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- Balamb Garden -

Rank 30 Free Company "- Balamb Garden -" was formed on and registered on with ID 9232519973597878149. Last set of interviews conducted on .

Operates on Midgardsormr, Aether, leaving tags "SeeD" all over the place and increasing glory of Immortal FlamesImmortal Flames. Has a large base named "Balamb Garden" on plot 35 in ward 5 of Mist, Limsa Lominsa, Vylbrand Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

- - - Caution: Construction Zone! - - -
Home of the social FC Balamb Garden. You're welcome to explore! ♥

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Current members:

Myrelia Mae Headmaster Myrelia Mae Shinn Tayuun UFO Shinn Tayuun Syler Wesa Co-Headmaster Syler Wesa Noble Moose Alt (Lead) Noble Moose Raine Loire Alt (Lead) Raine Loire River Tam Alt (Lead) River Tam Akai Yoru Instructor Akai Yoru Elodie Luria Instructor Elodie Luria Kai Adelman Instructor Kai Adelman Lambert Weild Instructor Lambert Weild Simon Tam Instructor Simon Tam Snow Nova Instructor Snow Nova Asme'a Rainilh Guardian Force Asme'a Rainilh Calin Falke Guardian Force Calin Falke Despair Senpai Guardian Force Despair Senpai Dragonlord Yami Guardian Force Dragonlord Yami Euynthe Ie Guardian Force Euynthe Ie Faldum Dugan Guardian Force Faldum Dugan Gauvainaux Travers Guardian Force Gauvainaux Travers Mhini Nelhah Guardian Force Mhini Nelhah Reyson Iluvatar Guardian Force Reyson Iluvatar Rhaya Meiti Guardian Force Rhaya Meiti Salera Falke Guardian Force Salera Falke Amelia Fairclough MIA Amelia Fairclough Arlinco Moasgis MIA Arlinco Moasgis Aura'bella Ironblood MIA Aura'bella Ironblood Death Tk MIA Death Tk Don Tailor MIA Don Tailor Frederick Blackmoore MIA Frederick Blackmoore Georgios Deez MIA Georgios Deez Janis Prospero MIA Janis Prospero Jude Alantiel MIA Jude Alantiel Kilo Ash'mata MIA Kilo Ash'mata Kisala Moonseye MIA Kisala Moonseye Lithil Starling MIA Lithil Starling Liz Lepus MIA Liz Lepus Lusec Vinosec MIA Lusec Vinosec Mini Kha MIA Mini Kha Nikolo Onimura MIA Nikolo Onimura Ninjabbit Senpai MIA Ninjabbit Senpai R'emi Tia MIA R'emi Tia Ramus Roquette MIA Ramus Roquette Rng Retro MIA Rng Retro Savior Miya MIA Savior Miya Sayoran Va'len MIA Sayoran Va'len Somar Reglie MIA Somar Reglie Stellarius Pulvica MIA Stellarius Pulvica Thereal Kirito MIA Thereal Kirito Weaponized Waifu MIA Weaponized Waifu Willow Stormblessed MIA Willow Stormblessed Xinte Morningstar MIA Xinte Morningstar Z'anya Yata MIA Z'anya Yata Z'ehta Nunh MIA Z'ehta Nunh Z'ehta Yata MIA Z'ehta Yata Z'rhika Tia MIA Z'rhika Tia Aech Midaesh Mercenary Aech Midaesh Alexandria Armstead Mercenary Alexandria Armstead Alric Lionheart Mercenary Alric Lionheart Altair Black Mercenary Altair Black Alysanne Deveroh Mercenary Alysanne Deveroh Azu Cat Mercenary Azu Cat Bababooey Meown Mercenary Bababooey Meown Bushido Black Mercenary Bushido Black C'lantaa Rhowa Mercenary C'lantaa Rhowa Cordia Tormelados Mercenary Cordia Tormelados Dagger Axeblossom Mercenary Dagger Axeblossom Dormarch Echell Mercenary Dormarch Echell Echo Oxton Mercenary Echo Oxton Eldrin Sombraun Mercenary Eldrin Sombraun Ember Crest Mercenary Ember Crest Eren Potat Mercenary Eren Potat Fira Markham Mercenary Fira Markham Gas-blaster Perdidoo Mercenary Gas-blaster Perdidoo J'azih Nah Mercenary J'azih Nah Jeremy Rogers Mercenary Jeremy Rogers Johannes Brahms Mercenary Johannes Brahms Kashi'ra Saiir Mercenary Kashi'ra Saiir Kazymir Veles Mercenary Kazymir Veles Kiki Fren Mercenary Kiki Fren Kricka Grayashe Mercenary Kricka Grayashe Kula Vahlok Mercenary Kula Vahlok Lani Maduin Mercenary Lani Maduin Lars Caem Mercenary Lars Caem Master Rahl Mercenary Master Rahl Momo Perdidoo Mercenary Momo Perdidoo Nanashi Akuma Mercenary Nanashi Akuma Narion Longisland Mercenary Narion Longisland Nelon Amadeus Mercenary Nelon Amadeus Olivia Darrow Mercenary Olivia Darrow Pandorria Aevnass Mercenary Pandorria Aevnass Po Tatto Mercenary Po Tatto Pogar Travers Mercenary Pogar Travers Pokey Man Mercenary Pokey Man Quinne Felicis Mercenary Quinne Felicis Radio Star Mercenary Radio Star Ragnar Grayashe Mercenary Ragnar Grayashe Rathma Sadow Mercenary Rathma Sadow Salish Sea Mercenary Salish Sea Sastrei Durandal Mercenary Sastrei Durandal Scarlett Zeabard Mercenary Scarlett Zeabard Selero Kimashi Mercenary Selero Kimashi Shade Step Mercenary Shade Step Sifrid Grayashe Mercenary Sifrid Grayashe Soren Dragonclaw Mercenary Soren Dragonclaw Spera Orepston Mercenary Spera Orepston Taiyo Poggers Mercenary Taiyo Poggers Tarken Darkhand Mercenary Tarken Darkhand Tera Storms Mercenary Tera Storms Theodas Reycaryn Mercenary Theodas Reycaryn Tony's Pizza Mercenary Tony's Pizza Tsuki Poggers Mercenary Tsuki Poggers Valkenhiem Arkwright Mercenary Valkenhiem Arkwright Valvia Lhea Mercenary Valvia Lhea Vinea Ren Mercenary Vinea Ren Vyncint Khal Mercenary Vyncint Khal Wal Rein Mercenary Wal Rein Wynne Oronir Mercenary Wynne Oronir Xuna Zechad Mercenary Xuna Zechad Zihan Hua Mercenary Zihan Hua