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Midnight Masquerade

Rank 30 Free Company "Midnight Masquerade" was formed on and registered on with ID 9233786610993149103. Last set of interviews conducted on .

Operates on Coeurl, Crystal, leaving tags "Mask" all over the place and increasing glory of Immortal FlamesImmortal Flames. Has a large base named "Midnight Manor" on plot 58 in ward 4 of The Lavender Beds, Gridania, The Black Shroud Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Welcome! Feel free to take advantage of all our facilities, Inside and Out!

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP
Has an open community.

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Current members:

Aino Minako Guild Master Aino Minako Bayan Shirotsuki Shadows Bayan Shirotsuki Thain Durrel Shadows Thain Durrel Afa Umbra Champion Afa Umbra Glimo Shiwaz Champion Glimo Shiwaz Toralin Ofim Champion Toralin Ofim Warren Warlock Champion Warren Warlock Akame Sakura Veteran Akame Sakura Grim Ghast Veteran Grim Ghast Gwyn Ap'lugh Veteran Gwyn Ap'lugh Shiro Kage Veteran Shiro Kage Silas Shirotsuki Veteran Silas Shirotsuki Usagi Shirotsuki Veteran Usagi Shirotsuki Alekos Rustmoon Guild Officer Alekos Rustmoon Anaelle Lightbringer Guild Officer Anaelle Lightbringer Geode Zauberer Guild Officer Geode Zauberer Krova Steel Guild Officer Krova Steel Lucius Tankrsus Guild Officer Lucius Tankrsus Maat Mashuhba Guild Officer Maat Mashuhba Queue Yui Guild Officer Queue Yui Rydia Fey Guild Officer Rydia Fey Sambam Beoulve Guild Officer Sambam Beoulve Sir Castic Guild Officer Sir Castic Tsubaki Tsune Guild Officer Tsubaki Tsune Adis Matton Raider Adis Matton Admira L'acbar Raider Admira L'acbar Aiken Alcott Raider Aiken Alcott Alandera Ri Raider Alandera Ri Beef Stick Raider Beef Stick Cleir Greywoode Raider Cleir Greywoode Dan Tp'tyr Raider Dan Tp'tyr Deaths Demon Raider Deaths Demon Dirty Bird Raider Dirty Bird Giovannia Bao Raider Giovannia Bao Jolero Moon Raider Jolero Moon Katina Nyanbu Raider Katina Nyanbu Leleku Leku Raider Leleku Leku Link Warstorm Raider Link Warstorm Mia Margrave Raider Mia Margrave Mila D'ostra Raider Mila D'ostra Myra Rex Raider Myra Rex Relle Ezron Raider Relle Ezron Sigdrifa Mal Raider Sigdrifa Mal Skeith Drayen Raider Skeith Drayen Space Out Raider Space Out Syrinx Arktemis Raider Syrinx Arktemis Syvel Myass Raider Syvel Myass Tanuki Filo Raider Tanuki Filo Tieria Ankhra Raider Tieria Ankhra Treegram Dabs Raider Treegram Dabs Vordread Bloodmourne Raider Vordread Bloodmourne A'kyl U'ull Out on Mission A'kyl U'ull Aaron Fulke Out on Mission Aaron Fulke Ahiru Gacho Out on Mission Ahiru Gacho Aiolia Leo Out on Mission Aiolia Leo Akaidius Arthion Out on Mission Akaidius Arthion Akeno Amariyo Out on Mission Akeno Amariyo Aldien Matton Out on Mission Aldien Matton Altera Zex Out on Mission