Service to track different information for Free Companies (guilds), PvP Teams, Linkshells (chat groups) and individual characters for Final Fantasy XIV online game developed and published by Square EnixSquare Enix. Utilizes data grabbed from official LodestoneLodestone with special Githubparser.

Service has an official Lodestone Forumthread on Lodestone forum.

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A real Team A real Team A SMOL Squad A SMOL Squad A ultima A ultima A Walking Disaster A Walking Disaster A-Pork-Calypse A-Pork-Calypse A-ROMs A-ROMs A-T PvP CLUB A-T PvP CLUB A.C.F.O A.C.F.O A.I.V.Y A.I.V.Y A.O.D A.O.D A.Sky A.Sky a3g1S a3g1S aaa aaa AAA'S AAA'S aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaa aaaaa aaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaaaa AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Abaixo da Media Abaixo da Media ABCD ABCD ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRST ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRST Abdoulaye Abdoulaye Abibibu Abibibu About-Tree-Fity? About-Tree-Fity? AbsAr AbsAr Absolute Horizon Absolute Horizon Absolute Zero Absolute Zero AbsolutelyBadPlayers AbsolutelyBadPlayers Aburi maguro Aburi maguro Abusive Step Dads Abusive Step Dads abyss abyss Abyss Abyss Abyss Carry Pls! Abyss Carry Pls! Abyssmal Team Abyssmal Team Acceleration Bombs Acceleration Bombs Accio Buns Accio Buns ACE ACE ACES !-_-! ACES !-_-! ACES !-_-! ACES !-_-! ACES !-_-! BLACK ACES !-_-! BLACK ACES !-_-! SLIVER ACES !-_-! SLIVER ACES !-_-! WHITE ACES !-_-! WHITE AcidBlackPineapple AcidBlackPineapple ACNE ACNE Acosta and Co. Acosta and Co. Actual Cannibal Actual Cannibal ActuallyTrash ActuallyTrash Ad Astra Ad Astra Adalberto's Adalberto's Adapt Adapt Additional Pylons Additional Pylons adf123 adf123 Adherents of Shiva Adherents of Shiva Adonis Adonis Adrenaline Adrenaline Advent Hangers Advent Hangers adventures of tilor adventures of tilor Adversus Adversus Aelins Opfer Aelins Opfer Aeon Aeon AEON MALL AEON MALL Aesir Aesir aesir aesir Aether Aether AETHER ALT ARMY AHOY AETHER ALT ARMY AHOY AETHER ALT ARMY AHOY AETHER ALT ARMY AHOY Aetherial Walkers Aetherial Walkers Aetherium Aetherium Aeugh Eugh Aeugh Eugh Aexxion Aexxion AFK timer AFK timer AfkHelden AfkHelden AFKT AFKT AFLS AFLS AFORISMENES AFORISMENES afro-afro afro-afro After Story After Story Afterglow Afterhours Afterglow Afterhours Aftermath Aftermath Aftermath Aftermath Aftermeth Aftermeth Afternoon Tea Party Afternoon Tea Party agunis agunis AHHPULANCE AHHPULANCE Ahiru Summoners Ahiru Summoners Ahjin Ahjin AHK AHK ahotake ahotake Ai pai para Ai pai para AiDa AiDa Aimer Aimer AINZ AINZ Ainz Ooal Gown Ainz Ooal Gown Aiv Supreme Truth Aiv Supreme Truth aiya! aiya! Ajarashi Ajarashi akai's children akai's children Akatsuki Akatsuki AKSZ AKSZ