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Rank 30 Free Company "Geuno" was formed on and registered on with ID 9232379236109551326. Last set of interviews conducted on .

Operates on Leviathan, Primal, leaving tags "G'" all over the place and increasing glory of Immortal FlamesImmortal Flames. Has a large base named "G'-Spot" on plot 30 in ward 1 of The Goblet, Ul'dah, Thanalan Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

∧ ⌒ ヽフ Welcome to the G'Spot!
( ⌒ ● ⌒ ) Congratulations in locating what many before you couldn't find!

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP
Has an open community.

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Current members:

Nimbus Tupti Master Nimbus Tupti Gaga La'brey Alt XO/OO Gaga La'brey Maribel Mint Oper Officer Maribel Mint Nomis Ttam The Cabinet Nomis Ttam Ars Magna Aux Officer Ars Magna Mhirraka Rhya Alt AO/Officer Mhirraka Rhya Apollo Cloudbreaker R.I.P. Apollo Cloudbreaker Johnny Steel R.I.P. Johnny Steel Yomi Erebus R.I.P. Yomi Erebus Cielos Izanagi Exec Officer Cielos Izanagi Deceptistar Meow Exec Officer Deceptistar Meow Tuttutt Mememuko Exec Officer Tuttutt Mememuko Daemon Prenetit Officer Daemon Prenetit Dante Merkel Officer Dante Merkel Grace Queener Officer Grace Queener Moxi Floxacin Officer Moxi Floxacin Victini San Officer Victini San Will Barrett Officer Will Barrett Alyssa Astral On Leave Alyssa Astral Annie Arcadia On Leave Annie Arcadia Cawl Baphom On Leave Cawl Baphom Drasek Riven On Leave Drasek Riven Ferin Brahmastra On Leave Ferin Brahmastra Johnny Bananas On Leave Johnny Bananas Linedrene Sizha On Leave Linedrene Sizha Lord Abaddon On Leave Lord Abaddon Night Hawken On Leave Night Hawken Queen Sheba On Leave Queen Sheba Raziel Starzion On Leave Raziel Starzion Rhel Sage On Leave Rhel Sage Saphyire Rose On Leave Saphyire Rose Sarugani Rougue On Leave Sarugani Rougue Shade Breaker On Leave Shade Breaker Skuzzy Mcskuzz On Leave Skuzzy Mcskuzz Vince Zigeko On Leave Vince Zigeko Adi'to Valtha Senior Member Adi'to Valtha Aethe Ic Senior Member Aethe Ic Aki Hiito Senior Member Aki Hiito Alice Fletcher Senior Member Alice Fletcher Alpha Carinae Senior Member Alpha Carinae Anyia Coren Senior Member Anyia Coren Aoi Kaujin Senior Member Aoi Kaujin Aqua Spirus Senior Member Aqua Spirus Atreia Sunvale Senior Member Atreia Sunvale Aura Azure Senior Member Aura Azure Aylith Kyndhart Senior Member Aylith Kyndhart Beatrice Kei Senior Member Beatrice Kei Big Show Senior Member Big Show Cami Bajhiri Senior Member Cami Bajhiri Cellianna Silverwind Senior Member Cellianna Silverwind Charlie Herson Senior Member Charlie Herson Crash Calamity Senior Member Crash Calamity Crux Corvus Senior Member Crux Corvus Daerdre Catrina Senior Member Daerdre Catrina Domo-arigato Roboto Senior Member Domo-arigato Roboto Ein Glorieux Senior Member Ein Glorieux Elliysia Fayet Senior Member Elliysia Fayet Emi Sasdi Senior Member Emi Sasdi Eromanga Sensei Senior Member Eromanga Sensei Fayden Vortes Senior Member Fayden Vortes Feanaro Miblon Senior Member Feanaro Miblon Fiora Black Senior