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Good Vibrations

Rank 30 Free Company "Good Vibrations" was formed on and registered on with ID 9234771773411686385. Last set of interviews conducted on .

Operates on Goblin, Crystal, leaving tags "Vibes" all over the place and increasing glory of Order of the Twin AdderOrder of the Twin Adder. Has a small base named "Neverland" on plot 20 in ward 7 of Shirogane, Kugane, Hingashi Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

No Hooks allowed! (September 19th excepted, of course)

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • HardcoreHardcore
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials
  • RaidsRaids
  • PvPPvP

Is recruiting:

  • TankTank
  • HealerHealer
  • CrafterCrafter
  • GathererGatherer

Had also been known under 1 other name:

  • Neverland

Current members:

Btroy Dragon Btroy Dragon Nox Midnight Nox Midnight Redfox Bladefury Redfox Bladefury One Smile Papa One Smile Galaxio Nehelen Time Out Galaxio Nehelen Gunther Hale Time Out Gunther Hale Nova Iceborn Time Out Nova Iceborn Rehto Seifya Time Out Rehto Seifya Vollarus Selune Time Out Vollarus Selune Adrian Dawnbreaker Officers Adrian Dawnbreaker Bancho Delinq Officers Bancho Delinq Devon Kyojuro Officers Devon Kyojuro Eonwulf Amaterasu Officers Eonwulf Amaterasu Izzy Silverflame Officers Izzy Silverflame Nox Argentum Officers Nox Argentum Satora Malli Officers Satora Malli Shasharo Sharo Officers Shasharo Sharo Shy Kyojuro Officers Shy Kyojuro Xendia Anasazi Officers Xendia Anasazi Zuzu Titan Officers Zuzu Titan A'gim Tia Privates A'gim Tia Aaron Arceneaux Privates Aaron Arceneaux Abyssal Princess Privates Abyssal Princess Aegon Gafgalron Privates Aegon Gafgalron Ai Dawnbringer Privates Ai Dawnbringer Ailis Phoenix Privates Ailis Phoenix Akaira Shadowbunny Privates Akaira Shadowbunny Akoko Ako Privates Akoko Ako Alainna Lightingstorm Privates Alainna Lightingstorm Alakazeim Hopebringer Privates Alakazeim Hopebringer Alanna Acesulfame Privates Alanna Acesulfame Alcimus Heartscale Privates Alcimus Heartscale Aleister Evergarden Privates Aleister Evergarden Alexundri Kyeal Privates Alexundri Kyeal Alghu Malaguld Privates Alghu Malaguld Alice Sunborn Privates Alice Sunborn Alidald Again Privates Alidald Again Allen Lee Privates Allen Lee Amadi Willowsong Privates Amadi Willowsong Amelia Herstelerin Privates Amelia Herstelerin Anarian Stone Privates Anarian Stone Angel Quinn Privates Angel Quinn Angelic Nocturne Privates Angelic Nocturne Angryy Catmann Privates Angryy Catmann Animus Dredgen Privates Animus Dredgen Anita Schytz Privates Anita Schytz Annie Piedade Privates Annie Piedade Anya Helson Privates Anya Helson Aoife Grum Privates Aoife Grum Arammis Bjorn Privates Arammis Bjorn Arcell Stormkiller Privates Arcell Stormkiller Argentize Moonstone Privates Argentize Moonstone Army'of Me Privates Army'of Me Aromyr Arkwright Privates Aromyr Arkwright Artemia Dawn Privates Artemia Dawn Artemis Merithal Privates Artemis Merithal Arya Longear Privates Arya Longear Arzel Arkith Privates Arzel Arkith Ashleigh