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Crystal Cosmos

Rank 30 Free Company "Crystal Cosmos" was formed on and registered on with ID 9234349560946534893. Last set of interviews conducted on .

Operates on Behemoth, Primal, leaving tags "PRISM" all over the place and increasing glory of Immortal FlamesImmortal Flames. Has a large base named "Crystal Cosmos" on plot 5 in ward 14 of Mist, Limsa Lominsa, Vylbrand Show on map.

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP
Has an open community.

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Had also been known under 4 other names:

  • Blood_Oath
  • Domus Crystallus
  • Heroic Spirit
  • Shadows Fall

Current members:

Monochrome Saint Cosmic King Monochrome Saint View Mamura Knight-Captain View Mamura Yamamura Orika Knight-Captain Yamamura Orika Angel Azazel Vice-Commander Angel Azazel Saint Seros Vice-Commander Saint Seros Tristran Thorne Vice-Commander Tristran Thorne Ayona Wildrose Crystal Knight Ayona Wildrose Janesca Frostborn Crystal Knight Janesca Frostborn Noloe Travin Crystal Knight Noloe Travin Spark Luminaux Crystal Knight Spark Luminaux Atlee Lestrange Crystal Council Atlee Lestrange Luca Shinnova Crystal Council Luca Shinnova Olivie Dubois Crystal Council Olivie Dubois Remik Razalos Crystal Council Remik Razalos Ric Hope Crystal Council Ric Hope Edna Ojousama Marshall Edna Ojousama Idio Maggius Marshall Idio Maggius Kysheria Veil'sheathe Marshall Kysheria Veil'sheathe Solus Helios Marshall Solus Helios Yukina Dawnstar Marshall Yukina Dawnstar Zuzujoni Moshantu Marshall Zuzujoni Moshantu Ahri Phoenix AWoL Ahri Phoenix Aisha Kazon AWoL Aisha Kazon Alessi Dracht AWoL Alessi Dracht Falstaff Umbros AWoL Falstaff Umbros Fera'si Haslanti AWoL Fera'si Haslanti Gritty Nutlla AWoL Gritty Nutlla Iam Eyeam AWoL Iam Eyeam Kaya Vani'r AWoL Kaya Vani'r Kaymoth Stevasch AWoL Kaymoth Stevasch Mos Bronson AWoL Mos Bronson Vilith Tsurugi AWoL Vilith Tsurugi Arcangelo Wallace Lord's Ward Arcangelo Wallace Crimson Lynx Lord's Ward Crimson Lynx Domino Featherpaw Lord's Ward Domino Featherpaw Galatea Yggdrill Lord's Ward Galatea Yggdrill Loveless Tia Lord's Ward Loveless Tia Monochrome Angel Lord's Ward Monochrome Angel Noir Raven Lord's Ward Noir Raven Risa Thylianne Lord's Ward Risa Thylianne Sebastian Michaeliz Lord's Ward Sebastian Michaeliz Violet Sumire Lord's Ward Violet Sumire Yukio Okumura Lord's Ward Yukio Okumura Zuzutha Umbasa Lord's Ward Zuzutha Umbasa Alastrionia Rahz Squire Alastrionia Rahz Altheria Harlocke Squire Altheria Harlocke Athiel Yshvai Squire Athiel Yshvai Axelle Vesta Squire Axelle Vesta Azndrag Gartran Squire Azndrag Gartran Cassien Kage Squire Cassien Kage Chin Gona Squire Chin Gona Cici Lostgirl Squire Cici Lostgirl Doomsday Seventh Squire Doomsday Seventh Eire Box Squire Eire Box Elvahazel Blue Squire Elvahazel Blue Fergus Ceobhran Squire Fergus Ceobhran Giphy Loobe Squire Giphy Loobe Illindra Warsong Squire