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What Is Around Us?


What Is Around Us?

Everywhere is sex,
And I can feel the stress,
That’s shaking me,
Making me, driving me
And cutting up my veins.
All the instincts, all the mind
Have no meaning.
The only thing with meaning,
Which makes up a killing
Is sex.

There is nothing, but sex!
What the fuck?
Everybody fuck,
Everybody suck!

There are no emotions,
There is no reason.
The only thing that makes up the season
Is a fucking,
Pushing-pulling motion,
And there is no proportion
With drugs and smoke.

There is only smoke!
What the fuck?
Everybody suck,
Everybody’s drugged!

Everything’s alcoholic.
Everything’s filled with smog.
I feel like I’m anabolic,
And I’m gonna…
I’m gonna die.

There’s nothing but chaos!

All is illusion,
No one feel confusion.
Everything is distant,
And I can feel the distance.
It’s killing, and I can see
The animation
Of a dead man,
That’s lying by my hand.
And all I can is scream and shout:

What the fuck?
Everybody dies,
Everybody’s fucked!