Wynter Privates Ashleigh Wynter Ashwin Lighter Privates Ashwin Lighter Atheleys Blackstone Privates Atheleys Blackstone Aurora Indica Privates Aurora Indica Ayo Wtf Privates Ayo Wtf Azena Lollingbottom Privates Azena Lollingbottom Azena Lollingbottom Privates Azena Lollingbottom Bal Dryck Privates Bal Dryck Bangbang Skeetskeet Privates Bangbang Skeetskeet Barley Quinn Privates Barley Quinn Basil Xoral Privates Basil Xoral Bastian Winters Privates Bastian Winters Beli Ulfarr Privates Beli Ulfarr Belle Mira Privates Belle Mira Ben Kallet Privates Ben Kallet Berweld Hart Privates Berweld Hart Bewildered Akagane Privates Bewildered Akagane Bifpib Storm Privates Bifpib Storm Big Fifty Privates Big Fifty Bigdoinks In'amish Privates Bigdoinks In'amish Bleww Lohral Privates Bleww Lohral Blue Nano Privates Blue Nano Bold Italican Privates Bold Italican Boreas Anemoi Privates Boreas Anemoi Bran Ennan Privates Bran Ennan Brautworth Hemperton Privates Brautworth Hemperton Brazen Frost Privates Brazen Frost Brisp Vega Privates Brisp Vega Bronnfar Ostornsyn Privates Bronnfar Ostornsyn Bruno Vinsmoke Privates Bruno Vinsmoke Buni Tyme Privates Buni Tyme Caesar Anxiete' Privates Caesar Anxiete' Calc Ulus Privates Calc Ulus Cara Vessar Privates Cara Vessar Catalina Faedwyn Privates Catalina Faedwyn Cayde Bane Privates Cayde Bane Ceii Cei Privates Ceii Cei Chandra Tzar Privates Chandra Tzar Cherry Cherryy Privates Cherry Cherryy Choco Chocolate Privates Choco Chocolate Chocolate Pie Privates Chocolate Pie Ciel Mekalous Privates Ciel Mekalous Cimerza Angura Privates Cimerza Angura Coas Nunh Privates Coas Nunh Cocorya Fufurya Privates Cocorya Fufurya Cole Trains Privates Cole Trains Comatose Kid Privates Comatose Kid Compa Milt Privates Compa Milt Consume God Privates Consume God Corporate Wulf Privates Corporate Wulf Crash Mcdrinky Privates Crash Mcdrinky Crow Bernael Privates Crow Bernael Crow Grim Privates Crow Grim Czarina Bardingstar Privates Czarina Bardingstar D'arvallen Xienn Privates D'arvallen Xienn D'venge Tia Privates D'venge Tia Damiean Sanaro Privates Damiean Sanaro Darkk Blooded Privates Darkk Blooded Dasne Lightmoor Privates Dasne Lightmoor Dave Praisethesun Privates Dave Praisethesun Daytoohot Chao Privates Daytoohot Chao Deathcreed Shadow Privates Deathcreed Shadow Deck Ulus Privates Deck Ulus Decr Gandalf Privates Decr Gandalf Deejaypunk Ryker Privates Deejaypunk Ryker Delirious Tiger Privates Delirious Tiger Dennis Colorado Privates Dennis Colorado Dimro King Privates Dimro King Djb Boy Privates Djb Boy Dmir Ja'nath Privates Dmir Ja'nath Donkey Slap Privates Donkey Slap Dracu Prospero Privates Dracu Prospero Drake Garman Privates Drake Garman Draxin Magefist Privates Draxin Magefist Draxxed Darklands Privates Draxxed Darklands Drew Gie Privates Drew Gie Drpepper Moment Privates Drpepper Moment Durza Solkhyrt Privates Durza Solkhyrt Duvessa Ombra Privates Duvessa Ombra Dymyse Voidreaver Privates Dymyse Voidreaver Dyrstfarr Berksaemsyn Privates Dyrstfarr Berksaemsyn Eddie Vermilion Privates Eddie Vermilion Edrick Thorne Privates Edrick Thorne Egg