Illindra Warsong Jabberwackie Thorne Squire Jabberwackie Thorne Kahinorg Belorg Squire Kahinorg Belorg Kelyna Ashdale Squire Kelyna Ashdale Killa Frost Squire Killa Frost Locke Magus Squire Locke Magus M'arkhi Tia Squire M'arkhi Tia Maldito Dosveces Squire Maldito Dosveces Masamune Okazaki Squire Masamune Okazaki Meddfrey Farrow Squire Meddfrey Farrow Nexed Primal'egg Squire Nexed Primal'egg Nocthalia Starcaller Squire Nocthalia Starcaller Perseus Leonas Squire Perseus Leonas Pina Koilada Squire Pina Koilada Roric The'hun Squire Roric The'hun Silvaire Frageil Squire Silvaire Frageil Sinon Foxglove Squire Sinon Foxglove Tanzith Akiudo Squire Tanzith Akiudo Telrah Solsren Squire Telrah Solsren Tenshi Shinigami Squire Tenshi Shinigami Violet Frostborn Squire Violet Frostborn X'karr Nywph Squire X'karr Nywph Xithtor Svaltus Squire Xithtor Svaltus Alisia Ailmede Sergeant Alisia Ailmede Athena Nyuosity Sergeant Athena Nyuosity Atra Caelum Sergeant Atra Caelum Baki Saix Sergeant Baki Saix Beks Ba Sergeant Beks Ba Brodo Swagginz Sergeant Brodo Swagginz Chaya K- Sergeant Chaya K- Delphilia Dinhe Sergeant Delphilia Dinhe Dobar Kominicus Sergeant Dobar Kominicus Dragonian Xander Sergeant Dragonian Xander Draithorn Grandorn Sergeant Draithorn Grandorn Elwyn Ray Sergeant Elwyn Ray Erik Greaves Sergeant Erik Greaves Espeon Princess Sergeant Espeon Princess Felix Medicus Sergeant Felix Medicus Fur Elixe Sergeant Fur Elixe Garruk Vessalius Sergeant Garruk Vessalius Gjaime Brightroar Sergeant Gjaime Brightroar Haqua Herminium Sergeant Haqua Herminium Hypnos Somnus Sergeant Hypnos Somnus Hyuga Ricdeau Sergeant Hyuga Ricdeau Jelly Doughnutz Sergeant Jelly Doughnutz Kai Ting Sergeant Kai Ting Kalypidii Isshu Sergeant Kalypidii Isshu Kano Khan Sergeant Kano Khan Kitora Hiro Sergeant Kitora Hiro Kitsune Rhowa Sergeant Kitsune Rhowa Kohsa Tokari Sergeant Kohsa Tokari Krugs Sr Sergeant Krugs Sr Leo Sage Sergeant Leo Sage Lukhard Srey Sergeant Lukhard Srey Morning Bacon Sergeant Morning Bacon Mr Scratch Sergeant Mr Scratch Paraif Nor Sergeant Paraif Nor Prettz Zell Sergeant Prettz Zell Prezident Camacho Sergeant Prezident Camacho Purrl Anderson Sergeant Purrl Anderson Rani Ilim Sergeant Rani Ilim Raunwyn Walker Sergeant Raunwyn Walker Reggie Longstaff Sergeant Reggie Longstaff Rhesha Relana Sergeant Rhesha Relana Rukia Branford Sergeant Rukia Branford Selene Selas Sergeant Selene Selas Shadowstarr Theron Sergeant Shadowstarr Theron Sister Pineapple Sergeant Sister Pineapple Sophia Daystrider Sergeant Sophia Daystrider Star Blaiz Sergeant Star Blaiz Talia Richard Sergeant Talia Richard Tera Uchiha Sergeant Tera Uchiha Tydin Laxamus Sergeant Tydin Laxamus Urban Rage Sergeant Urban Rage Valis Ahso Sergeant Valis Ahso Volka Becke Sergeant Volka Becke Werekigudragomo Were Sergeant Werekigudragomo Were Ya'nalo Tia Sergeant Ya'nalo Tia Yasu Zephyr Sergeant Yasu Zephyr Yurle Naralar Sergeant Yurle Naralar Zaide Rodgers Sergeant Zaide Rodgers