Member Fiora Black Gakuto Amira Senior Member Gakuto Amira Guardian Stellar Senior Member Guardian Stellar Harper Fritz Senior Member Harper Fritz Hihitsu Hitsu Senior Member Hihitsu Hitsu Imace Emertoes Senior Member Imace Emertoes Inariele Latheine Senior Member Inariele Latheine Isato Xkaiza Senior Member Isato Xkaiza Jago Sevatarion Senior Member Jago Sevatarion Jazmeen Rugis Senior Member Jazmeen Rugis Jono Thon Senior Member Jono Thon Juliet Capulet Senior Member Juliet Capulet K'atze Tia Senior Member K'atze Tia Kai Chronaius Senior Member Kai Chronaius Kairi Kurogane Senior Member Kairi Kurogane Kara Vargas Senior Member Kara Vargas Karkef Drax Senior Member Karkef Drax Kia Neox Senior Member Kia Neox Kope Thejoke Senior Member Kope Thejoke Kuroti Vitr Senior Member Kuroti Vitr Ky'taal Zerath Senior Member Ky'taal Zerath Kyanite Blue Senior Member Kyanite Blue Leona Lee Senior Member Leona Lee Lfc Xd Senior Member Lfc Xd Ling Takumi Senior Member Ling Takumi Lucky Fortune Senior Member Lucky Fortune Malystryx Kanan Senior Member Malystryx Kanan Marly Min Senior Member Marly Min Mary Swift Senior Member Mary Swift Miria Kinrei Senior Member Miria Kinrei Naeir Lornuri Senior Member Naeir Lornuri Neocount Faeborn Senior Member Neocount Faeborn Nyobi Shikon Senior Member Nyobi Shikon Nyx Alanisia Senior Member Nyx Alanisia Pompomicas Sheerfrost Senior Member Pompomicas Sheerfrost Priamos Niran Senior Member Priamos Niran Raea Meara Senior Member Raea Meara Ravalus Perplinga Senior Member Ravalus Perplinga Revived Soulreaver Senior Member Revived Soulreaver Roxy Diamond Senior Member Roxy Diamond S'huuca Tia Senior Member S'huuca Tia Sabi Kitsune Senior Member Sabi Kitsune Seth Kreiss Senior Member Seth Kreiss Seto Onza Senior Member Seto Onza Sevyn Ravache' Senior Member Sevyn Ravache' Sizha Ganajai Senior Member Sizha Ganajai Slyness Sara Senior Member Slyness Sara Snow Vill Senior Member Snow Vill Stars Mine Senior Member Stars Mine Talan Celebrant Senior Member Talan Celebrant Telosa Hawkeye Senior Member Telosa Hawkeye Turk Mcgurk Senior Member Turk Mcgurk Vaedorn Cassowen Senior Member Vaedorn Cassowen Vetr Kirsi Senior Member Vetr Kirsi Vormaux Haurtefert Senior Member Vormaux Haurtefert Wulfgar Stronghelm Senior Member Wulfgar Stronghelm Xerxes Pha Senior Member Xerxes Pha Xtreme Aqurion Senior Member Xtreme Aqurion Ysolde Lyze Senior Member Ysolde Lyze Zafnick Jomalah Senior Member Zafnick Jomalah Zendania Dalyrr Senior Member Zendania Dalyrr Zeno Azurai Senior Member Zeno Azurai Zippy Lilbit Senior Member Zippy Lilbit Aethelflaed Grace Recruit Aethelflaed Grace Aibertain Drancelmans Recruit Aibertain Drancelmans Angelet Morning Recruit Angelet Morning Arcadeus Ward Recruit Arcadeus Ward Arethil Greenleaf Recruit Arethil Greenleaf Astaroth Alterabyss Recruit Astaroth Alterabyss Brooklin Zoo Recruit Brooklin Zoo Chris Bishop Recruit Chris Bishop Cibehn Tia Recruit Cibehn Tia Clovis Dawnbringer Recruit Clovis Dawnbringer Damian Lionheart Recruit Damian Lionheart Dest Kraid Recruit Dest Kraid Don Escanor Recruit Don Escanor Draconic