Altera Zex Alva Riis Out on Mission Alva Riis Amae Akogare Out on Mission Amae Akogare Amaya Tsukino Out on Mission Amaya Tsukino Andra Vhor Out on Mission Andra Vhor Archanter Id Out on Mission Archanter Id Arthur Fung Out on Mission Arthur Fung Asamui Rennegaan Out on Mission Asamui Rennegaan Atlani Kha Out on Mission Atlani Kha Aymeric D'borel Out on Mission Aymeric D'borel Baatu Mankhad Out on Mission Baatu Mankhad Belincor Bearback Out on Mission Belincor Bearback Black Sky Out on Mission Black Sky Botak Lee Out on Mission Botak Lee Brigitte Desrosiers Out on Mission Brigitte Desrosiers Budjek Himaa Out on Mission Budjek Himaa Bunny Booba Out on Mission Bunny Booba Cadoo Poog Out on Mission Cadoo Poog Calliope Kouris Out on Mission Calliope Kouris Carthus Winkelhausen Out on Mission Carthus Winkelhausen Chaiden Lee Out on Mission Chaiden Lee Chase Victor Out on Mission Chase Victor Co-op Erative Out on Mission Co-op Erative Corroki Lealune Out on Mission Corroki Lealune Cotan Dataq Out on Mission Cotan Dataq Cursed Tea Out on Mission Cursed Tea Dantae Weiss Out on Mission Dantae Weiss Dart Vulpes Out on Mission Dart Vulpes Demin Broker Out on Mission Demin Broker Din Saurasus Out on Mission Din Saurasus Dragon Que Out on Mission Dragon Que Drakkaelus Grimkaiser Out on Mission Drakkaelus Grimkaiser Eatit Rookie Out on Mission Eatit Rookie Edith Puthie Out on Mission Edith Puthie Eira Riis Out on Mission Eira Riis Emistra Ymir Out on Mission Emistra Ymir Enigmis Mars Out on Mission Enigmis Mars Enja Ljanta Out on Mission Enja Ljanta Ensis Arsano Out on Mission Ensis Arsano Eriah Nadurihana Out on Mission Eriah Nadurihana Erick Stormblessed Out on Mission Erick Stormblessed Etoile Aveline Out on Mission Etoile Aveline Fatina Grian Out on Mission Fatina Grian Faye Snow Out on Mission Faye Snow Feisent Vecieu Out on Mission Feisent Vecieu Fiora Baneheart Out on Mission Fiora Baneheart Galgorath Bookbinder Out on Mission Galgorath Bookbinder Geode Neophyll Out on Mission Geode Neophyll Geoffrey Devlark Out on Mission Geoffrey Devlark Ghost Rustler Out on Mission Ghost Rustler Grail Dawson Out on Mission Grail Dawson Grogu Djarin Out on Mission Grogu Djarin Hak'n Slash Out on Mission Hak'n Slash Hakai Ken Out on Mission Hakai Ken Hallow Triton Out on Mission Hallow Triton Hatia Rosewind Out on Mission Hatia Rosewind Hedwig Stonegardt Out on Mission Hedwig Stonegardt Helena Blackburn Out on Mission Helena Blackburn Helpdesk Hero Out on Mission Helpdesk Hero Herth Kahkol Out on Mission Herth Kahkol Holylyte Silvershield Out on Mission Holylyte Silvershield Honda Kun Out on Mission Honda Kun Jellyfish Monster Out on Mission Jellyfish Monster Jonathus Chawkins Out on Mission Jonathus Chawkins Jond Ular Out on Mission Jond Ular Julie Calhoun Out on Mission Julie Calhoun K'halja Sundancer Out on Mission K'halja