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Rough Crowd

Rank 30 Free Company "Rough Crowd" was formed on and registered on with ID 9231394073691059007. Last set of interviews conducted on .

Operates on Siren, Aether, leaving tags "-RC-" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom. Has a large base named "Rough House" on plot 32 in ward 21 of Mist, Limsa Lominsa, Vylbrand Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Theater/ Lounge on 1st floor, Club in basement, Crafting stations and Game Bar upstairs. Feel free to visit. We are also recruiting! Enjoy!

Participates in:

  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
Has an open community.

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Had also been known under 1 other name:

  • Path of Time

Current members:

Hi Lo Hi Hi Lo Drazi De'rose Queen Drazi De'rose Royale Starforge Queen Royale Starforge Rycon Darkstar Queen Rycon Darkstar Hi Cup Lo Hi Cup Hi Five Lo Hi Five Hi Ho Lo Hi Ho Hi Li Lo Hi Li Hi Ni Lo Hi Ni Hi Pi Lo Hi Pi Hi Pi Lo Hi Pi Hi Ya Lo Hi Ya Hi Yo Lo Hi Yo Amani Luna The Lost Amani Luna Basil Silvermane The Lost Basil Silvermane Briar Thornberryson The Lost Briar Thornberryson Cie Veris The Lost Cie Veris Eli X'ir The Lost Eli X'ir Felix Luna The Lost Felix Luna Kai'lyn La'lien The Lost Kai'lyn La'lien Liriel Baenre The Lost Liriel Baenre Magna Acquis The Lost Magna Acquis Mikasa Yaeger The Lost Mikasa Yaeger Mister Mikado The Lost Mister Mikado Nimea Kiloan The Lost Nimea Kiloan Roffel Pierceson The Lost Roffel Pierceson Feeya Sedai Officer Feeya Sedai Geile Drachendame Officer Geile Drachendame Glow Stick Officer Glow Stick Hyleah Silverleaf Officer Hyleah Silverleaf Indrega Lundir Officer Indrega Lundir Kasumi Tsuru Officer Kasumi Tsuru Lil' Tipples Officer Lil' Tipples Martel Summer Officer Martel Summer Mia Porcie Officer Mia Porcie Mirage Xero Officer Mirage Xero Momo Dang Officer Momo Dang Nimms Zhwan Officer Nimms Zhwan Suiren Aoi Officer Suiren Aoi Brost Ochrov Officer Alt Brost Ochrov Bun Daddy Officer Alt Bun Daddy Cookie Doe Officer Alt Cookie Doe Fia Sedai Officer Alt Fia Sedai Leone Bendotato Officer Alt Leone Bendotato Lil'er Tipples Officer Alt Lil'er Tipples Martel Oathbreaker Officer Alt Martel Oathbreaker P'yrish Silverleaf Officer Alt P'yrish Silverleaf Rena Azora Officer Alt Rena Azora Sazzer Nbkby Officer Alt Sazzer Nbkby Soe Feia Officer Alt Soe Feia Sofia Nilsericsdotter Officer Alt Sofia Nilsericsdotter Woof Sauce Officer Alt Woof Sauce Amlita Enan Member Alt Amlita Enan Cir Zanne Member Alt Cir Zanne Engur Melusine Member Alt Engur Melusine Fhaol O'dubhda Member Alt Fhaol O'dubhda Fhaol Wick Member Alt Fhaol Wick Fleur Desforges Member Alt Fleur Desforges J'gen Tia Member Alt J'gen Tia Jane Kurono Member Alt Jane Kurono Jolene Mackenzie Member Alt Jolene Mackenzie Kaslyna Lost Member Alt Kaslyna Lost Khysse Tenarr Member Alt Khysse Tenarr Lotan Ukulan Member Alt Lotan Ukulan Potatoey Mcpotateface Member Alt Potatoey Mcpotateface R'bedite Awe Member Alt R'bedite Awe Roli Poli Member Alt Roli Poli Zeri Moonberry Member Alt Zeri Moonberry Zhan Snowflurry Member Alt Zhan Snowflurry Zhenya Aharuka Member Alt Zhenya Aharuka A'grippa Agogo Member A'grippa Agogo Abzu Mishipeshu Member Abzu Mishipeshu Aely Cat Member Aely Cat Aioda Mochi Member Aioda Mochi Akari Iteya Member Akari Iteya