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FFTracker Not Working

Dues to LodeStone update on 31.03.2017 FFTracker is not working as expected. It is being decided how to approach this significant change: re-write the code completely by myself, or wait for XIVSync to get updated and start using it instead.

Update 20170108

Final Fantasy XIV Tracker:
+ Added support for all Company ranks listing with 'all' key word instead of rank ID
+ When searching for member on Company page, if search string matches only 1 member pressing 'Enter' will move to the member's page
+ FC list will also find members not registered in FC (hidden by default, use search)
* Fixed some issues with rank names update when promoting/demoting

Update 20170104

Final Fantasy XIV Tracker:
* Changed FC list representation. Date and members count is available on hover
* Changed the way members are filtered on search on FC page
* When searching member details are hidden if they were shown before
+ If textual search filters everything except for 1 FC, pressing 'Enter' or 'Register' will open that company. In case just digits were used the same will work if search string matches the ID of the company filtered


Grand opening

As you can see, the website has been updated significantly. And it’s still a work in progress. While it is, I wanted to share the updated Final Fantasy XIV Tracker. It has a completely new engine using a database and allows tracking individual members as well. At the moment, you won’t notice much difference visually, but changes will come.
Please, let me know in case you encounter any issues.

Welcome to My Crib: Mog Street Kids

Video showcasing the house of Mog Street Kids company from Final Fatasy XIV


Сорви все оковы с себя
И смелее дыши
Стряхни чувство вины
И мне подари
Ближе, впусти же меня



I came into the hall of a housing building. It was quite spacious with a kind of a reception straight to the right from the entrance and some food stalls across it: cool drinks, ice-cream, assortments of snacks. Further down the hall there were stairs for upper floors (up to 12th) and doors to two of the apartments (number 1 and 2, obviously) by the sides of those stairs. Behind the reception desk there was a young man staring somewhere down, probably reading a magazine or something.
- Excuse me. Which apartment should I check to find mistress Archacki?
- And you are?.. – asked the receptionist raising his eyes.
- I am her grandson, Damian. She is expecting me.
- Oh, she warned me about you. Moment. – The man vanished behind the desk. I heard some kind of a safe-box being opened and then closed. – Here. She asked me to give you the set of keys to the apartment. Use the stairs to get to the third floor.


Первый Вздох

Ты бежишь вперёд с той же скоростью,
Как пред тобой идут.
И если думать так, как и все они -
Что хорошего?
Так разберись же сам, чтоб неведенье

Откуда пошло 8ое марта

Кто-то придумал благородного мужа,
Целых семь дней потратив из лета.
На восьмой - одолела ужасная скука,
И сделал он музу, чтоб исправила это.
Муж испугался - сторонился её

Падший Ангел

Каждый день мне пропадать
Каждый день в опасность ниспадать мне
В волшебстве мне утопать
Страх прошёл
Я привязан к иноземке

1st Valentine's Day Poem

You make me weak,
You make me strong,
You make me big...
Don't get me wrong:
It's not just dick

Artimenius War Help

I was just a brat back then. I was like twelve, maybe even eleven. Yes, I was eleven. I was stupid back then, too stupid for my own good. If I could turn back time and redo that day, I’d have stayed in line instead of rushing in.
It was one of those days, when strong magicians from different schools look for new apprentices. There are lots of schools based on magic types and each school had their own small arena, where one of the representative would test all who wanted testing. Some through battle, some through quizzes or complex magics: all dependent on the school’s specialization and representative’s tastes.
Livia, one of my sisters, the “middle” sister just came of age recently, and that made her eligible for a try-out. Our family was not a magical one: Livia was practically the only one, who was able to do serious magic, while others (father, mother, older sister Anna, younger sister Vika, two twin brothers Wolly and Bolly and me) could generally just light a small fire for



Какого чёрта я всё ещё жду всех, будто бы в ожиданье вижу я успех,
Никак не могу места найти себе
Быстрей, быстрей, быстрей, быстрей, быстрей бежать бы мне
Никак не могу стоять я на месте, потому что я не из теста
Я отброшу страхи, стеснение



Сегодня радуга лишилась цвета:
Ведь на свет родИлась Света,
Краски все она собрала
И по миру раскидала...
Жлтым - солнце напоила


Если ты здесь один -
Значит ты влюблён,
И любовь твоя -
Словно бастион.
Высоко луна -


Круглый, сочный,
Не оторваться от него…
Спелый персик,
Сочный персик

Army of Two Invite

We're spiraling out to level ourselves,
To be as awesome as best of the elves,
We casually venture to dungeons and raids,
With sword and bow we settle debates,
Supplying resources for wealth of the realm


I was misfit, I was looser, never stood up for me,
Always crawling, always bowing, looking from below you,
Always whining, always crying, could someone save me?
Will I always be a little pra-a-a-t?
Sigh, I'm always bowing next to you



Do you know what security means?
It is far from what to you it may seem:
It's same as the most passionate sex,
Or a knight in armor battling with axe.
It needs to be strong, in control and in power


Wonderful creatures, these “women”, they are…
Outstanding in everything, even by far.
Marvelous dresses with details sublime,
Eatable hills of their bodies outlined,
Naughty looks being thrown, breaking men’s will