Breakfast Privates Egg Breakfast Ehleonahra Liadon Privates Ehleonahra Liadon Elienori Mu Privates Elienori Mu Elissa Lavellan Privates Elissa Lavellan Elizabeth Mazitame Privates Elizabeth Mazitame Ella Morgan Privates Ella Morgan Elyon Quiric Privates Elyon Quiric Elysande Forester Privates Elysande Forester Embers Forbes Privates Embers Forbes Emraldskull Moonstone Privates Emraldskull Moonstone Endless Summer Privates Endless Summer Endor Wicket Privates Endor Wicket Eniamrej Eloc Privates Eniamrej Eloc Eon Kaldorei Privates Eon Kaldorei Ephedryn Menathil Privates Ephedryn Menathil Erik Mathies Privates Erik Mathies Esmond Lee Privates Esmond Lee Esphen Srimplod Privates Esphen Srimplod Eyeball Anarchic Privates Eyeball Anarchic Ezrindor Phaelios Privates Ezrindor Phaelios Fabrizio Cortel Privates Fabrizio Cortel Faeling Auri Privates Faeling Auri Fati Shorty Privates Fati Shorty Faylin Beris Privates Faylin Beris Felew Gredling Privates Felew Gredling Fenris Branwen Privates Fenris Branwen Fiery Kika Privates Fiery Kika Fraewyda Glazwyn Privates Fraewyda Glazwyn Frieda Quinn Privates Frieda Quinn Fukudo Yatsurugi Privates Fukudo Yatsurugi Fura Gwa Privates Fura Gwa Fustercluck Xi Privates Fustercluck Xi Fy'ste Quille Privates Fy'ste Quille Gargalon Dyz Privates Gargalon Dyz Garinoid Hazit Privates Garinoid Hazit Genger Gee Privates Genger Gee Geula' Shei Privates Geula' Shei Glentara Araara Privates Glentara Araara Gliomatosis Cerebri Privates Gliomatosis Cerebri Gonja Kong Privates Gonja Kong Goon Starr Privates Goon Starr Grief Ashamane Privates Grief Ashamane Grim Nellemond Privates Grim Nellemond Gronk Coomer Privates Gronk Coomer Gumna Zhwan Privates Gumna Zhwan Gurber Norbit Privates Gurber Norbit Guy Mann Privates Guy Mann Gwyndolyn Sunprincess Privates Gwyndolyn Sunprincess Habiki Ito Privates Habiki Ito Hannah Lilly Privates Hannah Lilly Harley Quinnx Privates Harley Quinnx Helix Le Privates Helix Le Hellafax Lancelus Privates Hellafax Lancelus Hezzgeim Bylgdaegwyn Privates Hezzgeim Bylgdaegwyn Hitomi Fujimori Privates Hitomi Fujimori Hoelun Khaty Privates Hoelun Khaty Huo Jian Privates Huo Jian Ichiro Belmont Privates Ichiro Belmont Icy Wave Privates Icy Wave Iezu Tarrant Privates Iezu Tarrant Infidi Altana Privates Infidi Altana Ingrid Gaal Privates Ingrid Gaal Ionni Brathr Privates Ionni Brathr J'talhdi Jesal Privates J'talhdi Jesal Jack Swallow Privates Jack Swallow Jad Didiwai Privates Jad Didiwai Jak Krichterval Privates Jak Krichterval Jd Tunn Privates Jd Tunn Jebke Oroq Privates Jebke Oroq Jeffery Bezoss Privates Jeffery Bezoss Jenkas Thewuuf Privates Jenkas Thewuuf Jilandra Jai Privates Jilandra Jai Jjay Jjay Privates Jjay Jjay Johnny Johnsons Privates Johnny Johnsons Johr Windmaker Privates Johr Windmaker Jojo Jackal Privates Jojo Jackal Juicy Dee Privates Juicy Dee Juno Hiwa Privates Juno Hiwa Jupiter Syrinx Privates Jupiter Syrinx K'oto Tia Privates K'oto Tia K'tyaka Rhiki Privates K'tyaka Rhiki Kadajj Sin Privates Kadajj Sin Kadeku Amov Privates Kadeku Amov Kaelyn Tyrael Privates Kaelyn Tyrael Kagero Okeya Privates