Zaresa Wehena Sergeant Zaresa Wehena Zen Etheria Sergeant Zen Etheria A'iry O'tter Page A'iry O'tter Aeron Targaryen Page Aeron Targaryen Agami Shimada Page Agami Shimada Aigis Ryunosuke Page Aigis Ryunosuke Alexi Melaine Page Alexi Melaine Alox Kanshi Page Alox Kanshi Amelia Bontens Page Amelia Bontens Amimiya Inazuma Page Amimiya Inazuma Anam Nesis Page Anam Nesis Andoros Pengo Page Andoros Pengo Aria Vargentta Page Aria Vargentta Big Smallz Page Big Smallz Cephona Boskon Page Cephona Boskon Cipher Frostfire Page Cipher Frostfire Colin Forsecs Page Colin Forsecs Cyndari Jewell Page Cyndari Jewell Daniel Tranic Page Daniel Tranic Danny Kamado Page Danny Kamado Daysha Skye Page Daysha Skye Easee Peasee Page Easee Peasee Eikko Y'ar Page Eikko Y'ar Elfledeh Walker Page Elfledeh Walker Eltoxico Tanque Page Eltoxico Tanque Excelsior Prime Page Excelsior Prime Freyja Vargr Page Freyja Vargr Goro Fujita Page Goro Fujita Grace Nomura Page Grace Nomura Gunnar Rhane Page Gunnar Rhane I'dhinek Jinh Page I'dhinek Jinh Iksu Hrothgar Page Iksu Hrothgar Ingrge Tia Page Ingrge Tia Iscaria Oronir Page Iscaria Oronir Jack Shadowbringer Page Jack Shadowbringer Janaru Mcmahon Page Janaru Mcmahon Jansen Friedhh Page Jansen Friedhh Jaqil Krae Page Jaqil Krae Jun'yi Luohsu Page Jun'yi Luohsu Juzi Rhurizu Page Juzi Rhurizu K'ayah Lidrel Page K'ayah Lidrel Kagura Scarlett Page Kagura Scarlett Kitty Lapurr Page Kitty Lapurr Knox Tremora Page Knox Tremora L'roy Jenkins Page L'roy Jenkins Le Toy Page Le Toy Leyi Naxle Page Leyi Naxle Loluka Luka Page Loluka Luka Meretrix Asina Page Meretrix Asina Miku Hatsune Page Miku Hatsune Moira Discordia Page Moira Discordia Neyronn Enfys Page Neyronn Enfys Panam Palmera Page Panam Palmera Panties Briefs Page Panties Briefs Prism Pantaz Page Prism Pantaz Raven Dreadwing Page Raven Dreadwing Razumnik Atessa Page Razumnik Atessa Rhaylee Vega Page Rhaylee Vega Riatsu Stormfell Page Riatsu Stormfell Scotty Famous Page Scotty Famous Seattle Kid Page Seattle Kid Seriph Rithal Page Seriph Rithal Shallan Devarr Page Shallan Devarr Skadi Polarfrost Page Skadi Polarfrost Skyler Owlsong Page Skyler Owlsong Soroci Heliski Page Soroci Heliski Starimus Novaria Page Starimus Novaria Starling Fo'xia Page Starling Fo'xia Sui Kaneuchi Page Sui Kaneuchi The Fonz Page The Fonz Turakina Adarkim Page Turakina Adarkim Valorian Vaspinne Page Valorian Vaspinne Variya Windsong Page Variya Windsong Veritas Aequitas Page Veritas Aequitas Vin Fanadil Page Vin Fanadil Volt Strike Page Volt Strike Wargussia Sama Page Wargussia Sama Whim Wham Page Whim Wham Whisfar Knap Page Whisfar Knap Wren Vallmia Page Wren Vallmia Wulf Sage Page Wulf Sage Wymar Rakes Page Wymar Rakes Xylertos Ejinn Page Xylertos Ejinn Yagrush Dire Page Yagrush Dire Yomir Sha Page Yomir Sha Zerotwo Nineiota Page Zerotwo Nineiota Abbadon Kall Recruit Abbadon Kall Acrimonious Axe Recruit Acrimonious Axe Adria Valanu Recruit Adria Valanu Aelyss Roulemet Recruit