Sundancer Kaiser Dragonheart Out on Mission Kaiser Dragonheart Kalluto Zoldyck Out on Mission Kalluto Zoldyck Kasora D'rhas Out on Mission Kasora D'rhas Keion Blacrayne Out on Mission Keion Blacrayne Kerusia Telemor Out on Mission Kerusia Telemor Khrimzen Tears Out on Mission Khrimzen Tears Kiana Oka'mahina Out on Mission Kiana Oka'mahina Kirito Schmitt Out on Mission Kirito Schmitt Koyomi Takahashi Out on Mission Koyomi Takahashi Kryptonian Superman Out on Mission Kryptonian Superman Lamija Mimir Out on Mission Lamija Mimir Lauryn Asherhearth Out on Mission Lauryn Asherhearth Lazor Zephyr Out on Mission Lazor Zephyr Leeloo Dallass Out on Mission Leeloo Dallass Lhei Elakha Out on Mission Lhei Elakha Lily Winterbane Out on Mission Lily Winterbane Little Ick Out on Mission Little Ick Lokhem Adalantia Out on Mission Lokhem Adalantia Lorde Lorde Out on Mission Lorde Lorde Lucia Junius Out on Mission Lucia Junius Lyra-rose Grey Out on Mission Lyra-rose Grey Maleficent Danann Out on Mission Maleficent Danann Marle Hawthrone Out on Mission Marle Hawthrone Mc Stud Out on Mission Mc Stud Meka Sheva Out on Mission Meka Sheva Melorian Pointyend Out on Mission Melorian Pointyend Meo'wr Mewdos Out on Mission Meo'wr Mewdos Miki Kanzaki Out on Mission Miki Kanzaki Milo Pathfinder Out on Mission Milo Pathfinder Miro Cassini Out on Mission Miro Cassini Missharleen Quinzel Out on Mission Missharleen Quinzel Moxys Beniko Out on Mission Moxys Beniko Mr Motorsports Out on Mission Mr Motorsports Mr Ragingpaw Out on Mission Mr Ragingpaw Night Vale Out on Mission Night Vale Noise Wolfe Out on Mission Noise Wolfe Nyx Grey Out on Mission Nyx Grey Octavia Rushadi Out on Mission Octavia Rushadi Ogrimal Rai Out on Mission Ogrimal Rai Omega Nutin' Out on Mission Omega Nutin' Onyx Fiarey Out on Mission Onyx Fiarey Osha Lanbatal Out on Mission Osha Lanbatal Osha'li Mi Out on Mission Osha'li Mi Piper Everlost Out on Mission Piper Everlost Projekt Melody Out on Mission Projekt Melody Raji'ir Bogmu Out on Mission Raji'ir Bogmu Reagan Sudato Out on Mission Reagan Sudato Rexina Arana Out on Mission Rexina Arana Reynold Barley Out on Mission Reynold Barley Rig'zhul Wyrmson Out on Mission Rig'zhul Wyrmson Rosa Melgarrote Out on Mission Rosa Melgarrote Roupah Okamisch Out on Mission Roupah Okamisch Rozalin Mathis Out on Mission Rozalin Mathis Ryan Fyrepyro Out on Mission Ryan Fyrepyro Ryosen Kogane Out on Mission Ryosen Kogane S'vreena Zahliana Out on Mission S'vreena Zahliana Saara Brighthart Out on Mission Saara Brighthart Sailia Moongaze Out on Mission Sailia Moongaze Sakura Furuike Out on Mission Sakura Furuike Sanctus Clypeus Out on Mission Sanctus Clypeus Satsuijin Korosu Out on Mission Satsuijin Korosu Savva'li Luviere Out on Mission Savva'li Luviere Seigfried Engeal Out on Mission Seigfried Engeal Shara Hake Out on Mission Shara Hake Shaved Cinderace