Feathers Recruit Draconic Feathers Dredlor Farts Recruit Dredlor Farts Elena Jade Recruit Elena Jade Emerald Alambertel Recruit Emerald Alambertel Enwek Rune Recruit Enwek Rune Ezra James Recruit Ezra James Gons Bloodheart Recruit Gons Bloodheart Grant Stark Recruit Grant Stark Gray Fox Recruit Gray Fox Hazuo Kogah Recruit Hazuo Kogah Helios Hemlock Recruit Helios Hemlock Hex Machina Recruit Hex Machina Jay Hud Recruit Jay Hud Jen Doryn Recruit Jen Doryn Jira Lenara Recruit Jira Lenara Jude Milla Recruit Jude Milla June Ri Recruit June Ri Kai Hellfist Recruit Kai Hellfist Kojakian Kincaid Recruit Kojakian Kincaid Lord Geezzus Recruit Lord Geezzus Lourlaffe Hatake Recruit Lourlaffe Hatake Lyra Moonstone Recruit Lyra Moonstone Marie Jane Recruit Marie Jane Mike Ehrmantraut Recruit Mike Ehrmantraut Mokseong Kim Recruit Mokseong Kim Mouse Kaze Recruit Mouse Kaze My'kawaii Self Recruit My'kawaii Self Mylla Ashendale Recruit Mylla Ashendale Narcissas Sunwalker Recruit Narcissas Sunwalker Netters Iahe Recruit Netters Iahe Nimbus Stormstrike Recruit Nimbus Stormstrike Ocurz Trixx Recruit Ocurz Trixx Ogun Heat Recruit Ogun Heat Portia Bell Recruit Portia Bell Psy Hippo Recruit Psy Hippo Rey Am Recruit Rey Am Rillian Inochi Recruit Rillian Inochi Ruby Engima Recruit Ruby Engima Ryoko Junoko Recruit Ryoko Junoko Sabienn Sirenscall Recruit Sabienn Sirenscall Sage Fenyx Recruit Sage Fenyx Salmagundi Saladhat Recruit Salmagundi Saladhat Schecter Diamond Recruit Schecter Diamond Selene Eclipse Recruit Selene Eclipse Shadimus Ramayn Recruit Shadimus Ramayn Shaska Hovier Recruit Shaska Hovier Sickrick Nasty Recruit Sickrick Nasty Syllvea Teegheeper Recruit Syllvea Teegheeper Tallia Ma'iit Recruit Tallia Ma'iit Valtin Walker Recruit Valtin Walker Walulu Walu Recruit Walulu Walu Xelha Liu Recruit Xelha Liu Xivo Xvirr Recruit Xivo Xvirr Zija Rose Recruit Zija Rose A'hem Tia Member A'hem Tia Absolute Chad Member Absolute Chad Aeileta Silverhart Member Aeileta Silverhart Aemon Oni Member Aemon Oni Aeolnin Rano Member Aeolnin Rano Aerithel Highwind Member Aerithel Highwind Ailmar Stalwart Member Ailmar Stalwart Akira Yoshida Member Akira Yoshida Aku Wrath Member Aku Wrath Alaesa Araelor Member Alaesa Araelor Alana Bloodmoon Member Alana Bloodmoon Alex Blackthorn Member Alex Blackthorn Alexiares Herakles Member Alexiares Herakles Alito Stormborn Member Alito Stormborn Alodia Miyune Member Alodia Miyune Aloe V'iera Member Aloe V'iera Altera Tyress Member Altera Tyress Alysiana Stormblessed Member Alysiana Stormblessed An Sa Member An Sa Anaxia Ki Member Anaxia Ki Anomanderrr Rake Member Anomanderrr Rake Anri Astoria Member Anri Astoria Apox Alvesti Member Apox Alvesti Araella Voras Member Araella Voras Arahalt Enzel Member Arahalt Enzel Aries Kuma Member Aries Kuma Artica Mia Member Artica Mia Artorias Lionheart Member Artorias Lionheart Aseyu Shaal Member Aseyu Shaal Asha Archaotic Member Asha Archaotic Astra Alicaster Member Astra Alicaster Atain Undomiel Member Atain Undomiel Atelloune Lanverlais Member Atelloune Lanverlais Athenarosee Iris Member Athenarosee Iris Axel