Aelyss Roulemet Ahri Elderwood Recruit Ahri Elderwood Aikori Himaa Recruit Aikori Himaa Ain Clow Recruit Ain Clow Albus Krueger Recruit Albus Krueger Alerea Vreal Recruit Alerea Vreal Alessandra Altcastle Recruit Alessandra Altcastle Alexis Sunrider Recruit Alexis Sunrider Algernon Drace Recruit Algernon Drace Alice Booker Recruit Alice Booker Allessia Elrie Recruit Allessia Elrie Allira Windrunner Recruit Allira Windrunner Alorauna Denil Recruit Alorauna Denil Amasandji Dhoro Recruit Amasandji Dhoro Anaphylactic Shock Recruit Anaphylactic Shock Ansen Boo Recruit Ansen Boo Apollo Azuma Recruit Apollo Azuma Aralia Uldah Recruit Aralia Uldah Ares Demos Recruit Ares Demos Ares Keres Recruit Ares Keres Arianne Porter Recruit Arianne Porter Ascella Asina Recruit Ascella Asina Asgrim Magnus Recruit Asgrim Magnus Ash Lynx Recruit Ash Lynx Ashe Kenneret Recruit Ashe Kenneret Asio Mirage Recruit Asio Mirage Asuna Wendy Recruit Asuna Wendy Aszrel Vestin Recruit Aszrel Vestin Ayriia Sunwalker Recruit Ayriia Sunwalker Bad Sandy Recruit Bad Sandy Banj Factor Recruit Banj Factor Bean Shaq Recruit Bean Shaq Beau Sawky Recruit Beau Sawky Bilbo Biltong Recruit Bilbo Biltong Bow Jawbs Recruit Bow Jawbs Boxie Lionheart Recruit Boxie Lionheart Briar Brambleberry Recruit Briar Brambleberry Bryn Wuntwilf Recruit Bryn Wuntwilf Bug Boy Recruit Bug Boy Buyron Mol Recruit Buyron Mol Cetus Aphelion Recruit Cetus Aphelion Chacha Tumet Recruit Chacha Tumet Chibi Hibi Recruit Chibi Hibi Cordelia Andromeda Recruit Cordelia Andromeda Custom Qt Recruit Custom Qt Cylenia Dominacia Recruit Cylenia Dominacia Cyrus Macrander Recruit Cyrus Macrander Daehan Mingukmanse Recruit Daehan Mingukmanse Daisy Doodles Recruit Daisy Doodles Daisy Lasermaster Recruit Daisy Lasermaster Darkneku Nekusakuraba Recruit Darkneku Nekusakuraba Deadly Stilettos Recruit Deadly Stilettos Del Aguilares Recruit Del Aguilares Demetyr Valentine Recruit Demetyr Valentine Den Zen Recruit Den Zen Doct Tia Recruit Doct Tia Donovan Leroy Recruit Donovan Leroy Drall Mu Recruit Drall Mu Drizzt Dough'urden Recruit Drizzt Dough'urden Drogon Viserion Recruit Drogon Viserion Drogyn Vortus Recruit Drogyn Vortus Drunkin Taco Recruit Drunkin Taco Dusk Wrath Recruit Dusk Wrath Dusty Jax Recruit Dusty Jax Dydios Esoteric Recruit Dydios Esoteric Dylan Aubuchon Recruit Dylan Aubuchon Echo Calling Recruit Echo Calling Ed Sephirr Recruit Ed Sephirr Eggatha Benadict Recruit Eggatha Benadict Elysian Mercer Recruit Elysian Mercer Erlin Rhys Recruit Erlin Rhys Estele Bright Recruit Estele Bright Eva Shandor Recruit Eva Shandor Ezreal Stormbreaker Recruit Ezreal Stormbreaker Fancy Bread Recruit Fancy Bread Faramir Joyce Recruit Faramir Joyce Faylu Hayase Recruit Faylu Hayase Faz Fazoi Recruit Faz Fazoi Felix Richard Recruit Felix Richard Fern Plantina Recruit Fern Plantina Fgc Leo Recruit Fgc Leo Flux Quake Recruit Flux Quake Fou Luke Recruit Fou Luke Frosted Mugg Recruit Frosted Mugg Gaindalten Nolan