Out on Mission Shaved Cinderace Shihai Akogare Out on Mission Shihai Akogare Shime Tatewaki Out on Mission Shime Tatewaki Shirouu Emiyaa Out on Mission Shirouu Emiyaa Sly Ocelot Out on Mission Sly Ocelot Snotty Scotty Out on Mission Snotty Scotty Sophiane Knight Out on Mission Sophiane Knight Soya Sauce Out on Mission Soya Sauce Spooky Gato Out on Mission Spooky Gato Starla Lapalm Out on Mission Starla Lapalm Steel Warden Out on Mission Steel Warden Strikerzod Zod Out on Mission Strikerzod Zod Sunny Kawanami Out on Mission Sunny Kawanami Tatsuya Natsuki Out on Mission Tatsuya Natsuki Temur Sagahl Out on Mission Temur Sagahl Theo Tallbody Out on Mission Theo Tallbody Tian Uzumaki Out on Mission Tian Uzumaki Tricks Lave Out on Mission Tricks Lave Vexias Ebonblade Out on Mission Vexias Ebonblade Walker Majere Out on Mission Walker Majere Weirdo Waters Out on Mission Weirdo Waters Willow Dove Out on Mission Willow Dove Xeven Amarya Out on Mission Xeven Amarya Xodis Xintrini Out on Mission Xodis Xintrini Zabath Arnoct Out on Mission Zabath Arnoct Zellin Dark Out on Mission Zellin Dark Zepharos Avagnar Out on Mission Zepharos Avagnar Zevla Brighsoul Out on Mission Zevla Brighsoul Zzacky Voltaire Out on Mission Zzacky Voltaire Adara Moon Acolyte Adara Moon Aeberos Khafra Acolyte Aeberos Khafra Aelan Vulcanos Acolyte Aelan Vulcanos Aelitha Vygrid Acolyte Aelitha Vygrid Akira Yumigata Acolyte Akira Yumigata Alice Morningstar Acolyte Alice Morningstar Almae Valente Acolyte Almae Valente Aozaki Vermillion Acolyte Aozaki Vermillion April Fool Acolyte April Fool Araella Evrardoux Acolyte Araella Evrardoux Arc Strifeheart Acolyte Arc Strifeheart Arik Khatagi Acolyte Arik Khatagi Aurum Vale Acolyte Aurum Vale Axel Rammeys Acolyte Axel Rammeys Azi Jechten Acolyte Azi Jechten Azrael Blade Acolyte Azrael Blade Bach Ossuma Acolyte Bach Ossuma Baidun Adarkim Acolyte Baidun Adarkim Bara Tsukino Acolyte Bara Tsukino Baroness Aurora Acolyte Baroness Aurora Blue Bolt Acolyte Blue Bolt Blue Thirteen Acolyte Blue Thirteen Blurrina La'blurred Acolyte Blurrina La'blurred Bolorgerel Malaguld Acolyte Bolorgerel Malaguld Borra Chosi Acolyte Borra Chosi Bosco Sourdough Acolyte Bosco Sourdough Caileigh Melodia Acolyte Caileigh Melodia Camnus Forester Acolyte Camnus Forester Celendia Wildflower Acolyte Celendia Wildflower Celica Melodia Acolyte Celica Melodia Cellori Heilstrom Acolyte Cellori Heilstrom Chuu Toro Acolyte Chuu Toro Cleo Lemeow Acolyte Cleo Lemeow Cornnia Ukon Acolyte Cornnia Ukon Coyote Bee Acolyte Coyote Bee Cumaea Delphyne Acolyte Cumaea Delphyne Daemius Shadowstar Acolyte Daemius Shadowstar Dargarion Drakkonis Acolyte Dargarion Drakkonis Darkest Everlight Acolyte Darkest Everlight Daryoon Anairo Acolyte Daryoon Anairo Diamo King Acolyte Diamo King E'datih Ahmenae Acolyte E'datih Ahmenae Edan Gallowglass Acolyte Edan Gallowglass