Gim Member Axel Gim Ayumi Unknown Member Ayumi Unknown Azalea Pearl Member Azalea Pearl Azariah Faelyn Member Azariah Faelyn Bad Tank Member Bad Tank Balthamos Finch Member Balthamos Finch Barbaross Thegreat Member Barbaross Thegreat Bayzed Grog Member Bayzed Grog Bence Kun Member Bence Kun Beowyn Shepard Member Beowyn Shepard Big Ns Member Big Ns Bill Dee Member Bill Dee Bob Hope Member Bob Hope Bone Dacious Member Bone Dacious Brynjar Ulfson Member Brynjar Ulfson Cactus The'prick Member Cactus The'prick Cemi Beowulf Member Cemi Beowulf Cen Kyne Member Cen Kyne Cipher Apolytos Member Cipher Apolytos Circassia Zhane Member Circassia Zhane Cloudy Howdy Member Cloudy Howdy Cody San Member Cody San Cornejo Piety Member Cornejo Piety Corrine Ellis Member Corrine Ellis Crimson Meadow Member Crimson Meadow Critch Faindor Member Critch Faindor Cvo Streetglide Member Cvo Streetglide Daish Daish Member Daish Daish Dany Storm Member Dany Storm Day Quil Member Day Quil De Ta Member De Ta Dehmu Jixinho Member Dehmu Jixinho Delta Diomis Member Delta Diomis Dhovaka Rhel Member Dhovaka Rhel Dia-mond Hanes Member Dia-mond Hanes Doc Dyad Member Doc Dyad Dohnk Aeywind Member Dohnk Aeywind Dominus Nine Member Dominus Nine Draegon Darkstar Member Draegon Darkstar Droma Drighten Member Droma Drighten Dunc Man Member Dunc Man Ecrona Usagi Member Ecrona Usagi Edax Royeaux Member Edax Royeaux Eddy Rayyt Member Eddy Rayyt Edea Fontaine Member Edea Fontaine Eileen Astora Member Eileen Astora Elessan Decimar Member Elessan Decimar Elizabella Berkhof Member Elizabella Berkhof Emerwen Aranel Member Emerwen Aranel Emeryl Yreme Member Emeryl Yreme Esi Malos Member Esi Malos Ethis Maetreag Member Ethis Maetreag Evan Ben Member Evan Ben Evander Osmond Member Evander Osmond Fay Frame Member Fay Frame Freyx Swolo Member Freyx Swolo Frostflower Bud Member Frostflower Bud Fruckin Brickers Member Fruckin Brickers Furby Super Member Furby Super George Clapperton Member George Clapperton Gerbo Willstrength Member Gerbo Willstrength Ghaleon Audren Member Ghaleon Audren Ghost Vador Member Ghost Vador Giga Hiro Member Giga Hiro Gissa Neferi Member Gissa Neferi God Rebel Member God Rebel Grumpy Teireannach Member Grumpy Teireannach Guncarter Cleric Member Guncarter Cleric Gur Freewen Member Gur Freewen H'zula Para Member H'zula Para Hael Vahlin Member Hael Vahlin Haji Jabra Member Haji Jabra Harri Potter Member Harri Potter Havokk Seven Member Havokk Seven Hifumi Togo Member Hifumi Togo Hikari Naomi Member Hikari Naomi Holty West Member Holty West Ijoux Taigaux Member Ijoux Taigaux Illuminata Veritas Member Illuminata Veritas Izzi Hardlight Member Izzi Hardlight Jamesy Waymsey Member Jamesy Waymsey Jason Kittle Member Jason Kittle Jeryn Katar Member Jeryn Katar Jin Roth Member Jin Roth Joe Iba Member Joe Iba Joey Moody Member Joey Moody Johvin Alria Member Johvin Alria Joy Amari Member Joy Amari Kahlil Lionheart Member Kahlil Lionheart Kanna Kun Member Kanna Kun Kasai Noneko Member Kasai Noneko Kata Kysogi Member Kata Kysogi Katiya Saezima Member Katiya Saezima Kestrea Newlend Member