Akemi Haruki Member Akemi Haruki Ala Atra Member Ala Atra Alameda Chief Member Alameda Chief Alex Mahan Member Alex Mahan Alyss Isshu Member Alyss Isshu Ammon Raen Member Ammon Raen Angel Uni Member Angel Uni Angeli Arcane Member Angeli Arcane Anima Enenra Member Anima Enenra Aoi Yuri Member Aoi Yuri Aquane Mathers Member Aquane Mathers Arga Mada Member Arga Mada Artoirel Zerxiez Member Artoirel Zerxiez Aruktai Skadvog Member Aruktai Skadvog Asha Zoraal Member Asha Zoraal Ashen One Member Ashen One Astro Tartarus Member Astro Tartarus Atrum Militis Member Atrum Militis Avyl Sophitia Member Avyl Sophitia Avyl Tenebrae Member Avyl Tenebrae Awkwerd Panda Member Awkwerd Panda Azedia Zakur Member Azedia Zakur Azure Light Member Azure Light Azurean Arendale Member Azurean Arendale Balder Gangradr Member Balder Gangradr Bayar Mol Member Bayar Mol Beetown Thefirst Member Beetown Thefirst Berrian Darksbane Member Berrian Darksbane Berry Fullbring Member Berry Fullbring Blake Steller Member Blake Steller Bodak Qii Member Bodak Qii Bowser Soulstar Member Bowser Soulstar Brain Wave Member Brain Wave Branimir Atolna Member Branimir Atolna Broken Ganajai Member Broken Ganajai Cappzz Eight Member Cappzz Eight Capt'n Morgan Member Capt'n Morgan Captain Cuddles Member Captain Cuddles Carth Loira Member Carth Loira Cassie Ionna Member Cassie Ionna Catlin Bijou Member Catlin Bijou Cecilll Harvey Member Cecilll Harvey Cenred Mercer Member Cenred Mercer Chewyraectum Keeper Member Chewyraectum Keeper Cheydinhal Guard Member Cheydinhal Guard Chidori Ritsuso Member Chidori Ritsuso Cirina Widoghast Member Cirina Widoghast Cliff Mercer Member Cliff Mercer Clovilah Scarfolk Member Clovilah Scarfolk D'nyla Zavo Member D'nyla Zavo Dacia Rose Member Dacia Rose Dahlia Hummingbird Member Dahlia Hummingbird Daksha Sabrae Member Daksha Sabrae Damien Scott Member Damien Scott Damon Thurste Member Damon Thurste Dandelion Seeds Member Dandelion Seeds Dante Drawac Member Dante Drawac Darienne Hawke Member Darienne Hawke Darth Santa Member Darth Santa Deimos Dread Member Deimos Dread Demi Daio Member Demi Daio Demonikah Starborn Member Demonikah Starborn Destin Adoraf Member Destin Adoraf Deth Batcountry Member Deth Batcountry Dingding Arr Member Dingding Arr Dita Sparks Member Dita Sparks Div Lost Member Div Lost Donk Ronk Member Donk Ronk Donna Bear Member Donna Bear Dor'yu Ejder Member Dor'yu Ejder Dorion Borstein Member Dorion Borstein Eclaire Fayron Member Eclaire Fayron Eddie Riggss Member Eddie Riggss Ehka Tafye Member Ehka Tafye Ekaterina Pechorin Member Ekaterina Pechorin Elayne Trakand Member Elayne Trakand Elwyn Harper Member Elwyn Harper Elyk Slyth Member Elyk Slyth Emmy The-destroyer Member Emmy The-destroyer Eremia Tormelados Member Eremia Tormelados Evo Gonza Member Evo Gonza Fa'than Kal-emen Member Fa'than Kal-emen Falfuran Stormstaff Member Falfuran Stormstaff Fhaol Delfuego Member Fhaol Delfuego Flex Luthor Member Flex Luthor Frosty Bandit Member Frosty Bandit Fuhgin Coomer Member Fuhgin Coomer Ganon Two Member Ganon Two Gein Oblaan Member Gein Oblaan Gingabot Zetafel Member Gingabot Zetafel Grahatia Saotome Member Grahatia Saotome Grea Mysterian Member Grea Mysterian Haen Price Member Haen Price Hamada Zulfiqar Member Hamada Zulfiqar Hamato Gaunlong Member Hamato Gaunlong Haren Volonte Member Haren Volonte Hatchet Chain Member