Kagero Okeya Kahll Drogoschaos Privates Kahll Drogoschaos Kai Umbra Privates Kai Umbra Kaladeens Hottie Privates Kaladeens Hottie Kaneko Ito Privates Kaneko Ito Kasane Xvii Privates Kasane Xvii Katnis Eckans Privates Katnis Eckans Kaya Fiend Privates Kaya Fiend Keitha Starlight Privates Keitha Starlight Kensau Lightbringer Privates Kensau Lightbringer Kero Renn Privates Kero Renn Khendrall Pawmel Privates Khendrall Pawmel Kinara Dei-ijla Privates Kinara Dei-ijla Kiryu Majima Privates Kiryu Majima Kisara Wulff Privates Kisara Wulff Koa Babyhands Privates Koa Babyhands Kodoya Ssss Privates Kodoya Ssss Koko Torgud Privates Koko Torgud Koress Kane Privates Koress Kane Kotokaze Oshidari Privates Kotokaze Oshidari Kozic Vale Privates Kozic Vale Kregrous Gentry Privates Kregrous Gentry Krjnn Camoa Privates Krjnn Camoa Kuno Khaani Privates Kuno Khaani Kwasa Doldorim Privates Kwasa Doldorim Kynang Xazyna Privates Kynang Xazyna L'mhitra Rhid Privates L'mhitra Rhid Lady Aupair Privates Lady Aupair Lady Dimitresc Privates Lady Dimitresc Leviathan Darkwhil Privates Leviathan Darkwhil Lillianna Dragua Privates Lillianna Dragua Lilred Squirrel Privates Lilred Squirrel Linx Donut Privates Linx Donut Little Sin Privates Little Sin Lola Granola Privates Lola Granola Lolisuccubus Stardust Privates Lolisuccubus Stardust Lord Anuebis Privates Lord Anuebis Loru Dariun Privates Loru Dariun Luciferia Morningstar Privates Luciferia Morningstar Lucio El'iga Privates Lucio El'iga Lumiel Chandler Privates Lumiel Chandler Luna Lunarium Privates Luna Lunarium Luna Tengoku Privates Luna Tengoku Lyn Phiera Privates Lyn Phiera Mah Tuh Privates Mah Tuh Mairabell Shaile Privates Mairabell Shaile Mal Kreth Privates Mal Kreth Malkizedek Darkbayne Privates Malkizedek Darkbayne Manbear Pig Privates Manbear Pig Marie Albrecht Privates Marie Albrecht Marose Treadgood Privates Marose Treadgood Massi Ko Privates Massi Ko Mathus Mason Privates Mathus Mason Meleria Syrinx Privates Meleria Syrinx Merlynn Emrys Privates Merlynn Emrys Micky Will Privates Micky Will Midnightstar Kal'kina Privates Midnightstar Kal'kina Millia Heartfilia Privates Millia Heartfilia Milo Mcdonald Privates Milo Mcdonald Minfiliaa Warde Privates Minfiliaa Warde Miss Fionna Privates Miss Fionna Mist Holder Privates Mist Holder Mistor Nixon Privates Mistor Nixon Misty Thebard Privates Misty Thebard Mitsui Jun Privates Mitsui Jun Mojacko Entabeni Privates Mojacko Entabeni Monorail Blue Privates Monorail Blue Moopoo Moo Privates Moopoo Moo Moraine Eskaura Privates Moraine Eskaura Morgan Laurier Privates Morgan Laurier Morrigan A'ensland Privates Morrigan A'ensland Morwyn Streea Privates Morwyn Streea Mpu Char Privates Mpu Char Mr Pantiex Privates Mr Pantiex Mr Struggle Privates Mr Struggle Munchkin Function Privates Munchkin Function Myra Misque Privates Myra Misque Mystearica Redcloud Privates Mystearica Redcloud Nahtanoj Eromle Privates Nahtanoj Eromle Nami Neko-dorobo Privates Nami Neko-dorobo Nana Ki Privates Nana Ki Narah Surls Privates Narah Surls Narumi Momose Privates Narumi Momose Nazaneene Lionheart Privates