Kestrea Newlend Khazmy Rahgeon Member Khazmy Rahgeon Kiara Muunshadow Member Kiara Muunshadow Kidd Fayt Member Kidd Fayt Kirito Fudo Member Kirito Fudo Kletian Ozrothinas Member Kletian Ozrothinas Koh Sakae Member Koh Sakae Kojo Jinn Member Kojo Jinn Krelian Danann Member Krelian Danann Kurupt Nupewalker Member Kurupt Nupewalker Kyumii Fuyu Member Kyumii Fuyu L'yanel Tia Member L'yanel Tia Lailaika Laika Member Lailaika Laika Larin Doria Member Larin Doria Laywann Rhowan Member Laywann Rhowan Lilu Pai Member Lilu Pai Linkagge Kablooey Member Linkagge Kablooey Linus Emrys Member Linus Emrys Livia Savewind Member Livia Savewind Lord Drakkon Member Lord Drakkon Loric Elessar Member Loric Elessar Luca Costa Member Luca Costa Lucariomon Auras Member Lucariomon Auras Ludacris Ginger Member Ludacris Ginger Lug Abull Member Lug Abull Luna Aphelion Member Luna Aphelion Lunar Sora Member Lunar Sora M'kay Ultra Member M'kay Ultra Mace Toface Member Mace Toface Maerwan Arlastar Member Maerwan Arlastar Magnus Claymore Member Magnus Claymore Maia Dunkerbean Member Maia Dunkerbean Malicent Aeterna Member Malicent Aeterna Malthur Kunav Member Malthur Kunav Marit Ezio Member Marit Ezio Maschelie Naricha Member Maschelie Naricha Meadus Pamplemousse Member Meadus Pamplemousse Mei Isbae Member Mei Isbae Meliodas Wrathsin Member Meliodas Wrathsin Michael Gallagher Member Michael Gallagher Michin Tokki Member Michin Tokki Mim'zi Moui Member Mim'zi Moui Mimilai Gagalai Member Mimilai Gagalai Mist Born Member Mist Born Moar Dots Member Moar Dots Mt Eerie Member Mt Eerie Muda Muda Member Muda Muda Myrah Seath Member Myrah Seath Mystevious Shizlore Member Mystevious Shizlore Nappo Zappo Member Nappo Zappo Nashima Yozakora Member Nashima Yozakora Necro Lalicon Member Necro Lalicon Neko Da Member Neko Da Nephorion Dimshade Member Nephorion Dimshade Nikita Allfire Member Nikita Allfire Nilitar Xyph Member Nilitar Xyph Nine Kilauea Member Nine Kilauea Nitsua Suian Member Nitsua Suian Noah Vaanwolf Member Noah Vaanwolf Noire Prada Member Noire Prada Not Here Member Not Here Null Null Member Null Null Ny'tali Valetyne Member Ny'tali Valetyne Nyte Rage Member Nyte Rage O'zoma Tia Member O'zoma Tia Operation Lunchbox Member Operation Lunchbox Oreo Kenobi Member Oreo Kenobi Orso Mekko Member Orso Mekko Ossydia De-obsibionth Member Ossydia De-obsibionth Otec Vizhion Member Otec Vizhion Otiak Rehcnif Member Otiak Rehcnif P'ehl Dee Member P'ehl Dee Pascal Oswell Member Pascal Oswell Pavilore Wing Member Pavilore Wing Phaedra Greydottir Member Phaedra Greydottir Phoenix Ash Member Phoenix Ash Phynikee Wiggins Member Phynikee Wiggins Picto Bear Member Picto Bear Pink Petal Member Pink Petal Poket Elevens Member Poket Elevens Polka Taimu Member Polka Taimu Prerequisite Noykin Member Prerequisite Noykin Purpura Lilac Member Purpura Lilac Quetzel Asuna Member Quetzel Asuna Quinn Alwin Member Quinn Alwin Rad Ical Member Rad Ical Raeghar Drakeclaw Member Raeghar Drakeclaw Rak Shine Member Rak Shine Raven Stormborn Member Raven Stormborn Rayne Heartilly Member Rayne Heartilly Razor Saber