Hatchet Chain Hikari Sakurai Member Hikari Sakurai Hu Gene Member Hu Gene Hugh Jawang Member Hugh Jawang Ikaruga Orihara Member Ikaruga Orihara Imperius Prime Member Imperius Prime Inspector Kushkush Member Inspector Kushkush Ithrin Othrin Member Ithrin Othrin Izayoi Goro Member Izayoi Goro Jaake Raziel Member Jaake Raziel Jacques Moonshadow Member Jacques Moonshadow Jane Shirayuki Member Jane Shirayuki Jell Umiko Member Jell Umiko Jena Hlaalu Member Jena Hlaalu Jennie Kumiho Member Jennie Kumiho John Thicc Member John Thicc Josephine Joestar Member Josephine Joestar Juelz Enigma Member Juelz Enigma Jus'da Tass Member Jus'da Tass Kai Numair Member Kai Numair Kaida Akihabara Member Kaida Akihabara Karlos Toral Member Karlos Toral Kas Lost Member Kas Lost Keewee Weewee Member Keewee Weewee Kellogy Magictoss Member Kellogy Magictoss Keres Hawke Member Keres Hawke Kevin Malone Member Kevin Malone Keyzaria Moon Member Keyzaria Moon Khal Dinosaur Member Khal Dinosaur Kikyo Azuma Member Kikyo Azuma Kikyo Bakuro Member Kikyo Bakuro King Wavy Member King Wavy Klein Lucifer Member Klein Lucifer Kno Longstride Member Kno Longstride Kold Erra Member Kold Erra Konakona Izumi Member Konakona Izumi Kozakura Kasanui Member Kozakura Kasanui Kozumo Kranzzaris Member Kozumo Kranzzaris Kupo Yashi Member Kupo Yashi Lady Lauranas Member Lady Lauranas Laniel Mandragran Member Laniel Mandragran Leida Evrardoux Member Leida Evrardoux Len Jorm Member Len Jorm Leo Garrison Member Leo Garrison Leo Laho Member Leo Laho Leonia Icebringer Member Leonia Icebringer Lews Telamon Member Lews Telamon Lho'sae Raqin Member Lho'sae Raqin Liam Steven Member Liam Steven Like A'box Member Like A'box Lilinji Miminji Member Lilinji Miminji Lillia Fayth Member Lillia Fayth Littlest Vert Member Littlest Vert Llyrian Kel Member Llyrian Kel Lorilae Stone Member Lorilae Stone Lugh Chulainn Member Lugh Chulainn Luuna Liora Member Luuna Liora Lux Aegis Member Lux Aegis Lynette Bishop Member Lynette Bishop Lyonal Ashguard Member Lyonal Ashguard Lyrian Lightbourne Member Lyrian Lightbourne Madalyn Higheyes Member Madalyn Higheyes Magnus Opium Member Magnus Opium Magobori Ghonzaloto Member Magobori Ghonzaloto Maple Sins Member Maple Sins Maralda Mierqida Member Maralda Mierqida Master Dio Member Master Dio Meilynn Regmire Member Meilynn Regmire Mela Lyndanser Member Mela Lyndanser Mhuse Tenarr Member Mhuse Tenarr Mia Meow Member Mia Meow Mizukya Iduku Member Mizukya Iduku Moreen Elzolhar Member Moreen Elzolhar Mr Rainn Member Mr Rainn Murdax Moon Member Murdax Moon Mysta Drakulon Member Mysta Drakulon Nahiria Stoneward Member Nahiria Stoneward Naliah Hortimont Member Naliah Hortimont Naotsugu Horizon Member Naotsugu Horizon Naustix Nova Member Naustix Nova Nautilus Highblaze Member Nautilus Highblaze Nax Nax Member Nax Nax Nayana Draegir Member Nayana Draegir Nazuld Dylexia Member Nazuld Dylexia Neil San Member Neil San Nerissa Vrykolakas Member Nerissa Vrykolakas Neya Briar Member Neya Briar Nez Eken Member Nez Eken Nico Tombrina Member Nico Tombrina Nimue Evergarden Member Nimue Evergarden Nines Gunblade Member Nines Gunblade Nix Evergloam Member Nix Evergloam None Xerto Member None Xerto Nova Sands Member Nova Sands Nynaeve Ti'almeara Member Nynaeve Ti'almeara Nyrhi Rei Member Nyrhi Rei O'flax Son Member O'flax Son Olash Tanar Member Olash Tanar Omoto Domo Member