El Ard Acolyte El Ard Ello Dere Acolyte Ello Dere Elvira Corbeau Acolyte Elvira Corbeau Enlightened Dunce Acolyte Enlightened Dunce Eymdee Hychyns Acolyte Eymdee Hychyns Faeleine Caracal Acolyte Faeleine Caracal Fantasia Spellsong Acolyte Fantasia Spellsong Febornia Lockheart Acolyte Febornia Lockheart Fiio Dejarfel Acolyte Fiio Dejarfel Fluffy Ilex Acolyte Fluffy Ilex Freya Voss Acolyte Freya Voss Fuza Fufuza Acolyte Fuza Fufuza Gothredir Bustersson Acolyte Gothredir Bustersson Gulkri Embral Acolyte Gulkri Embral Gutter Chriist Acolyte Gutter Chriist Hayl Braund Acolyte Hayl Braund Hegelina Grensdotir Acolyte Hegelina Grensdotir Helios Shirotsuki Acolyte Helios Shirotsuki Holy Fire Acolyte Holy Fire Hybras Achlys Acolyte Hybras Achlys Iforce Zed Acolyte Iforce Zed Igis Lycainthe Acolyte Igis Lycainthe Inochi Akagi Acolyte Inochi Akagi Izley Shiro Acolyte Izley Shiro J'khai Vett Acolyte J'khai Vett Jaebee Kamae Acolyte Jaebee Kamae Jasprus Iolite Acolyte Jasprus Iolite Jat Ku Acolyte Jat Ku Jesuz Senpai Acolyte Jesuz Senpai Jtwo Tin Acolyte Jtwo Tin Juinto Mobs Acolyte Juinto Mobs Jules Binbotaj Acolyte Jules Binbotaj Julius Rhodes Acolyte Julius Rhodes Juub Saibot Acolyte Juub Saibot Kain'em Nier'ental Acolyte Kain'em Nier'ental Kaitan Jihiren Acolyte Kaitan Jihiren Kaito Yagekura Acolyte Kaito Yagekura Karune Suzume Acolyte Karune Suzume Kasumi Dynara Acolyte Kasumi Dynara Kekili Kamae Acolyte Kekili Kamae Khael Nymeraen Acolyte Khael Nymeraen Khaos Kazuka Acolyte Khaos Kazuka Kireina Hakuto Acolyte Kireina Hakuto Kitkat Barr Acolyte Kitkat Barr Kiyoshi Shimada Acolyte Kiyoshi Shimada Kizna Towryk Acolyte Kizna Towryk Le'ona Toozle Acolyte Le'ona Toozle Leinhart Greywolf Acolyte Leinhart Greywolf Letalis Vernize Acolyte Letalis Vernize Lone Wolff Acolyte Lone Wolff Lord Annihilator Acolyte Lord Annihilator Louie Kablooey Acolyte Louie Kablooey Lunafreya Corvina Acolyte Lunafreya Corvina Lysindia Nightsong Acolyte Lysindia Nightsong Lyste Seraph Acolyte Lyste Seraph M'inh Teeh Acolyte M'inh Teeh M'kay Aveena Acolyte M'kay Aveena Mage Luke Acolyte Mage Luke Mai Waifu Acolyte Mai Waifu Majikku Chan Acolyte Majikku Chan Malgerus Atalante Acolyte Malgerus Atalante Maqali Korunin Acolyte Maqali Korunin Marcanum Aldargard Acolyte Marcanum Aldargard Matthias Caligan Acolyte Matthias Caligan Maximus Ragefaust Acolyte Maximus Ragefaust Mayrok Belvoir Acolyte Mayrok Belvoir Mechenoi Avicus Acolyte Mechenoi Avicus Mel Karn Acolyte Mel Karn Meliodas Sinofwrath Acolyte Meliodas Sinofwrath Miala Aeaka Acolyte Miala Aeaka Miguel Althor Acolyte Miguel Althor Mincey Alexander Acolyte Mincey Alexander Mirologium Dynara Acolyte Mirologium Dynara Mistress Sparkls Acolyte Mistress Sparkls Mithras Stouthammer Acolyte Mithras Stouthammer Moclinth Horne Acolyte Moclinth Horne Moki Sable Acolyte Moki Sable Mon Kee Acolyte Mon Kee