Member Razor Saber Rei Sears Member Rei Sears Reillidan Thottslayer Member Reillidan Thottslayer Reiri Lei Member Reiri Lei Relitha Sunsong Member Relitha Sunsong Restra Draxus Member Restra Draxus Rhaenys Valerion Member Rhaenys Valerion Rhyd'ler Incarnadine Member Rhyd'ler Incarnadine Riko Royce Member Riko Royce Ronin Nezumi Member Ronin Nezumi Ruark Azell Member Ruark Azell San Benito Member San Benito Sandy O'ria Member Sandy O'ria Saphire Lauren Member Saphire Lauren Sathern Stromwinds Member Sathern Stromwinds Scath Oiche Member Scath Oiche Scortia Bane Member Scortia Bane Scrub Cake Member Scrub Cake Sevarial Sevranath Member Sevarial Sevranath Shara Fay Member Shara Fay Shinobu Moe Member Shinobu Moe Shira Sen Member Shira Sen Shiroinazuma Ryuuken Member Shiroinazuma Ryuuken Sikke Eld Member Sikke Eld Silvaire Armantel Member Silvaire Armantel Sir Duder Member Sir Duder Skeeba Skeebs Member Skeeba Skeebs Smoky Quartz Member Smoky Quartz Sol Invictus Member Sol Invictus Solace Pearlbaton Member Solace Pearlbaton Solid Stormborn Member Solid Stormborn Steph Vee Member Steph Vee Stuffy Doll Member Stuffy Doll Surprise Cripple Member Surprise Cripple Sweet Peach Member Sweet Peach Sylirra Blackthorne Member Sylirra Blackthorne Sylvanna Deathbow Member Sylvanna Deathbow Synn Aria Member Synn Aria Syrenead Gucuma Member Syrenead Gucuma Takunosi No Member Takunosi No Tao Sato Member Tao Sato Tashiru Kagero Member Tashiru Kagero Tassaria Lauren Member Tassaria Lauren Taya Lucia Member Taya Lucia Tencint Burgdinkle Member Tencint Burgdinkle Tenspeed Amory Member Tenspeed Amory Thel Vadamee Member Thel Vadamee Thuggedout Dopepotato Member Thuggedout Dopepotato Tifania Moonshadow Member Tifania Moonshadow Tig Bitties Member Tig Bitties Timmers Danoble Member Timmers Danoble Tirial D'autry Member Tirial D'autry Tobana Tome Member Tobana Tome Toffee Coffee Member Toffee Coffee Togster Ward Member Togster Ward Tsaph Katta Member Tsaph Katta Tsukuyo Sakata Member Tsukuyo Sakata Tyrnn Das Member Tyrnn Das Ukhai Aro Member Ukhai Aro Ulvern Gradio Member Ulvern Gradio Urumet Goro Member Urumet Goro Vael Fulessa Member Vael Fulessa Vahn Kahel Member Vahn Kahel Vale Calibur Member Vale Calibur Vall Nor Member Vall Nor Valni Miret-njer Member Valni Miret-njer Varis Visaris Member Varis Visaris Ven Atreus Member Ven Atreus Vesspa Rene Member Vesspa Rene Vjkta Kisne Member Vjkta Kisne Vorn Arteros Member Vorn Arteros Vosco Blosco Member Vosco Blosco Wahse Tino Member Wahse Tino Will Marmannsyn Member Will Marmannsyn Woodson Cobb Member Woodson Cobb World Ender Member World Ender Wynaria Windrunner Member Wynaria Windrunner Xusto Jevell Member Xusto Jevell Yeonji Han Member Yeonji Han Yotsuyu Shingetsu Member Yotsuyu Shingetsu Yui Inaba Member Yui Inaba Yukina Kaoru Member Yukina Kaoru Yurika Shirayuki Member Yurika Shirayuki Zarich Lordraven Member Zarich Lordraven Zed Leppelin Member Zed Leppelin Zenoh Ward Member Zenoh Ward Zenza Hoza Member Zenza Hoza Zeroma Weiss Member Zeroma Weiss Zeront Dataq Member Zeront Dataq Zigtastic Miracle Member Zigtastic Miracle