tiny Soltash Lumeharath Sotnik Boletaria Tiny Sotnik Boletaria Spoon Boiran Tiny Spoon Boiran Stari Dre'murr Tiny Stari Dre'murr Strawberry Soup Tiny Strawberry Soup Suki Ake Tiny Suki Ake Svana Wolt Tiny Svana Wolt Sylvas Thorn Tiny Sylvas Thorn Sylveret Valentine Tiny Sylveret Valentine Taidghan Quill Tiny Taidghan Quill Taioh Sumiyaka Tiny Taioh Sumiyaka Taya Springen Tiny Taya Springen Tenma Yuudoku Tiny Tenma Yuudoku Thax Sunfall Tiny Thax Sunfall Tiani Xavalien Tiny Tiani Xavalien Tiki Cosmos Tiny Tiki Cosmos Tomato Mcfluffy Tiny Tomato Mcfluffy Tora Uzuuka Tiny Tora Uzuuka Toru Kurasame Tiny Toru Kurasame Trace Cortez Tiny Trace Cortez Treeot Greenwood Tiny Treeot Greenwood Tsuki Hoshikuzu Tiny Tsuki Hoshikuzu Tyhunmir Freyjorce Tiny Tyhunmir Freyjorce Tyiam Belomein Tiny Tyiam Belomein U'vette Tia Tiny U'vette Tia Unguss Brunguss Tiny Unguss Brunguss Urbino Zokin Tiny Urbino Zokin Uzumaki Kuzanne Tiny Uzumaki Kuzanne V'dhan Tia Tiny V'dhan Tia V'tahj Tia Tiny V'tahj Tia Vai Shotsu Tiny Vai Shotsu Valerie Lightfoot Tiny Valerie Lightfoot Valeron Stormsong Tiny Valeron Stormsong Valka Froststrider Tiny Valka Froststrider Valkyr Sif Tiny Valkyr Sif Vallara Lynn Tiny Vallara Lynn Vallery Y'grada Tiny Vallery Y'grada Vatan Yaratan Tiny Vatan Yaratan Velaora Ash Tiny Velaora Ash Velian Wells Tiny Velian Wells Velkin Deleon Tiny Velkin Deleon Ven Ambergold Tiny Ven Ambergold Verius Devain Tiny Verius Devain Verxta Niyunox Tiny Verxta Niyunox Vesper Sweetleaf Tiny Vesper Sweetleaf Viera Otome Tiny Viera Otome Viktor Tankard Tiny Viktor Tankard Vio Arigus Tiny Vio Arigus Violet Emberwind Tiny Violet Emberwind Viriele Ironheart Tiny Viriele Ironheart Volara Lunescar Tiny Volara Lunescar Vyaiel Dawnbreaker Tiny Vyaiel Dawnbreaker Vylgor Karn Tiny Vylgor Karn Wilson Manafiend Tiny Wilson Manafiend Wryun Beyaye Tiny Wryun Beyaye X'rivha Nunh Tiny X'rivha Nunh Xandel Sev Tiny Xandel Sev Xavi'ir Valro Tiny Xavi'ir Valro Xeno Zhwa Tiny Xeno Zhwa Xyz Oathlock Tiny Xyz Oathlock Y'alix Arkwright Tiny Y'alix Arkwright Y'xhula Tia Tiny Y'xhula Tia Yelcir Levyniasyn Tiny Yelcir Levyniasyn Yin Lita Tiny Yin Lita Yonah Noir Tiny Yonah Noir Yui Shirogane Tiny Yui Shirogane Yukihime Kayami Tiny Yukihime Kayami Yula Bairon Tiny Yula Bairon Z'erus Del-luna Tiny Z'erus Del-luna Zaccai Drysfalksyn Tiny Zaccai Drysfalksyn Zero Clareo Tiny Zero Clareo Zindureth Drazkar Tiny Zindureth Drazkar Zoe Thiah Tiny Zoe Thiah Zoei Deauveois Tiny Zoei Deauveois Zuroth Tankadin Tiny Zuroth Tankadin