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Gilded Compass

Rank 30 Free Company "Gilded Compass" was formed on and registered on with ID 9236179148295158175. Last set of interviews conducted on .

Operates on Balmung, Crystal, leaving tags "GC-RP" all over the place and increasing glory of MaelstromMaelstrom. Has a large base named "The Gilded Compass" on plot 15 in ward 16 of Mist, Limsa Lominsa, Vylbrand Show on map.

Has this message on its plot placard:

Gilded Compass Adventuring Guild. Inquire within.

Participates in:

  • Role-playingRole-playing
  • LevelingLeveling
  • CasualCasual
  • DungeonsDungeons
  • GuildhestsGuildhests
  • TrialsTrials

Had also been known under 1 other name:

  • The Gilded Rose

Current members:

Able Tombs Able Tombs Aine Ahearne Aine Ahearne Altansarnai Borlaaq Altansarnai Borlaaq Alyx Quintessence Alyx Quintessence Amalia Dawn Amalia Dawn An'aurora Zero An'aurora Zero Ana'il Elune Ana'il Elune Ando Rayagres Ando Rayagres Anja Neomi Anja Neomi Arthyra Valdis Arthyra Valdis Atemoja Daliyet Atemoja Daliyet Azrethoc Ix Azrethoc Ix Batya Kori-baundo Batya Kori-baundo Bjarni Greyashe Bjarni Greyashe Bridget Bellisare Bridget Bellisare Brimcon Sako Brimcon Sako Cabatoe Cabtoo Cabatoe Cabtoo Callithia Whispersong Callithia Whispersong Cedric Silverstar Cedric Silverstar Celeste Liautroix Celeste Liautroix Charging Bear Charging Bear Cotota Khal Cotota Khal D'artagnann Alisoix D'artagnann Alisoix Daiki Adachi Daiki Adachi Daiyin Taina Daiyin Taina Darrien Khirra Darrien Khirra Edwen Mercer Edwen Mercer Elina Warren Elina Warren Emmalia Valentyne Emmalia Valentyne Erik Holten Erik Holten Felix Septimus Felix Septimus Fidona Sako Fidona Sako Finn Levigne Finn Levigne Freya June Freya June Gyosei Yatsurugi Gyosei Yatsurugi Hapupu Pupu Hapupu Pupu Ilisandre Miraudont Ilisandre Miraudont Illeanne Dreasant Illeanne Dreasant Irrine Sauveterre Irrine Sauveterre Jenna Rosewood Jenna Rosewood Kaito Kumon Kaito Kumon Kami Thunderstrider Kami Thunderstrider Khorijin Oronir Khorijin Oronir Koharu Ochiba Koharu Ochiba Korkra Flieder Korkra Flieder Koruri Okeya Koruri Okeya Kulro Ironmoon Kulro Ironmoon Leanne Delphium Leanne Delphium Leyah Vhirra Leyah Vhirra Lhon'to Kalunh Lhon'to Kalunh Lilja Dyri Lilja Dyri Maa Ura Maa Ura Magna Nightingale Magna Nightingale Magnus Caine Magnus Caine Mayu Cloudwalker Mayu Cloudwalker Midori Manadori Midori Manadori Morningstar Relemede Morningstar Relemede Mortimer Silverstar Mortimer Silverstar Morwen Telemmaite Morwen Telemmaite Musha Onibane Musha Onibane Mylo Mikalo Mylo Mikalo Myri Galdur Myri Galdur O'lamba Drak O'lamba Drak Orbok Sentabok Orbok Sentabok Orlandir Wolfe Orlandir Wolfe Orrin Skaadi Orrin Skaadi Ozcarlot Fortunceste Ozcarlot Fortunceste Petra Ymir Petra Ymir Polaris Dawnrose Polaris Dawnrose R'ahto Tia R'ahto Tia Rain Corvus Rain Corvus Raysel Bonheur Raysel Bonheur Renni Gentlehand Renni Gentlehand Rhaina Santo Rhaina Santo Rhaya Moshantu Rhaya Moshantu Rhotsthal Merlbornwyn Rhotsthal Merlbornwyn Ridley Blackwood Ridley Blackwood Riku Nonokune Riku Nonokune Rinnal Levigne Rinnal Levigne Rixe Zinrhe'a Rixe Zinrhe'a Runealias Lightreaver Runealias Lightreaver Ryker Dragonsbane Ryker Dragonsbane Ryunoki Kuronoki Ryunoki Kuronoki Saino Kahkol Saino Kahkol Saki Muzubayashi Saki Muzubayashi Seasnan Kresnik Seasnan Kresnik Seraphine Finch Seraphine Finch Serenus Rerevachi Serenus Rerevachi Silas Whitlock Silas Whitlock Sindri Camoa Sindri Camoa Soaring Sparrow Soaring Sparrow Strong Dove Strong Dove T'shina Vashka T'shina Vashka Taiga Katzn Taiga Katzn Tamu Ironmoon Tamu Ironmoon Tashi Kazarishi Tashi Kazarishi Tenha'a Rendha Tenha'a Rendha Tess Nocturne Tess Nocturne Travis Na'tokk Travis Na'tokk Trifinah Ahearne Trifinah Ahearne Tsuki Kori-baundo Tsuki Kori-baundo Turakina Noykin Turakina Noykin Tyler Nishinoya Tyler Nishinoya Tyoh Loctei Tyoh Loctei V'asa Bhen V'asa Bhen V'mishra Rhiki V'mishra Rhiki Vahn Kasch Vahn Kasch Velvet Anesidora Velvet Anesidora Victori Tia Victori Tia Vivi Nocturne Vivi Nocturne Wastwyb Usynurswyn Wastwyb Usynurswyn Wintinghil Sylbharwyn Wintinghil Sylbharwyn Xaela Au'ra Xaela Au'ra Xanadu Noire Xanadu Noire Xeau'lis Oux'stal Xeau'lis Oux'stal Ysera Golmarr Ysera Golmarr Z'khal Tia Z'khal Tia Zazavachi Rerevachi Zazavachi Rerevachi Zero Dawnrose Zero Dawnrose Zilex Traunevuet Zilex Traunevuet