Nazaneene Lionheart Neko Josei Privates Neko Josei Nheu Amaryio Privates Nheu Amaryio Nico Harpell Privates Nico Harpell Nicolas Feurudair Privates Nicolas Feurudair Nightingail Grid Privates Nightingail Grid Nightshade Kitana Privates Nightshade Kitana Nini Blush Privates Nini Blush Noah Dak'whil Privates Noah Dak'whil Nogi Kinowa Privates Nogi Kinowa Norm Rockohara Privates Norm Rockohara Nu Hu Privates Nu Hu Nyrif Einstok Privates Nyrif Einstok Office Worker Privates Office Worker Og Loc Privates Og Loc Ohh Yeah Privates Ohh Yeah Ombrerin Ka'shynn Privates Ombrerin Ka'shynn Opie Bee Privates Opie Bee Orghana Felpine Privates Orghana Felpine Orissa Dyrril Privates Orissa Dyrril Orlando Bellveil Privates Orlando Bellveil Otome Kiryu Privates Otome Kiryu Palden Mimrose Privates Palden Mimrose Pentandra Neiron Privates Pentandra Neiron Phantom Glory Privates Phantom Glory Phaze Soakedmen Privates Phaze Soakedmen Phoenilion Fire Privates Phoenilion Fire Phoenix Frostbane Privates Phoenix Frostbane Phoenix Smasher Privates Phoenix Smasher Phon Apalala Privates Phon Apalala Pineberry Parfait Privates Pineberry Parfait Pippin Riven Privates Pippin Riven Pixal Quarie Privates Pixal Quarie Pleasant Gallows Privates Pleasant Gallows Professor Banner Privates Professor Banner Pump Luuce Privates Pump Luuce Queen Enchantress Privates Queen Enchantress Quinn Talon Privates Quinn Talon R'aan Therru Privates R'aan Therru Raine Stark Privates Raine Stark Ravyn Ciar Privates Ravyn Ciar Rayko Moonflow Privates Rayko Moonflow Rayven Roth Privates Rayven Roth Red Stone Privates Red Stone Refresh Tajak Privates Refresh Tajak Reggie Johnson Privates Reggie Johnson Ren Fein Privates Ren Fein Renachi Ryutetsu Privates Renachi Ryutetsu Renthol Strauss Privates Renthol Strauss Reyna Flare Privates Reyna Flare Rhogar Theriskin Privates Rhogar Theriskin Ridiculous Ronny Privates Ridiculous Ronny Rinvera Rysto Privates Rinvera Rysto Riv Ver Privates Riv Ver Rive Zolwe Privates Rive Zolwe Rixa Khamazom Privates Rixa Khamazom Rjsha Muruc Privates Rjsha Muruc Rocket Theered Privates Rocket Theered Rodrien Reonis Privates Rodrien Reonis Rohan Mizuhiki Privates Rohan Mizuhiki Roren Vallo Privates Roren Vallo Rorozan Totozan Privates Rorozan Totozan Rose Cullen Privates Rose Cullen Rose Eva Privates Rose Eva Rose Natsu Privates Rose Natsu Rovi Norin Privates Rovi Norin Rukia Hresvelg Privates Rukia Hresvelg Ryvix Arkwright Privates Ryvix Arkwright Sacul Reywob Privates Sacul Reywob Sadimal Lowell Privates Sadimal Lowell Sailor Jupiter Privates Sailor Jupiter Sakura Rabenda Privates Sakura Rabenda Sampson Zucchini Privates Sampson Zucchini Sanapa Fernup Privates Sanapa Fernup Sanator Alba Privates Sanator Alba Sancho Orod Privates Sancho Orod Sapphire Agirao Privates Sapphire Agirao Saren Sunwalker Privates Saren Sunwalker Sasha Noir Privates Sasha Noir Scythe Luna Privates Scythe Luna Scythe Lyra Privates Scythe Lyra Sekiro Boi Privates Sekiro Boi Sep Mccloud Privates Sep Mccloud Seretre Lagon Privates Seretre Lagon Seyeulb Seyeneerg Privates Seyeulb Seyeneerg Shai Moonsong Privates