Morgan Whitebeard Acolyte Morgan Whitebeard Mycroft Holmes Acolyte Mycroft Holmes Mystii Miyami Acolyte Mystii Miyami Natsume Tachikake Acolyte Natsume Tachikake Nawo Jawo Acolyte Nawo Jawo Nenaisu Stormborn Acolyte Nenaisu Stormborn Noam Farland Acolyte Noam Farland Nobiwan Ranmana Acolyte Nobiwan Ranmana Nora Grettz Acolyte Nora Grettz Organic Egg Acolyte Organic Egg Ori Gloom Acolyte Ori Gloom Parloma Pompelo Acolyte Parloma Pompelo Pawn Zz Acolyte Pawn Zz Pendelton Middlewater Acolyte Pendelton Middlewater Pond Inthevalley Acolyte Pond Inthevalley Puerto Rizzle Acolyte Puerto Rizzle Putimir Asvana Acolyte Putimir Asvana Raam Malakai Acolyte Raam Malakai Rankoa Jo'annette Acolyte Rankoa Jo'annette Raye Aeolian Acolyte Raye Aeolian Ren Daiki Acolyte Ren Daiki Reverand Drayen Acolyte Reverand Drayen Rezel'a Zorhona Acolyte Rezel'a Zorhona Rhoa Reza Acolyte Rhoa Reza Ritzu Yuzuka Acolyte Ritzu Yuzuka Rob Banx Acolyte Rob Banx Sabelle Leha Acolyte Sabelle Leha Sapphi Sylph Acolyte Sapphi Sylph Sebastian Wolfe Acolyte Sebastian Wolfe Sels Ryujin Acolyte Sels Ryujin Sen Vermillion Acolyte Sen Vermillion Serafina Callisto Acolyte Serafina Callisto Shinto Yumishi Acolyte Shinto Yumishi Shuyin Toyotomi Acolyte Shuyin Toyotomi Siindj Alspeth Acolyte Siindj Alspeth Silena Fhey Acolyte Silena Fhey Singrahn Hel'vede Acolyte Singrahn Hel'vede Sinvera Erevaclas Acolyte Sinvera Erevaclas Sofia Mirage Acolyte Sofia Mirage Sogni Melodia Acolyte Sogni Melodia Som'a Anasuya Acolyte Som'a Anasuya Star Buxx Acolyte Star Buxx Stifler's Mom Acolyte Stifler's Mom Sukidachu Tenko Acolyte Sukidachu Tenko Sylvar Elfy Acolyte Sylvar Elfy Taiga Taya Acolyte Taiga Taya Talaya Lightpaw Acolyte Talaya Lightpaw Tevela Rhid Acolyte Tevela Rhid Thatguythatcan Ttv Acolyte Thatguythatcan Ttv Tid Bitsy Acolyte Tid Bitsy Tira Ratch Acolyte Tira Ratch Toma Hashiba Acolyte Toma Hashiba Tord Arkwright Acolyte Tord Arkwright Tormier Onam Acolyte Tormier Onam Torvi Aarghaumont Acolyte Torvi Aarghaumont Trash Boat Acolyte Trash Boat Valkur Ragna Acolyte Valkur Ragna Vamplilly Rosay Acolyte Vamplilly Rosay Vaneruss Friszon Acolyte Vaneruss Friszon Veillin Frugen Acolyte Veillin Frugen Vesmir Allinson Acolyte Vesmir Allinson Vijih Thefeyo Acolyte Vijih Thefeyo Warhol Jordyson Acolyte Warhol Jordyson Wolfxing Sheesh Acolyte Wolfxing Sheesh Xerina Ocran Acolyte Xerina Ocran Xeven Eldgrim Acolyte Xeven Eldgrim Yatta Cujoh Acolyte Yatta Cujoh Yoriichi Tsugikuni Acolyte Yoriichi Tsugikuni Zaelis Nora Acolyte Zaelis Nora Zansei Bugai Acolyte Zansei Bugai Zara Jaza Acolyte Zara Jaza Zarkir Mezner Acolyte Zarkir Mezner Zarya Bosco Acolyte Zarya Bosco Zas Talul Acolyte Zas Talul Zepherax Mr Acolyte Zepherax Mr Zero Kazuka Acolyte Zero Kazuka Zhengyi Garandorn Acolyte Zhengyi Garandorn Zubzub Liliraka Acolyte Zubzub Liliraka Zurra Ash'korar Acolyte Zurra Ash'korar