Recruit Gaindalten Nolan Ganondorf Dragsmire Recruit Ganondorf Dragsmire Gaoury Firakey Recruit Gaoury Firakey Gatto Negro Recruit Gatto Negro Gough Greatbow Recruit Gough Greatbow Grendel Khan Recruit Grendel Khan Grestey Vaweo Recruit Grestey Vaweo Hanekawa Kett Recruit Hanekawa Kett Henry Mccoy Recruit Henry Mccoy Hera Weiss Recruit Hera Weiss Higz Fury Recruit Higz Fury Hochkis Tempest Recruit Hochkis Tempest Hullenheingh Croxus Recruit Hullenheingh Croxus Hydraean Empyrean Recruit Hydraean Empyrean Iameffeff Chow Recruit Iameffeff Chow Ibraum Gaunt Recruit Ibraum Gaunt Ibuki Iceheart Recruit Ibuki Iceheart Imperio Otomano Recruit Imperio Otomano Iris Godreaper Recruit Iris Godreaper J'inwa Noctes Recruit J'inwa Noctes Jack Ryan Recruit Jack Ryan Jateri Theodomor Recruit Jateri Theodomor Jay Hanos Recruit Jay Hanos Jett White Recruit Jett White Jimmy Jimmerson Recruit Jimmy Jimmerson Joe Fixit Recruit Joe Fixit Johny Flash Recruit Johny Flash Joji Midori Recruit Joji Midori Joseph Wright Recruit Joseph Wright Joulas Lorell Recruit Joulas Lorell Kainm Namish Recruit Kainm Namish Kalek Canaan Recruit Kalek Canaan Kankara Sarauniya Recruit Kankara Sarauniya Kanra Nakura Recruit Kanra Nakura Kasuke Uzaka Recruit Kasuke Uzaka Katsienna Rosenthal Recruit Katsienna Rosenthal Kazumune Haragin Recruit Kazumune Haragin Keitha Funnie Recruit Keitha Funnie Keleios Blackthorn Recruit Keleios Blackthorn Khona'li Kata Recruit Khona'li Kata Kiirik Sadler Recruit Kiirik Sadler Killin Ho's Recruit Killin Ho's Kimiko Tori Recruit Kimiko Tori Kina Uzaka Recruit Kina Uzaka King Paimon Recruit King Paimon King Scrotim Recruit King Scrotim Kip Tindlefig Recruit Kip Tindlefig Kitani Kusi Recruit Kitani Kusi Krey Aerlson Recruit Krey Aerlson Krios Area Recruit Krios Area Krix Aliz Recruit Krix Aliz Kuill Aevi Recruit Kuill Aevi Kuroi Pit Recruit Kuroi Pit Kynigos Vetrnik Recruit Kynigos Vetrnik Ladonia Snow Recruit Ladonia Snow Leo Astsw Recruit Leo Astsw Leona Vingativa Recruit Leona Vingativa Libertus Arkwright Recruit Libertus Arkwright Lionheart Kingx Recruit Lionheart Kingx Livin Summer Recruit Livin Summer Loki Bro Recruit Loki Bro Lorilae Yaxin Recruit Lorilae Yaxin Lost Starling Recruit Lost Starling Lucifer Satan Recruit Lucifer Satan Luo Midhae Recruit Luo Midhae Lyana Gray Recruit Lyana Gray M'ich Ael Recruit M'ich Ael Magus Darkmoss Recruit Magus Darkmoss Magyn Stormrage Recruit Magyn Stormrage Malefos Denecros Recruit Malefos Denecros Maple Wood Recruit Maple Wood Marle Guardia Recruit Marle Guardia Matimus Meridius Recruit Matimus Meridius Max Matlix Recruit Max Matlix May Caehardd Recruit May Caehardd Metadrone Hothgar Recruit Metadrone Hothgar Mia Lads Recruit Mia Lads Minique Dox Recruit Minique Dox Miss Lala Recruit Miss Lala Moldy Lnchbox Recruit Moldy Lnchbox Morica Rin Recruit Morica Rin Newo Blask Recruit Newo Blask Nicomedes Jolehox Recruit Nicomedes Jolehox Oldaric Sarmantoix Recruit Oldaric Sarmantoix