Shai Moonsong Shasharu Sharu Privates Shasharu Sharu Shelandra Firefox Privates Shelandra Firefox Sherandei Levanera Privates Sherandei Levanera Shiden Akagane Privates Shiden Akagane Shirogane Kei Privates Shirogane Kei Shuzuku Zaeed Privates Shuzuku Zaeed Sir Dualist Privates Sir Dualist Sir Hollowmere Privates Sir Hollowmere Sithas Silvanos Privates Sithas Silvanos Sky Heart Privates Sky Heart Sky Raven Privates Sky Raven Smooge Zakalwe Privates Smooge Zakalwe Snookums Wookums Privates Snookums Wookums Snow Farron Privates Snow Farron Soleste Sundancer Privates Soleste Sundancer Solumas Reyna Privates Solumas Reyna Sophia Bleyz Privates Sophia Bleyz Sorf Halas Privates Sorf Halas Sos Canon Privates Sos Canon Soul Tato Privates Soul Tato Sovrin Brankasch Privates Sovrin Brankasch Speaker Plz Privates Speaker Plz Spike Seras Privates Spike Seras Spogail Lance Privates Spogail Lance Stalkyr Ransom Privates Stalkyr Ransom Sten Crow Privates Sten Crow Stinky Pants Privates Stinky Pants Strawberry Mochi Privates Strawberry Mochi Suka Nagae Privates Suka Nagae Summer Crush Privates Summer Crush Sylvius Evergloam Privates Sylvius Evergloam Syntherio Twilighteye Privates Syntherio Twilighteye Talara Maye Privates Talara Maye Taldorian Stormstrike Privates Taldorian Stormstrike Tamachag Iriq Privates Tamachag Iriq Tamindeir Belzard Privates Tamindeir Belzard Tarryn Highstorm Privates Tarryn Highstorm Theodrick Blackstone Privates Theodrick Blackstone Thres Kogane Privates Thres Kogane Thunderous Applause Privates Thunderous Applause Tinghn Fryn Privates Tinghn Fryn Titania Goldnight Privates Titania Goldnight Tonji Ro Privates Tonji Ro Tristan Hathor Privates Tristan Hathor Tsukasa Highwind Privates Tsukasa Highwind Tyba Dexx Privates Tyba Dexx Ura Naelasor Privates Ura Naelasor Uthgar Rakner Privates Uthgar Rakner Vala Gilara Privates Vala Gilara Valendrick Delhevia Privates Valendrick Delhevia Van Liartes Privates Van Liartes Vanilla Soda Privates Vanilla Soda Vene Kathas Privates Vene Kathas Venus Branwen Privates Venus Branwen Veraxis Wren Privates Veraxis Wren Victor Telepa Privates Victor Telepa Victus Shade Privates Victus Shade Vion Tribal Privates Vion Tribal Vulkan Rhotmerlund Privates Vulkan Rhotmerlund Wandering Braincells Privates Wandering Braincells Will Beatsskill Privates Will Beatsskill Windblazer Guardian Privates Windblazer Guardian Wo-lf So-ul Privates Wo-lf So-ul Xaenor Furius Privates Xaenor Furius Xelonar Tiriphus Privates Xelonar Tiriphus Xeops Xlll Privates Xeops Xlll Yamagata Todoroki Privates Yamagata Todoroki Yaropol Aredna Privates Yaropol Aredna Yasuke Khaalida Privates Yasuke Khaalida Yasuko Fletcher Privates Yasuko Fletcher Yisana Kagon Privates Yisana Kagon Yodyl Atoel Privates Yodyl Atoel Yorshka Comona Privates Yorshka Comona Ysera Sjol Privates Ysera Sjol Yui Asada Privates Yui Asada Yui Kayoki Privates Yui Kayoki Zabuto Guin Privates Zabuto Guin Zacian Winger Privates Zacian Winger Zazaya Zaya Privates Zazaya Zaya Zdenko Masque Privates Zdenko Masque Zenn C'ramos Privates Zenn C'ramos Zero Lox Privates Zero Lox