Omoto Domo Onamora Silksong Member Onamora Silksong Osvo Ymir Member Osvo Ymir Ove Skaoi Member Ove Skaoi Phantom Zero Member Phantom Zero Phiz Fandango Member Phiz Fandango Phyllo Wylks Member Phyllo Wylks Plumbob Plummer Member Plumbob Plummer Porkchop Thecorgi Member Porkchop Thecorgi Professor Kayoz Member Professor Kayoz Psy Nix Member Psy Nix Purrincess Mochi Member Purrincess Mochi Push Buttons Member Push Buttons Ratman Jones Member Ratman Jones Raven Klaw Member Raven Klaw Rayne Aster Member Rayne Aster Raythe Savath Member Raythe Savath Reba The-weeba Member Reba The-weeba Ren Kage Member Ren Kage Renarin Lockhartt Member Renarin Lockhartt Reylord Highwind Member Reylord Highwind Robin Cinnamon Member Robin Cinnamon Rowan Maclaren Member Rowan Maclaren Roze Mary Member Roze Mary Ruan Keinefrau Member Ruan Keinefrau Ruby Ymir Member Ruby Ymir Ruhkouri Hyrtberasyn Member Ruhkouri Hyrtberasyn Rural Juror Member Rural Juror Ryco Trylon Member Ryco Trylon Ryosuke Tenenbaums Member Ryosuke Tenenbaums Ryuka Nox Member Ryuka Nox S'milo Tia Member S'milo Tia Saber Warblade Member Saber Warblade Saberic Stonescarred Member Saberic Stonescarred Sagrian Toth Member Sagrian Toth Saint Alesta Member Saint Alesta Samus- Aran Member Samus- Aran Sarentum Mystevios Member Sarentum Mystevios Satoshi Murasama Member Satoshi Murasama Saviana Hammond Member Saviana Hammond Senah Betwanhe Member Senah Betwanhe Seraphina Marino Member Seraphina Marino Seze Kira Member Seze Kira Shadin Mal Member Shadin Mal Shakti Rising Member Shakti Rising Sharpysharp Saru Member Sharpysharp Saru Shian Hopewell Member Shian Hopewell Shinano Kanuchi Member Shinano Kanuchi Shiny Hero Member Shiny Hero Sho' Nuff Member Sho' Nuff Silviane Mol Member Silviane Mol Sinjj Shamaa Member Sinjj Shamaa Sloane Yasmin Member Sloane Yasmin Smellthe Cheese Member Smellthe Cheese Solan Voljes Member Solan Voljes Sorvant O'purr Member Sorvant O'purr Stampelito Fistpump Member Stampelito Fistpump Student Loans Member Student Loans Stupid Cucumbers Member Stupid Cucumbers Stupid Puppy Member Stupid Puppy Sturm Rage Member Sturm Rage Sulvarax Dentus Member Sulvarax Dentus Suns Mahan Member Suns Mahan Syla Moonfire Member Syla Moonfire Temet Nosce Member Temet Nosce Tempz Ar Member Tempz Ar Thony Don Member Thony Don Tib Utama Member Tib Utama Tired Dog Member Tired Dog Tizzi Uta Member Tizzi Uta Tmoe Jr Member Tmoe Jr Tom Macadran Member Tom Macadran Tory Saito Member Tory Saito Touka Healey Member Touka Healey Trebek Dablague Member Trebek Dablague Valenaire Asturmaux Member Valenaire Asturmaux Valton Marvarax Member Valton Marvarax Variath Rex Member Variath Rex Ven Blackwood Member Ven Blackwood Verrat Sathuros Member Verrat Sathuros Vex Kurono Member Vex Kurono Vi Illaiv Member Vi Illaiv Vivichi Vilo Member Vivichi Vilo Vox Tek Member Vox Tek White- Lotus Member White- Lotus Wild Myst Member Wild Myst Wren Wintbrotwyn Member Wren Wintbrotwyn Xanic Ifera Member Xanic Ifera Xzile Awit Member Xzile Awit Yamyam Thunderpaw Member Yamyam Thunderpaw Yelrab Mercy Member Yelrab Mercy Yui Kazuto Member Yui Kazuto Yui Nakamura Member Yui Nakamura Yuki Toral Member Yuki Toral Zabinie Jawang Member Zabinie Jawang Zaj'ul Hyulin Member Zaj'ul Hyulin Zarus Shodan Member Zarus Shodan Zayen Avzi Member Zayen Avzi Zora Wavy Member Zora Wavy Zynthrax Shade Member Zynthrax Shade