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Final Fantasy XIV Tracker: Statistics

The statitstics below are based on data registered on tracker and may differ signifficantly from Lodestone.

Jobs popularity

Top 20 characters with most name changes

Characters' pages Yumi Omura Yumi Omura Hazuki Saito Hazuki Saito Sovalu Dhoro Sovalu Dhoro Monster Girls Monster Girls Kohogg Yarogg Kohogg Yarogg Okuda Muramasa Okuda Muramasa K'pop Superstar K'pop Superstar Aimi Ito Aimi Ito Nondar Nock Nondar Nock Dust Barrows Dust Barrows Grymahtyn Historia Grymahtyn Historia Sanru Karu Sanru Karu Bodo Khatayin Bodo Khatayin Estelle Castielo Estelle Castielo Lyulpha Kirogane Lyulpha Kirogane Big Numbers Big Numbers Mabelyn Accord Mabelyn Accord Sigrun Yver Sigrun Yver L'arachiel Marcellis L'arachiel Marcellis Master Dwarf Master Dwarf

Top 20 characters with most clan changes

Characters' pages Grymahtyn Historia Grymahtyn Historia Big Numbers Big Numbers Caffeine Pulse Caffeine Pulse Xaikara Alternis Xaikara Alternis Eri Norn Eri Norn Judgemental Kyppy Judgemental Kyppy Astral Skye Astral Skye Saika Fen Saika Fen Maya Godo Maya Godo Monster Girls Monster Girls Ivynia Wingate Ivynia Wingate G'shtarhu Tia G'shtarhu Tia Freesia Hybrida Freesia Hybrida Okuda Muramasa Okuda Muramasa Xeno Veniratus Xeno Veniratus Avery Alex Avery Alex Eitri Brokkr Eitri Brokkr Sanru Karu Sanru Karu Caiuss Ballad Caiuss Ballad Nanaka Sena Nanaka Sena

Top 20 characters with most server changes

Characters' pages Rune Felwyn Rune Felwyn Rha Abepnha Rha Abepnha Nobunaga King Nobunaga King Rin Akiyama Rin Akiyama Anju Lau Anju Lau Noa Arishia Noa Arishia Sakurai Lockhart Sakurai Lockhart Mizuki Sano Mizuki Sano Haru Nonaka Haru Nonaka Skyler Nova Skyler Nova Sayuri Ishikawa Sayuri Ishikawa Aurora Elektra Aurora Elektra Lexi Soros Lexi Soros Remmy Fox Remmy Fox Zero Valentis Zero Valentis Treasa Wintyrveil Treasa Wintyrveil Echo Darkmoon Echo Darkmoon Aneco Ilio Aneco Ilio Yukine Amasaka Yukine Amasaka K'pop Superstar K'pop Superstar

Top 20 characters who left most Free Companies

Characters' pages Lorenzovon Matterhorn Lorenzovon Matterhorn Yuuko Shigure Yuuko Shigure Haru Nonaka Haru Nonaka Nu Yu Nu Yu Aitsurugi Kaizenryu Aitsurugi Kaizenryu Junya Suzurin Junya Suzurin Jophiel Beauvais Jophiel Beauvais Ikusaba Narumi Ikusaba Narumi Ayumi Taira Ayumi Taira Michiru Tsukino Michiru Tsukino Shisuta Aya Shisuta Aya Zukkii Mangkoeredjo Zukkii Mangkoeredjo Classic Example Classic Example Kiryu Orochi Kiryu Orochi Soi Bean Soi Bean Alexis Felicite Alexis Felicite Osii Yagami Osii Yagami Akira Asatani Akira Asatani Krystal Lazuli Krystal Lazuli Lenux Asura Lenux Asura

Top 20 characters who left most PvP Teams

Characters' pages Dorian Emreis Dorian Emreis Khulan Hotgo Khulan Hotgo Ten Gil Ten Gil Neos Asteri Neos Asteri Dunkin Mcahkener Dunkin Mcahkener Ardo Anzerani Ardo Anzerani Lycheria Itazura Lycheria Itazura Sangwoo Nam-su Sangwoo Nam-su Alice Katow Alice Katow Roxas Midnight Roxas Midnight Yunalesca Lionheart Yunalesca Lionheart Boese Mietzetatze Boese Mietzetatze Jay Kakuri Jay Kakuri Arinove Ari Arinove Ari Ellie Light Ellie Light Bishamonten Kyo Bishamonten Kyo Albion Alvane Albion Alvane Necate Omnes Necate Omnes Kyame Nanami Kyame Nanami Lux Levantine Lux Levantine

Top 20 characters who left most Linkshells

Characters' pages Mimia Choomia Mimia Choomia Sage Katou Sage Katou Jambi Arawami Jambi Arawami Elevi Oruna Elevi Oruna Binabik Swarhimalsyn Binabik Swarhimalsyn Locke Kosta Locke Kosta Scathach Lancer Scathach Lancer Cynthia Nguyen Cynthia Nguyen Hauyn Farna Hauyn Farna Bunny Hunny Bunny Hunny Sarth Majima Sarth Majima Rocco Kiyera Rocco Kiyera Zannah Vashti Zannah Vashti Ying Yueru Ying Yueru Kishi Sorumeito Kishi Sorumeito Imaydie Nodefianceguy Imaydie Nodefianceguy Oyunbileg Qalli Oyunbileg Qalli Asogi Kazuma Asogi Kazuma Rhelia Eschain Rhelia Eschain Kalmun Maurus Kalmun Maurus

Top 20 characters by number of linkshells

Characters' pages Sybalica Warsoul Sybalica Warsoul Madeline Fortuna Madeline Fortuna Auron Farplane Auron Farplane Tywin Law Tywin Law Alyscyn Cordwyk Alyscyn Cordwyk Elle Drazzi Elle Drazzi Alpappell Ponchocho Alpappell Ponchocho Hunny Bunny Hunny Bunny Brizzyne Windsong Brizzyne Windsong Chiisai Akai Chiisai Akai Jun Elco Jun Elco Noelle Vermillion Noelle Vermillion Kansada Aldebaran Kansada Aldebaran Tiberius Saber Tiberius Saber Zuzeh Diqna Zuzeh Diqna Noirin Soleil Noirin Soleil Mezra Mochi Mezra Mochi Yeuro Vyrah Yeuro Vyrah Rosco Wheelybob Rosco Wheelybob Veil Whisperwind Veil Whisperwind

Characters distribution based on groups' participation

Characters without any groups:

Top 20 PvP players based on matches number

Characters' pages Mad Hybrid Mad Hybrid Shan D'reax Shan D'reax Kain' Guru Kain' Guru Haru Haruo Haru Haruo Lilja Otoel Lilja Otoel Fafasamu Hahasamu Fafasamu Hahasamu Zmoldva Tyata Zmoldva Tyata Saeran Choi Saeran Choi Rebecca Louise Rebecca Louise Madhain Shari Madhain Shari Rekka Ryu Rekka Ryu Ellesmera Delacour Ellesmera Delacour Ignasse Poisson Ignasse Poisson Rina Ishida Rina Ishida Rylee Ishida Rylee Ishida Katty Wompuss Katty Wompuss Mulan Hua Mulan Hua Ren Matsuiwa Ren Matsuiwa Zula Forthrast Zula Forthrast Meikura Honma Meikura Honma