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House for Strays

Rank 30 Free Company "House for Strays" was formed on and registered on with ID 9232097761132811167. Last set of interviews conducted on .

Operates on Diabolos, Crystal, leaving tags "Stray" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom. Has a large base named "House For Strays" on plot 60 in ward 15 of Shirogane, Kugane, Hingashi Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

"I think I am, therefore I am. I think." (Visitors always welcome!)

Had also been known under 1 other name:

  • Ethereal Sin

Current members:

A'elius Kiran A'elius Kiran A'iryta Hiboh A'iryta Hiboh A'mbrose Tia A'mbrose Tia Akemi Momo Akemi Momo Annora Valerii Annora Valerii Aoide Taika-erikson Aoide Taika-erikson Arianna Kisane Arianna Kisane Armand Erikson Armand Erikson Asana Sorraen Asana Sorraen Ashirane Aldmose Ashirane Aldmose Azriel Lunam Azriel Lunam Bikke Shanks Bikke Shanks C'ristal Lupus C'ristal Lupus Carassius Auratus Carassius Auratus Cassiopeia Cordis Cassiopeia Cordis Cervena Sarkony Cervena Sarkony Cirina Motao Cirina Motao Crit Cat Crit Cat Damien Waters Damien Waters Egle Marquardt-cat Egle Marquardt-cat Eih'a Auratus Eih'a Auratus Eira Kolbrun Eira Kolbrun Elfleda Elwyn Elfleda Elwyn Enzzeir Thuulstrea Enzzeir Thuulstrea Esin Yeah Esin Yeah Fechin Orinn Fechin Orinn Fefri Lussa Fefri Lussa Felinus Canis Felinus Canis Fjola Eryut Fjola Eryut G'raha Tiaa G'raha Tiaa Godex Marquesdespotte Godex Marquesdespotte Halo Boy Halo Boy Hart Breaker Hart Breaker Hart Leon Hart Leon Heaven Myrth Heaven Myrth Heiden Kane Heiden Kane Hyzenthlay Hlessi Hyzenthlay Hlessi Ihlo'ra Tia Ihlo'ra Tia Jagaimo Imo Jagaimo Imo Jitters Taika Jitters Taika Kaera Alderis Kaera Alderis Kesi Oso'var Kesi Oso'var Kha'jay Zhajiit Kha'jay Zhajiit Kokovachi Nonolai Kokovachi Nonolai L'yina Aleovor L'yina Aleovor Larus Marinus Larus Marinus Leih'to Auratus Leih'to Auratus Lil Hart Lil Hart Lilith Crow Lilith Crow Lilith Khah Lilith Khah Lucia Amadea Lucia Amadea Lyla Sashihai Lyla Sashihai M'haikka Anturem M'haikka Anturem Maikeru Forutsu Maikeru Forutsu Manis Javanica Manis Javanica Mia Cat Mia Cat Mikh'a Aldmose Mikh'a Aldmose Mira Tayuun Mira Tayuun Myluria Taelaris Myluria Taelaris N'kasu Mitnu N'kasu Mitnu Naja Nivea Naja Nivea Nanna Ymir Nanna Ymir Naoh'a Cat Naoh'a Cat Naran Sarkony Naran Sarkony Narin Arulaq Narin Arulaq Navarre Rowan Navarre Rowan Niche Asteria Niche Asteria Ninja Maow Ninja Maow Nixie Wintergrass Nixie Wintergrass Omi Kisane Omi Kisane Percevains Charlemend Percevains Charlemend R'einn Cat R'einn Cat Raih'li Tayuun Raih'li Tayuun Raisa Ariana Raisa Ariana Ravindra Calos Ravindra Calos Raya Wintermint Raya Wintermint Rocket Noykin Rocket Noykin Ruzgar Aarden Ruzgar Aarden Shion Javanica Shion Javanica Siern Chatte Siern Chatte Smallus Guyus Smallus Guyus Solas Auratus Solas Auratus Sonam Rabten Sonam Rabten Strix Longjump Strix Longjump T'kiron Cat T'kiron Cat Tanil Danchemna Tanil Danchemna Tionnesti Alturia Tionnesti Alturia Uncle Ruckus Uncle Ruckus Vorel Irthos Vorel Irthos Whisp Will Whisp Will Wilhelm Bronson Wilhelm Bronson Wilhelm Steele Wilhelm Steele Xaniar Decos Xaniar Decos Z'ahli Malus Z'ahli Malus Zellanna Metallium Zellanna Metallium Zinnia Cana Zinnia Cana