Olivens Dragonheart Recruit Olivens Dragonheart Ophilia Linel Recruit Ophilia Linel Ositha Mercer Recruit Ositha Mercer Othea Ko Recruit Othea Ko Phoenix Zariah Recruit Phoenix Zariah Plexus Focus Recruit Plexus Focus Prim Belisha Recruit Prim Belisha Raele Ross Recruit Raele Ross Raftlizia Yummi Recruit Raftlizia Yummi Ragnar Ogolakanu Recruit Ragnar Ogolakanu Raiden Raiden Recruit Raiden Raiden Rawring Bunni Recruit Rawring Bunni Ray Ridges Recruit Ray Ridges Raze Theland Recruit Raze Theland Redrix Pendragon Recruit Redrix Pendragon Rider Chase Recruit Rider Chase Rinneta Theefl Recruit Rinneta Theefl Rinoa Heartlilly Recruit Rinoa Heartlilly Rydogg Theunforgivin Recruit Rydogg Theunforgivin Rysh Syle Recruit Rysh Syle Ryuzu Ougi Recruit Ryuzu Ougi Saint Nasty Recruit Saint Nasty Salia Tamia Recruit Salia Tamia Sameen Shaw Recruit Sameen Shaw Saraliesse Allore Recruit Saraliesse Allore Satori Zoom Recruit Satori Zoom Saucy King Recruit Saucy King Scruh Byn Recruit Scruh Byn Sephiren Tyr Recruit Sephiren Tyr Sevin Chromeheart Recruit Sevin Chromeheart Seymour Butt Recruit Seymour Butt Sgt Chill Recruit Sgt Chill Shae Visna Recruit Shae Visna Shantum Leclar Recruit Shantum Leclar Shanvex Damon Recruit Shanvex Damon Shar Malqir Recruit Shar Malqir Shinfel Blightsworn Recruit Shinfel Blightsworn Shirou Kamado Recruit Shirou Kamado Shoto Furukane Recruit Shoto Furukane Shushumashu Dedemashu Recruit Shushumashu Dedemashu Sigurd Carver Recruit Sigurd Carver Silene Grae Recruit Silene Grae Silver Catz Recruit Silver Catz Slick Wolfe Recruit Slick Wolfe Space Noodle Recruit Space Noodle Stabby Boi Recruit Stabby Boi Storm Uwu Recruit Storm Uwu Suh Dude Recruit Suh Dude Sus Susarrow Recruit Sus Susarrow Syera Storm Recruit Syera Storm T'idhara Ketta Recruit T'idhara Ketta Tamryn Nor Recruit Tamryn Nor Tanovah Qt Recruit Tanovah Qt Tempest Strife Recruit Tempest Strife Tethe Falme Recruit Tethe Falme Tina Marie Recruit Tina Marie Tinker Bellzzzzzz Recruit Tinker Bellzzzzzz Tobias Stormweaver Recruit Tobias Stormweaver Toki Kazuki Recruit Toki Kazuki Trizz Nathaniel Recruit Trizz Nathaniel Tsagaday Kagon Recruit Tsagaday Kagon Uhtred Ragnarson Recruit Uhtred Ragnarson Ukla Mokk Recruit Ukla Mokk Um Bruh Recruit Um Bruh Ups Jones Recruit Ups Jones Vahn Cypher Recruit Vahn Cypher Ventus Ansem Recruit Ventus Ansem Vergil Phan Recruit Vergil Phan Victoria Chadman Recruit Victoria Chadman Violette Lapine Recruit Violette Lapine Vye Brator Recruit Vye Brator Weerea Songscream Recruit Weerea Songscream Wutachi Ill Recruit Wutachi Ill Yarz T'ku Recruit Yarz T'ku Yasohn Hufahluf Recruit Yasohn Hufahluf Yeetus Mccletus Recruit Yeetus Mccletus Yue Taiyang Recruit Yue Taiyang Zampano Vagmund Recruit Zampano Vagmund Zansetsu Gakunin Recruit Zansetsu Gakunin Zath Ronas Recruit Zath Ronas Zektus Tenebris Recruit Zektus Tenebris Zero' Two' Recruit Zero' Two' Zhejaia Kosoku Recruit Zhejaia Kosoku Zodiac Dragolino Recruit Zodiac Dragolino