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With strangest diagonal motion again
Pushing the temple, by dragging the hand
Cold of the gun, death has begun
Bullet is killing the moon and the sun.

Bullet is scratching the wind in blood
Always remember the book of love
Two or three seconds to learn
All you have got

Madly laughing, shooting an' breathing,
Playing the God, while he's still sleeping.

With finger, that silently triggered the script
Bullet flew and your brain could shift
Another gun now kills the sun
It was the bell, that for you just rung!

Bullet is scratching the wind in blood
Won't we play for sometime in love?
Two or three seconds to live
All you have got

Ballistics ain't just for stupid films
Bullet kills everyone not in dreams

Wind has been scratched up alive in blood
What is this feeling I feel? Not love.
Dead and alive you have been
During your life

Bullet is scratching the wind in blood
I have lost everything. The stars
Looking cold on the blood

As quick as the shout you've been dead
The void is shining through your head!